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  1. Sorry if you P+ players haven't heard but you have been 'abandoned' for about a year. Cedric announced that not only was no new work was going to be done on P+, but there would be no fixes for it. It is what it is and that is all there will be. There are some modders working on their own version of a P+ like game system without doing a full conversion, and one has even made the paid mods program, but there are no more updates or fixes for P+ unless Wildcard chooses to release it to the community.
  2. I have some bad news for you then. Wildcard announced a while back that they are doing no more development or maintenance on Prim+. The only hope is that modders on PC recreate and update/manage it, which does people like you on console no good. The console platforms are doing players like you no favours by essentially making it unable for you guys to get mod support.
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