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  1. I am having this same problem on Crystal Isles 849. I left my character sleeping on a bed when I logged out. Now when I join the server, my character spawns in the middle of the map, high in the sky. I fall to the ground and take no damage. I sprint and do not lose stamina. I swim and I do not lose oxygen. There are only building and dinos near where I spawn. I've run clear across the map and encountered no other dinos or bases. I am unable to interact with anything so I can't get my character off the server. I am unable to pick up stones or forage for fiber or berries. Does anyone have a
  2. So far, every loot crate and drop I have found, contain only engram quality saddles, blueprints, armor, etc. Base stats across the board: armor rating, mats required, durability, etc. For both blueprints, and built items. I have found this to be true on SE and Center so far. I am uncertain if this is across all servers or not.
  3. Roofs will not help. For now, the only prevention is to keep them apart from other dinos. If they are too close to other dinos, they will float away. If given a generous amount of their own space, they seem to stay grounded.
  4. So as of this recent patch, babies are floating to the ceiling and dying because inventory can not be accessed. Juvenile dinos as well. I do not know if this is only happening to certain dinos, or all. This happened to be 4 new baby mantis. Floated right up to the ceiling and stayed until they died. Interesting feature.
  5. There are 39 pages of the problem, and still no official response from Wild Card? Things have gone from bad to worse. The most recent patch seems to have really had an adverse effect across all servers. Things were laggy. Now? They just do not work.
  6. My Center server was crashing every server save. Now, my SE server is crashing literally, every 5 minutes. Unstable is an understatement. The game is unplayable.And right now, it is not enjoyable.
  7. You linked it to using ladders? I thought I may have as well. But I build a lot, and place items using ladders often to "square them off." But I've been doing this for years and never had an issue until recently. Having moved from Legacy to Non-Legacy shortly after the release of Genesis, it is difficult to know whether it is ARK being ARK or if it has anything at all to do with the recent updates. Regardless, it does not seem to be an isolated incident. Please fix.
  8. Same here. Official servers, no mods. I desync 10+ times per day. Sometimes my tribemate can strike me and put me back where I'm supposed to be. Other times I have to log out and back in. It is almost unplayable the way it is. I will be standing in front of a tame, unable to access its inventory and my tribemate will see me 20 foundations away. Please fix.
  9. It's happening again. Please fix this soon, WC! We are all raising babies on multiple servers.
  10. Login Lock Again?! What is it with this Login Lock again? We are raising babies on multiple servers. We have care timers and hungry babies. Can you please remove this "feature" again? Preferably sooner rather than later. Thanks! -A Concerned Citizen
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