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  1. I uploaded 36 juvenile brontos in cryopods from SE to Genesis 2 for imprinting. I was able to download 27 of them before the server crashed (at approx. 7:30am PST). Upon the server coming back up, I logged in and all downloaded juve brontos were gone. This is the 3rd or 4th time this has happened. In this batch of juve brontos, I had a new weight mutation, and a new melee mutation. I do not understand why the Gen 2 crash cycle is still an issue at this point. I am very upset with this occurrence. Why can't your development team make a stable game? Somehow WildCard is able to program servers to determine when you upload a dino from your inventory before a server save, but you won't program them to be able to do the same for downloaded dinos. I should still have downloaded cryopods in my inventory regardless of a crash or not. So many players have lost so many dinos, not to mention other inventory, due to this issue not being resolved. A close friend with 15k+ hours quit over this. I watched it happen to her 3 times. Then she just gave up on ARK. You are losing (and will continue to lose) players over your inability (or simply your refusal) to fix these types of issues. What used to be charming quirks have turned into workflow blockades and unnecessary interruptions, causing the gameplay to become more work than enjoyment. Will you please fix our game?
  2. There are 39 pages of the problem, and still no official response from Wild Card? Things have gone from bad to worse. The most recent patch seems to have really had an adverse effect across all servers. Things were laggy. Now? They just do not work.
  3. My Center server was crashing every server save. Now, my SE server is crashing literally, every 5 minutes. Unstable is an understatement. The game is unplayable.And right now, it is not enjoyable.
  4. You linked it to using ladders? I thought I may have as well. But I build a lot, and place items using ladders often to "square them off." But I've been doing this for years and never had an issue until recently. Having moved from Legacy to Non-Legacy shortly after the release of Genesis, it is difficult to know whether it is ARK being ARK or if it has anything at all to do with the recent updates. Regardless, it does not seem to be an isolated incident. Please fix.
  5. Same here. Official servers, no mods. I desync 10+ times per day. Sometimes my tribemate can strike me and put me back where I'm supposed to be. Other times I have to log out and back in. It is almost unplayable the way it is. I will be standing in front of a tame, unable to access its inventory and my tribemate will see me 20 foundations away. Please fix.
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