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  1. Can't see your screenshot, but the one you posted in your first post shows your queryport is set to 7778 in the startup cmd line. As you have the main port set to 7777 that wouldn't work anyway as Ark uses two ports for the main port, the one you set and the next one up, so if you use 7777 then it's using 7777 and 7778 already so setting your query port to that won't work as its already in use. However (and more importantly) the queryport setting is for the Steam query port and Steam only allows a certain range of ports to be used for that (actually there's two small ranges).
  2. Your queryport is in the wrong range, there is a specific range of ports that must be used for that setting. Try changing your queryport to 27015.
  3. SLIGHT??? Difficulty 6 (max level 228 Wyverns with 149 level ups on tames giving max 377 tame) servers, our Wyverns have all lost 25% of their HP. TWENTY FIVE PERCENT!!, how the hell is this "slight" ??? Before: After TLC 3:
  4. Anyone telling you Unicorns have an affect on breeding are lying. Unicorns are white horses with horns, nothing more.
  5. Still the fun of getting 100 element in the first place to build it if you don't want to play those odds lol. I've got thousands of elements worth of shards but no way of converting them to make the thing to convert them ?
  6. I stand corrected, hadn't seen that at all. I just did another test out of curiosity. Spawned in 100 Tier 3 crates and got ONE tek replicator. Ouch, that's seriously crap odds at 35k a time ?
  7. The replicator was removed from loot crates in 307.56 as they made it craftable in the fabricator. Great except there is no way to get element other than buying it from HLNA and you need 100 element to make a replicator (or 200,000 hexagons). I stand by my comment, this is not realistic. As for the played the lotto comment, out of curiosity, I spawned in ten tier 3 loot crates admittedly not a huge cross section to get a statistic from, however, FOUR of those TEN crates gave me Wyvern Milk...
  8. "Full pass on loot crates" ?? Hahahahaha, no really, hahahahahahahahahahaha This is what a 35k loot crate just gave me... Wyvern milk???? WYVERN MILK???? on a server that doesn't even have Wyverns on it and isn't part of a cluster? LMAO, Wildcard, I'm normally the first to be supportive, but if this is your idea of a "full pass on loot crates" you need to hire different programmers ? Still I guess the element would be useful if there was actually any way of getting a tek replicator on this map...
  9. Over 7000 hours in Ark and never had this before, it was a new one on me when my Wyvern did it. First and only time it's ever happened in all that time though.
  10. Not had it with Argies, but had a Wyvern nearly walk off a Wyvern egg platform when I landed there and jumped off to grab the egg, same thing though, no wander, on passive, it just walked away, did a circle almost falling off the edge and then stopped.
  11. They've stated it's been fixed and will be in the patch released today/tomorrow
  12. If you're on official, your only option is to wait for Wildcard to fix it (if they do). If you're on unofficial or single player, stop your server, add the below to your game.ini file and restart your server (check its not already there and set to false if so just change it to true), this allows unlimited respecs and gets round this bug. Having no issues with mind wipes on our cluster at all as we always run this option anyway. bAllowUnlimitedRespecs=True
  13. They've already stated the fix for the blue screen dead area on Rag for PS4 patch will go out with the Genesis patch.
  14. Possibly one of the greatest responses from one of the development team I've ever seen on here, well said @Chris and just know that not everyone on here is a complete and utter *word I'm not allowed to say on the forums* and understands the pressures of working in software development under tight deadlines. Keep up the good work to all of you and don't stop the communication because some impatient idiots get you down.
  15. My private servers and client are updated and running, just to confirm for any unofficial server owners out there that needed to know the correct startup command for the event is: -ActiveEvent=vday
  16. Yeah that's what's worrying me, got six servers to add the switch to before they update and restart. Guesswork is not fun ?
  17. Thanks @Jerryn will try that and hope for the best ? Edit: looking at the wiki, it wasn't an activeevent=vday just a -vday switch for the last few, so none the wiser really. Will try the -activeevent=vday and see I guess and if not switch it to -vday as it's been that for the last few.
  18. @Cedric Will there be an activeevent= code required for private servers for this event and if so could you let us know what it is in advance pwetty pweeeeeze
  19. I think a few of you must have dropped something, I found these laying around in the thread...
  20. No point, it's broken, Raptor Claus doesn't spawn at all making the entire event pretty much a bust unless you just want the coloured dinos.
  21. Nothing to contribute to this thread other than to say thanks to all the salty players for possibly the best laugh I've had reading something in a long time, keep up the good work ?
  22. It's literally in the first post of this thread...
  23. Oh don't worry, knowing the population of this forum, it will soon be "these chibis are causing my server to lag, it's game breaking and unplayable, FIX EEETT" ?
  24. Dead? hardly, it's still the 11th "Currently" most played game on Steam according to Steams own charts (and that's not accounting for Xbox and PS4). A game that's been out as long as this has that can still do that, I wish I owned the company making a "dead game" like it ? Edit to add source: https://store.steampowered.com/stats/
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