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  1. So much work: Thyla mutations

    Nice, I got a 277 last night, so slowly moving up the stats
  2. So much work: Thyla mutations

    Lucked out with last nights batch a bit, pale blue belly on one, pale green belly on another and dark green body on another in my colour mutations group. Some of my other colour mutations (with a few non-mutated in amongst them) outside my Thyla "love shack". And had a minor success in my stat breeding group too, got an across the board best stats breed from my best female and male and jumped my best level from 258 to 269 in one generation which I'm happy with and to top it off, it was twins lol. Biggest shortcoming I've got at the moment is that every single one of my green mutations are males so combining the dark green body onto the light green belly that I want to do is going to be slightly more long winded to do. Can't believe it's taken me this long to get into this though, it's so much fun.
  3. Easiest way to get black pearls

    We got to the point we had so many black pearls stashed away just from wandering up and down the beach on Viking bay because of the Eurypterid over spawning, we've now disabled Eurypterids completely on our Ragnarok server as they are just a nuisance on that beach and will probably never need to hunt black pearls again
  4. So much work: Thyla mutations

    Deleted because of forum upload limitations
  5. Copycat of Ark?

    Certainly large parts of the interface (and a lot of the sounds) are nearly identical. Looks like it might be a fun game, but hanging on for a bit before buying it until it's slightly more mature.
  6. Copycat of Ark?

    Apparently it's by the company that bought/own WildCard studios (according to one of the streams I was watching) so I'm gonna guess they're aware
  7. So much work: Thyla mutations

    I might have to jump onto my SE server and have a rummage around, but I'm already breeding better than a perfect tamed wild and have quite high stats available in every stat now which I'm slowly migrating across into my "super Thyla" although no doubt there's better out there in some stats but will approach that when I get to that point lol. We play on our own private servers and I got most of my Wild Thylas from the red forest area on Ragnarok. This is my current batch including the ones I've marked as "unavailable" as they're no good to breed from so are just stacking up round our compound lol. Have killed off so many, I'm sick of shooting them so just stack them up out of the way now
  8. So much work: Thyla mutations

    Lovely colouring, there's just something about Thylas isn't there, I started breeding them "seriously" for fun just a few days ago after reading up on the complexities of the breeding system and deciding it sounded like a fun challenge. Built myself a Thyla "love shack" and started with a few high level ish wild ones some of which had desirable stats (Ark Smart Breeding is a god send if you haven't used it yet). Been at it pretty much solidly for just a few days so far now and now have nearly 50 Thylas and starting to see results. I'm breeding two different lines primarily, one selectively bred line for high stats (just bred a 258 which is my highest to date, but aiming a lot higher) and one line which is more of a scatter gun approach, stick all the other females into a room with one male and see what comes out. My first ever mutation was a lovely light red (back, tail and feet) which I'm now trying to add in selectively to other colours. Last night however, I got a pair of twins with bright green back, tail, feet combo and a beautiful female that's got a mauve/pale purple body. My wife now wants to combine the purple body with the green back, tail, feet so that's the next challenge The breeding bug has definitley hit me and especially with Thylas, there's just something about them I love.
  9. YouTubers

    ARK related Youtubers I watch fairly regularly off the top of my head: Sl1pg8r, DraaxLP, Mazion plays games and a few of the other Pooping Evolved lot, Geeky Gamer No1 is always worth a laugh. TagbackTV has some good informative stuff on his channel too and a few others.
  10. So what games do you prefer to play when Ark is down?

    What do I play when ARK's down? Errrm I play ARK (got my own servers running at home).
  11. Hi @cad I just recently got more seriously into breeding, before it was a hit and miss, for fun thing we did occasionally but now starting to understand it and do it properly. I recently found ARK Smart Breeding and love it, a bit fiddly to get some of our old tames into the library but with enough fiddling seems to be good for all I've done so far. One really quick, piddly little thing and it's not about the functionality just a nice to have really. Are there anymore of the graphical images of creatures available for this yet? I downloaded the creature images zip file from github but it's only got a few of them in it. Particularly looking for Thyla images but anymore than are present in the zip would be amazing. Thanks for your hard work on a great tool.
  12. Forum bug

    Oh I agree, but I switched straight back to the light theme the second I saw the dark one, almost impossible to read anything without it hurting your eyes. However for a good example of what I was talking about, try and read your other thread about bugs on the Island etc with the light theme, I gave up after a couple of sentences sorry, I value my eyes too much.
  13. Forum bug

    That could make all links invisible on the white background if not done completely seperately to the light theme (not sure how the css works on this forum software but it appears quite a bit travels between the two themes), that's the problem with having two so different themes you have to colour code them very carefully or things on one can cause problems with things on the other. The link in your post above for example, is in in very pale grey on a white background for me and very hard to see.
  14. Inventory is broken

    LMAO, yeah ok fella, whatever you say. Thanks for the laughs, brightened my morning that has.