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  1. My problem and bug with this dino is that I can't climb well nor latch onto larger dinos while being the Host of a Host non dedicated server, my sister on another xbox however can preform remarkably well, but I'm not getting the teeth symbol to jump on larger dinos and my climbing is janky. Yet on Singleplayer I don't have this issue, I get the symbols and climb perfectly on SP.
  2. Xbox one Single player Island When repairing some items(fur armor in this case) in the smithy the game makes a repeating craft sound and it appears as though I am crafting more than one item, nothing too serious but still rather annoying.
  3. Xbox one, sometimes or rather most times when killing leeches in the swamp via Baryonyx they fall through the ground and the map. Usally happens with two or more leeches in a cluster.
  4. Hmmm its possible though it seemed to work fine even after the update but I did have split screen issues when playing with my sister like this pic below and also tribe recruiting issues that made everything iI own Inaccessible and I couldn't Use my dinos or get anything back until I kicked her off tribe so we had to deal with just being careful around each other lol she turned into a wall of flesh when she logged off
  5. YES High fortitude is very nessissary for me on SP This is on xbox its also my first actual post so sorry for any confusion
  6. Note that this is a repost but for general discussion and possibly hoping to find an answer to this mystery. Xbox one version It's gone... My Ark Survivor experience for the past 4 months is gone... . My Rex farm. My bronto farm, all my beautiful mutated thylas that I spent too many hours on, my 5 hours perfect tame lvl 100 Mosa, my favorite Argent is gone and it's a lvl 126 perfect tame. All my crops and kibble gone along with every item that I had accumulated for months. All gone and there is no known exploitation that I can think up except for a bug perhaps? Okay. Logged on to Ark today on single player as usual and it brought me up to the spawn map which was rather bizzare to me since I saved at one of my bases and in front of my Argy. Confused, I get on and my lvl 90 character is still there and looks like her regular old self with long hair and her usual stats but I spawn in the south zone (easy) where one of my starter bases is and it was gone. And so were the few dinos that I had left there. The wild bronto that used to stamp around my base was also gone. All of my dinos and time well-spent structures are gone. I beat down a wild Sarco that attacked me on sight then traversed to all of my base locations after spawning in and force taming an Argy to find that the map was basically new as were all dinos. What did change was all of the skins stuffs that I never had before, they were in my inventory including Christmas ones and firework skins for weapons. There was also a stego and raptor bone skin though I never had them before. I also noted that my hot key bar below also had things that I had before they went missing, just ghost replicas. Now I have to restart because my game somehow either got deleted(though my character didn't) or overwritten? Idk. Is this a bug because I know that I did NOT delete a thing! I saved at one of my bases before heading to bed last night, and before hopping on today I didn't touch the delete Ark buttons or even get near them. Please tell me that this is a bug that can be fixed, or at least some explination to put this nightmare to rest, and hopefully a way to avoid this issue in the future. I litterally don't want to restart again just to lose everything again, I already lost a lot of strong legit tames and bred babies(rip rex army, now it'll take forever to battle a boss) and I can force spawn and forcetame some dinos but they'll never hold the same place as my original hour after hour tames that made me feel so accomplished. It's tough alone on SP and each dino counts, I would like answers to avoid future issues if anyone has any. Help! Below is a pic of my character first spawned on a new Ark that I never even made. All I can say before the issue happened was that I was hunting for crystal and metal for a greenhouse build near green obelisk then after getting a good amount I went after known beaver dams for cementing paste, I stopped at the south base to continue on the next day. Changed nothing after that.
  7. I'm so excited that I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! Super thrilled and cannot wait! The Griffin looks amazing and more content and dinos?! *praying for the Brachiosaurus to be a part of the "More dinos" thing.*
  8. I'm having an Arggasim over that teal and black argent Its so beautiful and it really dosen't help that my favorite flyer is the argent I hope to breed for one of those someday but i am currently building my rex army for bosses so one day Teal Argent i am coming 4 up
  9. Sorry but im currently only playing Single Player until the full game release so I can't really trade and I already have a full yellow with black but thanks anyways The only thing that I can give you is advice and that is to breed until you get a red thyla then breed it with one that has a blue back then breed with one that has an orange or yellow underbelly It is how I got this one
  10. Sadly no I find it easier on single to avoid lag spikes and other in game issues well at least until the full game release maybe then i will join a pve server Besides i dont have to worry about kiters bringing titans to my base But the main reason i play alone is time I barely get two hours of gameplay with my job consuming a lot of my time so single player i shall be although I might try pve offical in the future
  11. I would but unfortunately im on Single player
  12. Lol i bred a long line of thylas from 4 tames my first color mutation was a green one and then i got a random red one a generation later it took about three more generations to get a green and blue(has blue stripes then bred that with the red one I just got a random yellow yesterday
  13. One of my favorite mutations is my Sunset Thylacoleo.
  14. What I did in Ark today? Preparation for the flier nerf for xbox one.
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