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  1. Can you unlock Birthday suit skin unofficially?

    You get them when you hit level 100.
  2. Just want tougher glass (greenhouse wall)

    If it helps (and it's not an answer to your problem) but I run both the GlassMetal mod and S+ on all five of my private servers covering all the official maps (two center servers) with no issues whatsoever with them.
  3. You obviously didn't notice the stickied thread at the top of this very forum...
  4. Primal survival update?

    Jen confirmed back in June that it's no longer in active development.
  5. Unintended Legacy Silver Lining

    Was always going to happen when they did what they did. However I wouldn't get too comfortable if I was you. I suspect those lovely servers you're experiencing won't be around much longer...
  6. Most Creative Dino Names

    'arry (for an otter) yeah I know, not very original, but it made us chuckle.
  7. Ragnarok Update????

    If you look at the patch notes, they've moved it to v270
  8. New Pteranadon Behavior?

    Having made the "J" mistake on multiple occasions, these days all our breeders and egg farm ("organised" animals that we've bothered to lay out in a particular way) are all set to ignore group whistles. Took ages to do, but has saved us a few hours re-organising everything a few times now. Still have a few animals strategically placed around the base on neutral with all settings default just incase anything gets in and have had a couple of minor instances with spinos, carnos etc suddenly charging towards me when I pressed J by mistake, usually followed by me shouting lots of swear words and mashing the U button
  9. Titanboa egg farm

    Titanboa kibble is for Thlyas too

    Strange we actually had to turn the spawn settings on our dedicated Ragnarok server down as it was getting too crowded constantly, I run our spawn rates at 0.75 on that server but 1 on all other maps. Maybe a single player thing?
  11. There seems to be no crystal

    There's a crap ton of crystal on Ragnarok, it's spread out a bit more than on other maps (which is a good thing) but there's loads of it. You can dive into the pool at the top of the central turret in the canyon area or also in the canyon area, there's a pool half way up one of the cliffs which is full of crystal, or all down the north west coast on the hills just past viking bay just to give you a couple of locations.
  12. Euryperids everywhere?

    We ended up removing Eurypterids from our Ragnarok server completely in the config because of this. It's frankly ridiculous and if it is deliberate it's a very silly move in my opinion on what is otherwise a superb map. We got a crap ton of black pearls but got fed up with having to have an argie or something with us all the time in Viking Bay so just got rid of them in the end completely.
  13. Taming/Breeding questions (+Ark Smart Breeding)

    We give them to George... George is a high level Thyla who we nicknamed Murdercat as his job is basically slaughtering unwanted babies we breed, unwanted adults tend to go to Scorch or Torch depending who's closest (190 egg raised Fire Wyverns) as they take a bit more oomph to dispose of
  14. Jen confirmed back in June that it's no longer in active development.
  15. Phoenix turn to ashes

    Have a watch of TagBackTVs videos on Youtube, should help