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  1. Is there any consideration for removing the dino cap? I understand for PvP and on the legacy servers, but what about for those who don't do PvP?
  2. All i am hoping for at this point is that the 29th deadline is kept. I haven't been playing this game longer than 6 months, but i would love to see it go full release. I know the game has been around 2 years now, i know there are still issues, but i would like you guy's to continue to fix the problems with the game, and continue making a fantastic game
  3. That is amazing! I didn't know you could do stuff like that? So cool!
  4. Anumis

    Seaside Castle

    Oh lordy lordy... The framerate death to try and render that in Looks amazing, but i'd hate to run across it. PvE or PvP
  5. Anumis

    DynamiteTiger's Base

    That's a nice base you have there.... It would be a shame... If a dragon came along What's the skin on that dragon? It doesn't look like any i've seen. (It look's awesome)
  6. Anumis

    Pve Base by Gnyllen

    When a rustic life meet's ark. You have this wonderful creation. I love seeing houses/base's like this, i'm not patient enough to build them though
  7. This deserves some higher credit/recognition... This is amazing
  8. Anumis

    ARKCraft Carrier Ship

    Oh man! If you made this thing big enough to house a wyvern team... That would be awesome! Pteradon's are cool, but i don't have much use for them (Idk how many other's are in that boat) And Argie's would more be a bomber status than an air superiority flier.
  9. Add leg's and a few steam vents and you have Howl's Moving Castle.
  10. The cake is a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Awesome looking base! I'd hate rendering it in though... I'd probably die
  12. Anumis

    Warning sign. Turrets

    Hahahahaha. Good warning to have. PvP? Or PvE?
  13. Hahahaha i feel very sorry for any/all individual's involved at that point Though to be fair, a giga should be fairly noticable even if half of it's stuck in a rock or something
  14. Hey man. Thought this would be easier than trying to get my quote's working on my thread again. My tribe has 7 members now (We recruited 2 people the day before the patch) There are 4 of us actively gathering milk, though everyone has the DLC and can if the regular's are not able to get on for whatever reason. We do not make money off this game, nor do we even make much off the game in game. Like if we sell a wyvern, we normally trade it straight across for something we want, or we'll sell it for ingots (And only 10-15k) The 10k one we sold was a 135 fire, the 16k was a 160 lightning (Egg levels) The biggest thing about the wyverns, was they were semi speedy (We pumped hp and melee), tanky for their size, and they were able to fly and farm meat. I do agree they needed some type of nerf, but this is far too much. I am honestly hoping for a roll back. 

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