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  1. I'm from a server that's been around since ark's release with a decent number of very experienced players (I have over 3k hours logged myself) with 8x rates. We've been playing extinction since the second we were able to and were not to that point yet. How does one person rush through the bosses so quickly without cheats? I'm very convinced you didnt legit play through that, only you can guarentee that, but you have greatly neglected yourself some actual gameplay in there somewhere which, if that's the case, then you're absolutely going to be bored. Theres no way you started from ground zero and worked your way up in that short amount of time. But you're neglecting yourself the experience, nobody is doing it for you.
  2. they dont spawn in the city so it was brought there by other means.
  3. I didn't think of the green ob protecting the city, that would make sense why the meteors dont hit in there then. I just thought they were being considerate that everyone is building in there xD;
  4. idk but there is actually a 4th obelisk broken and under ground in the forest which kinda blew my mind lol
  5. Can you imagine if this kind of post was made back in the day of the flier nerf? "Why must you test everything on PC and make us wait for our dinos to be useless? Make it fair across the board already!!" Consoles have a much longer process to go through than PC does. It wasnt even a way of gameplay for at least a year? (Not sure how long exactly). It has always been, and always will be, behind on the updates and major patches/releases, it's the way of life. They're not going to let everyone on PC officials exploit something that's unintended and then release it to consol for even more to have what they shouldn't. Its just how it is =/
  6. An alternative to unlocking Ingram is they can spawn in primitive blueprints for people to use which would be basically like having the Ingram. You can find blueprints and stuff in the orbital drops, the eye worth the hastle but quite the pain and the neck when you get to the more difficult events, like for the yellow and red drops =/
  7. I look for the smoke that's coming up over them, it kind of stands out more when you're walking around. I'm not one for fliers on ark tho so I'm not really sure if it's just as easy to spot them. I've so noticed, from the ones I have seen, that they always spawn close to the city? No guarantee there tho.
  8. Hey. Thanks for the comment on my thread. I can't seem to reply for some reason on the thread.I'm a noobie when it comes to forums and the terminology. When I read nurfed I took it as they were getting rid of it. Just had my husband explain it to me because I didn't understand your comment at first and now I understand. Thanks for the help :)

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