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  1. And pew pew noises, don't forget the pew pew noises...
  2. Are you using S+ Feeding troughs by any chance? If so, that's your problem as the new extended range on those stops resources spawning back in. The developer has said there is nothing he can do, it's not a bug, but a side affect of the extended range functionality. Many people, myself included have reverted back to vanilla troughs for exactly this reason.
  3. Christmas Event

    Probably because most of the world doesn't celebrate it...
  4. Foundations half in the map

    Official or unofficial? If unofficial and has S+ installed, the S+ demo gun will get them easily.
  5. How Does Your Tribe Operate?

    Our tribe is my wife and I and sometimes my kids, which usually means the kids do whatever they want when they want and I do what I'm told. In all fairness though, I tend to do all the building and most of the taming, although my wife assists with both, she does a LOT of grinding for resources for the building in particular and we BOTH spend a LOT of our time on breeding and for colour mutations in particular.
  6. We were running 17 mods on all five of our servers, but we've just removed raft pipes as S+ pipes work on rafts anyway and swapped out FogGTFO mod for Fisters All Fog Remover. Our current set of 16 mods in total now is: Pet Finder Builder's Improvements Castles, Keeps and Forts ARK Power Solutions Light Controller Medieval Props Metal Cages Mod Fisters All Fog Remover Bridge Classic Flyers Meat Dehydrator GlassMetal DA Mod Pack Roofing Plus Structures Plus (S+) eco's Garden Decor
  7. Thylocoleo Spawns

    Thylas spawn in the redwood forest area near the red obi, in a couple of the patches of trees round the frozen lake in the murder murder snow, on one or two of the islands in the new desert area and (if you're on a private server and have unlocked it) in the development area of the desert that's not open yet. You may find this useful https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Ragnarok)
  8. Any Cool Mutations?

    My wife likes Barney what can I tell you... Three zones of magenta and one of lime green, this has taken me damn ages to get, unfortunately this one is a female so has been named Barneyetta, my wife says I have to keep going until I get her the Barney she wants
  9. What's your main land mount?

    As someone thats literally put in months of work into my current lines of various animals already and basically breed for fun, I can totally appreciate (and respect) that. Won't work to official anyway, hence the reason I asked (wasn't querying the stats as your edit seems to think). Just thought I could help someone out if it wasn't on official as you'd mentioned you wanted them and I literally have hundreds of Thylas stacked up all over the place on two or three of my servers lol. Anyway, won't take this topic offtopic anymore, (sorry OP).
  10. What's your main land mount?

    Ahh, shame, if it had been unofficial or solo I could have given you a serious head start with Thylas (for nothing) if you wanted, I have a serious over stock of the damn things lol, but obviously you can't transfer them to official from unofficial.
  11. What's your main land mount?

    Do you play on officials or solo/unofficial?
  12. What's your main land mount?

    For a ground mount I use a Thyla every time unless doing something that requires a specific mount, current one is a 25th generation 100% imprinted one, born at level 299, now at 366 and with nearly 1000% melee that chomps through just about anything in its way. I just love the ability to go anywhere with them, basically climb vertical cliffs, jump ravines etc. I quite often just take mine out for a run for a laugh and don't come back to the base for hours.
  13. Dino's Follow While Asleep

    Quite an old bug this one, someone posted a video back in July of their Dilo doing exactly this...
  14. Breeding

    Yup as others have said, TagbackTV runs all his servers at 180 max wild level for some reason.
  15. More Questions (Sorry)