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  1. dont press F twice. F accesses remote inventory, double tapping F throws shoulder pet (when not mounted, when mounted its R)
  2. It increases the level cap not your level. you still have to get the xp to get from 105 to 110 or whatever.
  3. tek bridges are currently bugged, put them on a cliff plat at one side seems to stop them decaying.
  4. The escape menu always shows download disabled regardless of whether they really are.
  5. i mean that i cannot place it in such a way that its decay timer goes to 20 days like it would if it were snapped, i mean they cost nothing but having it decay in 12 hours because i cant get anything to snap to it is kinda silly, this spacific instance is on ab, i have even tried snapping another bridge to it, 2 bridges on flat ground, etc, in the area people farm organic poly. i can put a fence support unsnapped on a single foundation and its decay timer acts as though its snapped to something but not a tek bridge.
  6. Broken snap points on tek bridges I am not sure when this bug started to happen, but i had to replace a tek bridge today and was completely unable to snap it to anything or get anything to snap to it, no matter the structure or placement, i am an experienced builder with 7k + hours on ark... so i doubt that its a simple error on my part.
  7. They starve if the are not rendered when transitioning from baby to juvenile.
  8. the rexs on legacy werent spawn in for anyone, devs had spawned level 1000 rexs testing bosses (remember legacy was where they were testing a lot of things) and they forgot to despawn them after they were done, eventually they became claimable, the level 451 cap was introduced to try to eliminate them but inventive breeders had already bred most stats down to 0. as far as that god roll on a giga... while its possible i know how those gigas got those good rolls like that back in legacy pvp, i had a clean 290 base melee it was tamed but not really legit nor was it gm spawned. and to the best of my knowledge the method still works though its much harder to pull off, i have no interest in going into detail though.
  9. the hp is irrelevant mostly unless you breed it into your fems there's no point in mutating it
  10. if the base was 250 dmg (the original tame) then its only 20 muts to get to 450, the first 20 are relatively easy to get as well its after one side is capped that they become slow, before you hit 20 you will get one nearly every hatch if you are meta breeding
  11. no dev spawning involved in getting that melee its just mutations, you get +10% melee per mut (and 20% on double muts) so while time consuming 425 is about average for low to mid teir tribes
  12. 100+ points in a stat is entirely possible with mutations and breeders who actually know what they are doing.
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