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  1. Erase 2, 5 and 6 and I promise you'll get more upvotes.
  2. This is for classic pvp where we don't have the luxury of meks.
  3. They cost 5 metal and 2 cementing paste and take 3 C4 to blow. Can't build within range of them. This can cost people literally thousands of C4 to clear spam when fobbing. I'd suggest making it so that you are able to build within range of fence supports, but not if there are structures attached. Similar to how normal fence foundations dont prevent building unless you build things on top of them.
  4. Please nerf mana range to less than turret range. So broken that they can kill all your dinos from out of turret range
  5. TLC doesn't necessarily mean a buff. It just means a complete redo. They haven't even been out for 9 months so they're fine the way they are. Take the Diplodocus or the carno for example. Both essentially useless and really need some work done. And for breeding I don't think that'll ever come. Tamed Griffins are already on par with most other bred dinos in the game, breeding them would make them even more overpowered
  6. https://www.change.org/p/mother-raptoring-ark-devs-no-100-turret-limit/w?source_location=notifications_page Everyone sign!!!!! We already have 2000+ supporters in 4 hours!!!!! Le silence des les peuples est la leçon des rois - Honoré Gabriel Riqueti
  7. Here you go WildCard. You guys always say you wanna hear from the players and what we have to say. This petition has been up for 4 hours. EVERYONE would rather have a laggy base but at least still have purpose to the game. So how about you actually listen to us for once instead of saying you will *cough* flier nerf *cough* *cough* and actually reverse this dumb decision. https://www.change.org/p/mother-raptoring-ark-devs-no-100-turret-limit/w?source_location=notifications_page
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