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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Troodon breeding

    They have very low food value. All dinos do this, but it is detremental to troodon because of their low base stat. Use raw fish or cooked meat to get them to around 100 food and they should be good to go from there. I bred a lot of troodon, and this has always worked for me.
  2. Tames randomly going crazy? [v273.2]

    Am wondering if there is another thread aboutt his. I had the same thing happen to me last night, directly after the update. Two of my wyverns went crazy. I found one clear on the opposite end of The Island. The other is still MIA.
  3. Dimetrodon Eggs

    I have 10 females, and 5 males. They are all on the ceiling of, or inside my nursery on the ground. They produce eggs... however, I have noticed 2 things: 1) I have to crouch and look under them to manually check for a "Pick Up" prompt for an egg, and 2) they only seem to lay eggs when rendering them back in to view. So I have gotten into the habit of checking for eggs every time I log on, or return to my base after an outing. 95% of the time, I have at least 1 egg, and have found as many as 6. They never seem to lay eggs while rendered in... at least not for me. I hope this helps.
  4. I can confirm this. I run the rivers by green obelisk to harvest fish meat for raising dinos and feeding the fish-eaters. Spinos spawn all the time afterwards... but mostly low level. Keep at it, you'll get them to spawn at a reasonable level eventually.
  5. The Worst Bug Ever

    Having them on passive will not fix his issue. They will automatically be set to "Attack My Target" when a tribe member uses a whistle attack command. Use your group commands: number keys on your NUM PAD change the group number. Set dinos you want to attack in the water to, for instance, 9. Change those dinos you want to attack in the water to group 9. Press 9 to access that group, and only they will respond to your commands. Don't forget to change back to default group when you're finished (Group 1). Hope this helps.
  6. In the past week, I have watched 5 fertilized (troodon) eggs fall through the world. I arch them upward in hopes that it will give the game time to register that they have been released from inventory. Five times I have watched them disappear. I am on The Island at approcimately 81.2 X 67.7 Is there some sort of Barmuda Triangle thing happening here? Does this happen everywhere? Only near the southern shore? I now have to wait 22+ hours to mate my troodon again.
  7. I have been taming and raising troodon for months. Troodon taming is botched as they will not attack even the player if in a pen (3X3 to accomodate a dino gate). Troodon food is botched as it increases after taming and raising, but there appears to be no rhyme or reason. Please, someone from WC give a definiitve answer. When a troodon is tamed or hatched, its food value is X. Until recently, after a time, a tamed or raised troodon's food value has doubled. Now, the food value is increasing by only 15-20%. Trodon food values have clutcuated like this since I have started taming and raising them. This is the only dino that acts this way. My previously raised troodon (with food values of 540 or more) are now sitting at 1200+ food after imprinting. Now, the troodon bred from the same parents are increasing to only approximately 640 food. WildCard, please address the troodon food issue. Or at least lend some insight to the formula used.
  8. Troodon Taming

    After taming 10+ troodon, here is what I have observerd: Troodon do not act aggressively while in a pen (9 out of 10 times this has been the case - bug or feature) Put troodon in pen, hatch baby(ies) put them on nuetral. Pike them down to 40 health or below (not 40%) - note: standard 100% damage pike yields 40 points damage per hit to a wyvern When all babies are on neutral and ready (low health), open the gate troodon pen and let it wander out. Be close to babies as troodon attacks ??? profit
  9. I play on PS4 and on PC. I have my dimetrodons on land on my PC, playing official servers, and they only lay eggs when rendering them in. They do not *have* to be in water. It is just easier to see them because the eggs float up. However, they don't seem to lay eggs at all on the PS4 playing non-dedicated/single-player.
  10. Playing in single player mode: With the new PS4 update last night (8/8/2017), incubation, gestation, and maturation, are going at about 10X the normal rate, with all settings on 1. The interval between cuddles has been reduced to approximately 1/10 the normal time, with all settings at 1. Any idea of an eta for a fix? On a positive note, at least the settings are saving now!
  11. I need some help

    If you play on a hosted server (official or unofficial), you will lose all your settings and all the notes you found will be sealed again. But all your player and dino data is stored on ARK's servers (or private servers if you're playing unofficial). So your player, structures, and dinos will still be there. However, if you are playing single player, you will lose all your save data, yes. If you are playing single player, you can just transfer the ARK folder to another drive and your data *should* be saved, provided ARK does not save data anywhere other than the ARK folder.
  12. Upon creating folders in a dino's inventory, the folders do not show up until either updating inventory (adding something), or exiting and reentering dino inventory. Can we please get a fix?! Thank you!
  13. I raise a lot of troodon. Until they reach around 100 food value, I give them cooked and raw fish meat. It has a lower food value than raw meat, so the babies eat more often. I have never lost a troodon after they reach 100 food. They feed from the trough and are self-sufficient. You also still need to watch them and occassionally force-feed them until they reach around 60 food. They have lower food value than a jerboa. Troodon are probably the highest maintenance baby to raise in ARK. Good luck!