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  1. DragonEnchantress

    Bionic skins on steam?

    Those of us who did pre order for the PS4 and such never even got the skins either
  2. DragonEnchantress

    I swear to you wildcard ...

    Most of the comments on here sound like a lot of people haven't delved into the lore and the characters the story line follows very well lol I was up till 3am reading because it's super easy to get into it. If they made a movie following Helena and Rockwell i can see it being a good movie for sure.
  3. DragonEnchantress

    I swear to you wildcard ...

    If they can make a movie about WoW and we don't get one about Ark I'm gonna be pretty upset with you xD; I just spent, literally, hours reading all the explorer notes off the wiki because all of the lore most people talk about on the forums are speculation, and now I'm too Invested in the characters lol You give us live action teasers which look amazing, I can only hope that one day you will give us a movie too <3 Here's for hoping x3!
  4. We also use host havoc but we couldn't turn off the Halloween event and we had to roll back to get rid of it. They added a button to start it but none to remove it. Am I missing something? Our server owner opted to bot activate any more holidays because of the trouble the Halloween event had when we were trying to end it so now, because of this new system, we have to miss out on everything =(
  5. DragonEnchantress

    Anyone play on xbox cross ark clusters?

    Literally everyone that my friend goofs off with claims shes in cheat mode but really she's just need 1v1 pvp since Minecraft first came out. She started her player to be good at it and knows how to dodge but because she's an admin that always the first cry.
  6. DragonEnchantress

    Why did you support the game in Early Access?

    I'm okay with it because its going with the lore and story and if you actually follow that then it fits well and does nothing more than make me excited that ark isn't over =D
  7. DragonEnchantress

    Blueprints are extremely OP

    That's why the drops have certain level requirements. The good blueprints aren't gonna be in the blue drops. I'm not sure how that would be considered OP tho.
  8. DragonEnchantress

    Patch 269 Delay

    Maybe it was stuck in traffic
  9. DragonEnchantress

    Tek Wyvern Saddle

    I'm okay with it just being a plasma gun because every other thing is and the wyverns are already the best flyers (still imo) and I'm pretty sure they're gonna stay consistent with them. I too am really excited for the armor aspect, that's all that matters to me in the end.
  10. DragonEnchantress

    Phoenix Troubles

    They're not that hard to find from what I've noticed (my tribe and I have found and tamed 5 so far.) The time frame isn't an issue because if you fail to tame it after it's been found the first time then it'll spawn back in at the same spot and then you have the entire heat wave to tame it. We tamed it with wyverns every time, it's efficient and works well. I don't have any trouble with food consumption now that it's been more balanced but I'm also not forcing it to speed fly all the time either. If you're having that much trouble keep a few rows of sulfur in your inventory for when you tame it. Practice patience, if making it fast fly keeps killing it then maybe try to not fast fly? Lol I don't mind the hovering feature. You're not required to land and it recovers stanema in the air, I hate being on the ground and vulnerable so this is great imo. You can also get them into nifty positions in your base, I currently have one dead center in my colloseum designed aviary. It makes for a really good center piece with its intense natural lighting xD;; After you tame so many what else do you do with them but place them around and always have cooked meat on them for convenience lol!
  11. DragonEnchantress

    Phoenix 3x more common to find on SE

    See my friends and I have been strategic with searching. We're not having a lack of taming but we've Definately never seen more than one at a time. If we don't tame them will a second spawn with the next heatwave? So it's like one at a time thing?
  12. DragonEnchantress

    Phoenix 3x more common to find on SE

    What exactly does this actually mean? Do 3 spawn at a time now? How do you make it easier to find? I'm really confused what was actually changed about their spawns that would make it considered "easier". Does anyone know?
  13. DragonEnchantress

    Bionic skins

    I only got the raptor and quetz skins as well but just like you nobody can offer useful information on the situation. I'm pretty frustrated that they did that because my daughter got the ps4 version, cuz I already have it on pc, and she was super upset she didn't get them all =/
  14. DragonEnchantress

    Code redemption collectors edition

    The latest patch just added the game support for them. You should have them available to you. Put your stuff up in a chest and kill yourself and you should have them in your inventory on respawn. As for the bionic skins, I was told that I would get codes on the gamestop receipt but, just like most others, I didn't get any. Just another broken promise they used to lure us into their game.
  15. DragonEnchantress

    Phoenix turn to ashes

    Box it in and come back when you hear your jerboa purring lol