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  1. Player Dedicated Servers

    Soooo... what about now? Can we run ARK on our PCs for the PS4? Or is Nitrado keeping the means to themselves? Also... why? Poor people always get crapped on, I swear...
  2. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    Sooooo... Any news about players being able to host PS4 servers from their own PCs? I feel like I've been posting this everywhere... but I can't seem to find an answer...
  3. My wife and I are waiting for this too, not to mention our 3 friends. We tried to all joined an official server and the lag was so insane we quit. 3 of us tried again on a newer server with less people. But people had already built pillars and garbage everywhere so we couldn't even find a nice spot to enjoy the game. Then it crashed, and we quit it. We were thinking of buying an extra ps4, psn, and game... but figured we'd rather wait for this PC server thing. Just... you know, they said it looked promising 5 MONTHS ago... sooo... can we test a beta? From what I hear, I bet the beta would still be less glitchy/crashy than the dedicated PS4 servers, lol. Let us know guys. We'd love to even test beta PC servers for PS4
  4. Guys. GUYS!... What the hell did you do?! What's going on?! Summation: This game is amazing. Background: From my 3 decades of gaming and love of games, I've never had a great game to really chill out to. My favourites are the Souls series, Dark Souls 3 being my favourite, but I did love the first as well. I played 7 Days to Die with my wife for a very long time, it was our go-to survival multiplayer game. It was okay, but their PS4 support was lacking, at best. We even tried minecraft. It's, again, alright. I'd much rather have played a crafting game that didn't involve digging, in exchange of immersive graphics. I bought ARK: Survival Evolved on steam as part of a humble bundle a couple years back... without realizing what it was, I thought it was that EVOLVE game, that was 4 vs. 1 type of multiplayer. Not my jam. Elaboration: Then I saw ARK had released on the PS4. My wife and I saw the trailer... and nearly poop ourselves at the concept. It was breathtaking, it had extremely indepth crafting. We HAD to have it. We combined our efforts, took out money from our savings, and bought two copies and convinced another friend to buy it too. I was expecting this guys. Wildcard has put so much love into this game, it really shows in every single asset. From the models, the textures, the sounds, the ambiance, to the post processing. The entire game feels like a dream that became a reality through hard work and devotion. The core design of the game is so well thought out, and so damn great. We're constantly running across new stuff, or things that feel like such an amazing addition. We haven't even encountered any bugs that are annoying. The only one is the UI bugging out when you name/rename an object, dino, or inventory folder. But a quick fix has been simply pressing the PS button and then clicking back to the game. Takes all of 1 second. That's astounding considering how much content there is in this game, and how much room for error there is. Simply: a VERY hard earned rest is needed for the programmers, designers, animators, and artists. Because I know it took the entire team to do everything properly, and name everything accordingly in order for the programmers to combined all of the assets and make this masterpiece. F'ing fantastic job! In Conclusion: It's seriously such a pleasure to see a Development team so devoted to a game, and to play that game and really LOVE it. I've been waiting my entire life to play THIS game, and I love you guys so much for making it. I would gladly pay $70 again for it if it ever came out on a new system or two Thank you for making it, and for bringing it to PS4.