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  1. Just updated to server version 329.51 and things seem to be getting back to normal. Still testing though
  2. I run my own cluster of maps and most of my settings are being overridden from official settings. For example: I have increased dino counts, build in missions zones = yes, transfer of dinos/items/players = enabled as well. Ever since the update once Gen2 came out... most (not all though, which is strange) of my custom settings are not applying anymore. resource harvest amounts, breeding timers and mods are still working but the things I listed ( increased dino counts, build in missions zones = yes, transfer of dinos/items/players = enable) aren't. I attempted to upload my character since xfe
  3. I've got a cluster running of 4-6 maps concurrently all on the same physical machine. 4 of the maps show up on lan and all of them show up under the unofficial tab. I quit troubleshooting it because it seems to change with new patches coming out.
  4. So I'm running version 329.26 and ever since patching I've encountered the following issues (not limited to Genesis map though). 1. When using groups to do whistle calls, selected dinos no longer get that arrow displayed briefly above them when changing groups. 2. Cross hairs no longer appear when using crossbow or other weapons. 3. Mission distances not displaying on all missions anymore. Also they no longer sort closest to farthest. 4. Gestation time progress bar counter broken. Usually it tells you how much time is left before birth occurs now the timer is displaying
  5. I'm not able to use the Tek Transmitters to xfer among my clustered Ark servers either. The button is missing entirely from both the vanilla Tek Transmitter and the S+ version. It does allow me to "upload survivor" but that just deleted my character file from the server I was on. I was not able to re-download it anywhere to any of my clusters servers.
  6. How do you normally start your servers? After they start, can you do a netstat -a from a command prompt and see if the ports are being activated?
  7. As a general rule if you can't see your servers in the unofficial server list, then you won't be able to xfer between them. If all servers are visible on the list then you just need to make sure the cluster-key matches. As for LAN visibility vs unofficial server lists, I still run into that issue. I haven't found a solution but since it doesn't stop functionality I haven't focused on it.
  8. Yes this works, as I've just done it. Your issue sounds a little different since you see 2 of your servers but not the others. Are you starting them with a bat file or anything? I ask because for me, I leave that cmd window open and it shows some details in there... like the server version. That was my clue that something was wrong and the version mismatch was why I was not able to see my servers. The battlemetrics site only updates like once an hour unless you pay money, so be patient and let your server run and see if it shows up under the same name but with a different version number.
  9. Found Solution for anyone else. Short version: the server version is wrong for whatever reason (corrupt file?). You need to obtain a clean copy and most people tell you to reinstall the entire game. Faster version that doesn;t require a complete re-install: Install SteamCMD on your host. (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD) Launch SteamCMD on your host and use it to download the server files. (Remove the < > and replace them with double quotes, for example, force_install_dir "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ark Server") Use app id 376030 for S
  10. I host my own cluster on another PC on my network and after the Gen2 update today... literally none of my cluster maps appear in either LAN or unofficial lists. The steam server list shows them though but I'm unable to use that method to connect. It throws an error "unable to query server info for invite:. I've removed all mods as a test and even the vanilla servers don't show up. Running on Windows, if that help. Update: I am able to see my server posted on https://www.battlemetrics.com/.... so it does have some amount of internet access as per usual. However the server vers
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