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  1. Did you see all the megalosaurus in the bottom pic? This isn't an issue of preventing spawns, it's an issue with the spawn algorithm.
  2. Errour

    Troodon Taming

    After taming 10+ troodon, here is what I have observerd: Troodon do not act aggressively while in a pen (9 out of 10 times this has been the case - bug or feature) Put troodon in pen, hatch baby(ies) put them on nuetral. Pike them down to 40 health or below (not 40%) - note: standard 100% damage pike yields 40 points damage per hit to a wyvern When all babies are on neutral and ready (low health), open the gate troodon pen and let it wander out. Be close to babies as troodon attacks ??? profit
  3. I play on PS4 and on PC. I have my dimetrodons on land on my PC, playing official servers, and they only lay eggs when rendering them in. They do not *have* to be in water. It is just easier to see them because the eggs float up. However, they don't seem to lay eggs at all on the PS4 playing non-dedicated/single-player.
  4. Playing in single player mode: With the new PS4 update last night (8/8/2017), incubation, gestation, and maturation, are going at about 10X the normal rate, with all settings on 1. The interval between cuddles has been reduced to approximately 1/10 the normal time, with all settings at 1. Any idea of an eta for a fix? On a positive note, at least the settings are saving now!