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    Player Dedicated Servers

    Soooo... what about now? Can we run ARK on our PCs for the PS4? Or is Nitrado keeping the means to themselves? Also... why? Poor people always get crapped on, I swear...
  2. bokile

    Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    Sooooo... Any news about players being able to host PS4 servers from their own PCs? I feel like I've been posting this everywhere... but I can't seem to find an answer...
  3. My wife and I are waiting for this too, not to mention our 3 friends. We tried to all joined an official server and the lag was so insane we quit. 3 of us tried again on a newer server with less people. But people had already built pillars and garbage everywhere so we couldn't even find a nice spot to enjoy the game. Then it crashed, and we quit it. We were thinking of buying an extra ps4, psn, and game... but figured we'd rather wait for this PC server thing. Just... you know, they said it looked promising 5 MONTHS ago... sooo... can we test a beta? From what I hear, I bet the beta would still be less glitchy/crashy than the dedicated PS4 servers, lol. Let us know guys. We'd love to even test beta PC servers for PS4