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  1. So if I rent two dedicated servers and cluster them you're going to charge me for transferring between them? Forgive me but that's outrageous. Enough so that I'll be cancelling my second server if that holds true I wish you'd reconsider.
  2. Rag server, Wyverns and dodos only player level cap 500 super stats same items in every kind of drop (Tek armor element air cons Tek rifle etc) all craftablr structure costs 1 of each wyv talon to craft, turrets 100 of each. Thatch can still be made but with only thantch. Super boosted mature, instant ORP, max wyv wild level 380. It works I can provide full ini for this
  3. I know this probably isn't a high priority issue and you have plenty of other things to occupy your time. But if you could see to adding some flexibility to server config for console dedicated servers I would make good use of it. I do use nitrado and have 7 dedis with them but I'm in the process of setting up a console dedi to have a PG map on, which is well enough on that end I can generate a suitable map and all that. But being able to set a cluster id would really be nice, unless there's a way to do with with the gamecommand from within the server I'm not aware of. Also being able to set the difficulty level above 1 (automatically turns it down to one every time) would be awesome. And don't get me started how awesome it would be to have full game.ini access to do custom addnpcspawncontainer and things of that nature lol. I know it's an obscure request but I would definitely put it to good use. I would return the favor however I could
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