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  1. We seriously need more maps. Most players have already been through this entire process with Survival Evolved. Many players don't want to play on The Island again or play on The Island in general. Having only one map also makes it more difficult to tame and gather resources with the competition and as a result, it's discouraging. There are so many people selling dinos/items for resources and also RMT. I don't see the point in this since, eventually, the servers will once again be abundant in resources and maxxed out stats. At that point, people would just be giving stuff away. (Maybe it's hype and FOMO... and that's not sustainable) Combine that with the fact that limiting boosted rate events only exists for player retention and i'm having difficulty making sense of all this. I'm not saying that WC is doing a bad job. The quality is there. But why are we playing the same game again? Why are the rates so low when people are constantly complaining about them? Why are serious issues like bosses being invisible, duping, and server instability not being addressed? I personally don't care about the new dinosaur release because I know the entire server will be swarming to get those eggs. It will also be 1x. I'm not looking forward to playing the game right now. Once again, this is reminding me of Diablo 4 and their tone deaf approach. Of course it's impossible to cater to everyone but WC has less of a playerbase to deal with than a game like Diablo. The way rates and breeding are currently set up are objectively not healthy for people. You shouldn't have to interrupt your work/life/sleep only to prevent suffering losses. I decided to play on official for ASA because I figured I would commit to it long-term. It's very difficult though, with work, sleep, exercise, and study, as well as other hobbies. I can only imagine what those with families have to sacrifice to play.
  2. Love bugs are annoying. I don't care for the skins. The dino colors are nice... but I don't really feel like taming without 3x. This is feeling a lot like the Diablo 4 timesink for player retention.
  3. This is insane. Instead of fixing the issues on platforms that already exist they decided to release this less-than-par port. On top of that... Atlas is releasing soon. Will not be touching either. Money grubbers. EDIT: I'm sure the wildcard team is excited to release Ark on another platform and i'm not trying to take away from that. This port would have been much appreciated a while back. I just don't think it's right that they expect more money without having fixed most of their issues before moving forward. (Still waiting on a response for a ticket on PC I submitted 2 weeks ago.)
  4. Stuck in Ark Update limbo...

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