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  1. I put this together at nitrado's request, and also in hopes that wildcard would take interest in supporting/developing the PG feature. Everything detailed here can be found at http://fumblerok.com/admin-tools/pgmap/ The images and copy/paste .ini content are there as well as an iframe of the spreadsheet helper and link to the absolute location Instructions for Nitrado hosted servers It is suggested you try out your PG map parameters through your xbox interface first, so that you may do a number of generations and find the exact settings you would like to use. When you are ready to roll it out on the dedicated server hosted by Nitrado, follow these steps each time: 1. Shut down 2. Reinstall game 3. Shut down 4. Select expert mode in settings and select save 5. Change to dynamic map, alter command line settings, save. 6. Add the PGmap settings into the game.ini file as well as the Game user settings like so, and save both. In game .ini: PGMapName=PGMap PGTerrainPropertiesString= In GameUserSettings.ini add this to the bottom of the page: [/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/TestGameMode.TestGameMode_C] PGMapName=PGMap PGTerrainPropertiesString= 7. Restart server, let run for 20 minutes. 8. Shut down server after confirming it has executed successfully by joining the server. 9. Alter GameUserSettings.ini and Game.ini and save 10. Change cluster settings to add into cluster. 11. Restart server PG Map String Helper View and Edit Settings Explain (to my limited understanding) MapSeed: Not entirely sure but i believe these settings have some sort of play with the map seed value, either as variables for an equation it runs, or as effected output by the equation run that uses the map seed value. Grasslands grass density Landscape radius Deep water biome depth Deposition strength Jungle grass density Erosion steps Jungle tree density Mountain frequency LandscapeRadius: Determines the overall length of the diameter, of the entire contained land mass. Values over 1 are fine, up to 3.5 in some cases have no adverse effect. Water Frequency: This will determine how much your land mass is broken apart by water ways. At low values it only makes lakes or smaller, at values over 5, it will create water ways or islands. I’m not sure that it works with mountain frequency, as it appears to work previous to the factoring of mountain frequencey, as it explained in that section. figure m.2 figure m.1 Mountains Frequency: Probably the most interesting setting. I believe it means frequency in the statistical practice, not in waveform. So the frequencey of land altitude deviation as applied to the land and shore terrain, which can run under water down to the ocean floor. So if you set frequency to 0, and the equation must normalize to that figure, then you end up with land that is forced to the maximum altitude, since it cannot deviate altitude but must achieve the desired max land height (figure m.1). When your shore slope and offset are adjusted to gentle the incline, you end up with a coned land effect (figure M.2). Also, I believe mountain frequency is factored after water frequency, not with it. This is because you can see the pattern frequency on a land mass basis, meaning one big island wll have lets say six high points, and if you have a map of 4-5 islands, that same setting seems to apply the same six high points, on each indivual island. Mountains Slope: Determines the steepness of the incline for land mountain frequency. Higher is smoother, the source files suggest a maximum value of 2.4 and a minimum of 0.7 MountainsHeight: Determines the max altitude of the moutains created with frequency and slope. figure tp.1 Turbulence Power: The script says “land go up here, then a distance, then so far down.” Turbulence power says ” Gonna bump you hard going up, andinterupt your distance at some point and randoomly make you go down even harder.” It’s best to not deviate far from the default with this, and lower seems to be fine altogether for map playability at least (figure tp.1). figure s.1 Shore Slope: This determines the slope of the land that is under water, right at the beach, going down to the ocean floor (figure s.1). figure b.1 WaterLevel: This can be altered with some degree of play, ive gone to -0.53 fine before. It can help you make larger beach mass (figure b.1) ShoreLineEnd: This is the altitube at which the beach biome will stop I believe. GrassDensity: This is the grass density for the grasslands biome only. JungleGrassDensity: The density of harvestable objects (rocks and berry plants) in the jungle biome OceanFloorLevel: I would leave this at the default value, it shifts everything. SnowBiomeSize: I like to decrease this. 0.15 = 15% of the landscape RWBiomeSize: I like to increase this. 0.15 = 15% of the landscape MountainBiomeStart: This is a really cool setting. Say you want metal to spawn by the beach, you set this to -0.75 and jungle start at -0.85 and you get metal and obsidian everywhere. figure t.1 MountainsTreeDensity: This is misleading keep it at about 0.01, to high of a value will cause unharvestable, build unfriendly massive rocks to litter the landscape in the mountains (figure t.1) JungleBiomeStart: Works in tandem with the mountain biomes start to determine the altitude range for the jungle biome. IslandBorderCurveExp: The value for the exponent in an algorithm that determines the general land curavture as its permiter is being defined. MaxSawnPointHeight: 0.1 will make sure that your players alwsy spawn on or near the beach. SnowBiomeLocation: The coordinates for the center of the snow biome, will always form a perfect circle. RWForestBiomeLocation: The coordinates for the center of the redwoods biome, will always form a perfect circle. figure ts.1 TerrainScaleMultiplier: This can stretch and distort the landscape, not recommended (figure ts.1) MountainGrassDensity: The density of harvestable objects (rocks and berry plants) in the mountains biomes, (redwoods, snow, normal) SnowMountainGrassDensity: The density of harvestable objects (rocks and berry plants) in the mountainous snow biome (can also be effected by the mountain density settings) SnowGrassDensity: The density of harvestable objects (rocks and berry plants) in the Non mountainous snow biomes UnderwaterObjectsDensity: This is cool to turn up for a more labyrinth style underwater world with cool half caves and crevasses. The only issue is you can’t seem to build on or near them. SnowMountainsTreeDensity: The density of trees in the snow biome. TreeDensity: This is grasslands tree density only JungleTreeDensity: The density of trees in the jungle biome. RedWoodTreeDensity: The density of trees harvestable and not harvestable in the redwoods biome (can be effected by mountain density settings as well) SnowTreeDensity: The density of trees in the snow biome. RedwoodGrassDensity: The density of harvestable objects (rocks and berry plants) in the redwoods biome (can be effected by mountain density settings as well) ShoreTreeDensity: The density of trees on the beach. SnowShoreTreeDensity: The density of trees in the snow shore biome. DeepWaterBiomesDepth: Making this more shallow will cause the underwater objects to jut through the water surface sporadically, but will also bring more oil nopdes and mosa/squid spawns. InlandWaterObjectsDensity: Determines the density of shallow water harvestable objects I believe. ShorelineStartOffset: Not completely clear to me yet. ShorelineThickness: Determines the breadth of the beach. TreesGroundSlopeAccuracy: The smaller the value, the more trees there will be, cause they will be able to form on steeper land incline. This sounds cool and works for filling out your jungle biome with lush vegetation, but be wary for what it does to the giant redwoods trees, they will have overhang. ErosionSteps: The best range for this is 4-5, 6 has been fine in csome cases as well. ErosionStrength: Going a little higher can smoothe the land a bit, I’d suggest staying between 0.5 and 0.75 figure d.1 DepositionStrength: This setting can royally mess up your ground and make it untraversable. Do not use the default 0.5 or even close to it, stick with 0.01 to 0.04 (figure d.1). MountainGeneralTreesPercent: This is the density setting to use to determine the tree densityt in mountains, but remember it effects snow and redwoods as well.
  2. dblackw6

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Rag server, Wyverns and dodos only player level cap 500 super stats same items in every kind of drop (Tek armor element air cons Tek rifle etc) all craftablr structure costs 1 of each wyv talon to craft, turrets 100 of each. Thatch can still be made but with only thantch. Super boosted mature, instant ORP, max wyv wild level 380. It works I can provide full ini for this
  3. Using a hosting provider doesn't seem to be workable from my experience so I got a spare Xbox one X and hosted a console dedicated and it's been up and running smooth about a week now very limited with settings tho since no ini access unfortunately
  4. dblackw6

    Do Away with PGMs

    if you look through the source files you'll see it has very little space in the whole thing. It uses models and assets already in the game for the most part cause it's generally just a randomized island map
  5. dblackw6

    Do Away with PGMs

    It hardly takes up any space at all in fact the only time it really does is once you make a map and it's no worse than any of the other maps at that. Don't do away with them. I like them. It took me a lot of work and rresearch but I got a console dedicated PG map live and working smoothly. Quite smoothly actually and I'm using an Xbox. So it is functional just limited in what you can do with ini settings unfortunately. But im still happy to have it in the roster this makes 8 servers now I run I think it has great potential for opening up the spectrum of gameplay
  6. I rent like 7 servers and just set up a console dedi for a PG map which is running smooth and everything. But I need a way to alter the game.ini and ganeusersettings.ini further than what the in game interface will facilitate. I have all the codes and that, I'm just wondering if there's a way to set certain settings from within the game using cheat gamecommand or cheat scriptcommand along the lines of setting to to reboot with a string of command line parameters. I'd be willing to PayPal someone for a consult on how to do so it's not a problem say 20 an hour even
  7. I know this probably isn't a high priority issue and you have plenty of other things to occupy your time. But if you could see to adding some flexibility to server config for console dedicated servers I would make good use of it. I do use nitrado and have 7 dedis with them but I'm in the process of setting up a console dedi to have a PG map on, which is well enough on that end I can generate a suitable map and all that. But being able to set a cluster id would really be nice, unless there's a way to do with with the gamecommand from within the server I'm not aware of. Also being able to set the difficulty level above 1 (automatically turns it down to one every time) would be awesome. And don't get me started how awesome it would be to have full game.ini access to do custom addnpcspawncontainer and things of that nature lol. I know it's an obscure request but I would definitely put it to good use. I would return the favor however I could
  8. I lease a number of xbox ark servers via nitrado, but have found myself wanting to run a dedicated console so that I might have a PG map based server in the cluster. I admit I rushed into the purchase of an xboxone X without doing the proper research. What exactly are my capabilities for editing the Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini on a console dedicated server? Ideally I would want all the bells and whistles. Engram auto unlocks, crafting requirement overrides, spawn entries via add and replace, spawn weight multipliers, level ramp overrides, stat scale multipliers, custom supply crate items config etc which I use fluently now with my nitrado servers. I have bad feeling I cant effect any of these on a console dedicated server. Please tell me I'm wrong and how it is achieved lol
  9. I rented a new server and have been messing with it for hours it seems to install and launch fine but will not show up in the server list or from within clustered servers at the ob/transmitter. Yes settings are all good I have 4 others so I'm well versed. Anyone have a solution for this?
  10. dblackw6

    Ramp Override and XP Gain Issues

    Bro you left your server password showing from when you pasted your .ini file content
  11. Fumberration is a boosted 24/7 PVP XBOXone ark server (new york EST server) that is cross play enabled, and part of a cluster with a corresponding Ragnarok map called "Fumblerok" https://discord.gg/6RStszM Custom loot drops that are both bountiful and extremely diverse. Player level cap increased to 200 Tames can level up 200 times Cross server transfers fully enabled; with the exception of non aberrant dinos being unable to transfer to Fumberration. Tek engrams auto unlock at level 100 Aberration tames now spawn on Fumblerok. Aberrant spino, Karkinos, Basilisk, aberrant beetle, and roll rat confirmed. Most frequently in desert, beach and redwood spawns. More uncommon in about a dozen other spawn zones. Center map coming soon, which will be used to cycle official legacy server imports for AI base raiding. The settings will be weakened so players can easily battle the old official bases for real loot. NO SERVER WIPES EVER, RUNNING SINCE DAY 1 NITRADO SERVERS RELEASED Feel free to search "fum" in the unofficial pc sessions, and join fumblerok or fumberration at any time. No need for starter packs , the loot drops, even in the white tier, are plenty giving enough that you will not need one. Admin still does random tame and item giveaways when he's on though so expect lots of help in that way, if you decide you want it. NOTICE: If you want to earn some in game perks like significant structures, weapons, armor, items, and tames, message admin about making "Looking for group" posts to XBOX live and handing out starter packs, and find out how you can do this to get ahead fast. admin GT: fumbles9488 All drops are customized, on every quality level, and Aberration drops are unique to Aberration. Things to expect: White: kibble weapons, ammo, armor, saddles, metal structure, bulk resources Green: kibble weapons, ammo, armor, saddles, metal structure, turret packs, special structure, bulk resources Blue: weapons, ammo, armor, saddles, metal structure, turret packs, special structure, special weapons, special armor, bulk metal structure Purple: ammo, armor, saddles, metal structure, turret packs, special structure, special weapons, special armor, bulk metal structure special saddles Yellow: special saddles, special structure, special weapons, special armor, tek basic structure armor and saddles Red: special saddles, special structure, special weapons, special armor, tek basic structure armor and saddles, special tek structure pieces, ELEMENT Server Settings: Harvesting rates vary by material and fall between 6x-15x 10x maturity 48x incubation 1,000x reduced breeding cool down 6x xp 13x tame (26x tame with global dino setting for food drain at 50%, requiring less eating, making kibble less necessary to acquire perfect tamed creatures.) 5x structure resistance (structure 5 times stronger) 2x dino turret damage Spoil timers twice as long Any tribe member can imprint baby dinos Player food and water drains at 20% rate of official Most saddles unlocked at level 1 Platform limits increased, and restrictions lifted Structure clipping enabled Unlimited respecs Cave flying enabled No turret limits No rules! Baby's food drops half as slow, most creatures require no feeding in the baby stage, but will starve out without trough in the juvi stage, this is to prevent a mass breeding disaster while offline with an over production of unclaimed babies maturing and mating further, multiplying them until the area is unplayable. Player Stats: Health: unchanged Stam: drains 40% slower, 20 points per level oxy: 50 points per level, oxygen effects swim speed times 5 as well fortitude: 5 points per level melee: 10 points per level crafting skill: 50 points per level food and water: 100 points per level speed: 2.5 points per level weight: 10,000 points per level Tamed Dino Stats: weight: 1,000 times more added per level speed (non flyers only): 2.5 times more added per level stam (including flyers): 3 times more added per level Map Info: Max wild dino level 150 (same as official) Most saddle engrams are unlocked at level 1 and cost 1 engram point, as well as many crafting structure pieces. To compensate for the boosted rates, structure resistance is 5 times stronger on Fumberration. Turrets do 2x dino damage as well. No clipping for structure placement, so you can build into or through other structure pieces or natural terrain. Platform build limit increased by 12 times Imprinting also boosts stats twice as much as official when raising dinos, and anyone in the tribe can do the imprint cuddles etc. Loot drops and crates as well as fishing are boosted for item quality. Item upload/download to and from Fumblerok or Fumberration enabled You can transfer characters either way. You can transfer any dino from Fumberration to Fumblerok You cannot transfer non Aberration tames from Fumblerok to Fumberration. No rules: When a server tries to pose subjective rules like "No killing passive tames" or "Don't completely wipe people" or "dont grief", it sets up the admin to ultimately play favorites in the server's political scope. The goal as far as goals for admin roles on these servers are, above all, to be omniscient. The only enforcement we employ are the actions in regard to safe zone violations and exploit prevention. We have been online for 6 months with only 1 total wipe, which was due to a safe zone raid among other troll driven behavior. Otherwise admins are only there to offer starter packs, and help when they are available to do so. We will never choose sides, so don't ask us to. Do not raid admin bases, or they will raid you back. You would think this would go without saying, but it happens a lot. The admins affected were even so understanding as not to have ever retaliated, but don't expect it to be tolerated in the future. Servers are paid months in advance so no worries about the server going down, 50 slots each server, with the intention of slot upgrades as they become necessary. Select "unofficial pc sessions" from the drop-down at the bottom of the screen from within ark's server list, then search "fum" to find Fumblerok or Fumberration. Join either server anytime, All are welcome!)