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  1. Can you post your command lines please - but remove any passwords. It might help people to help you.
  2. DuoMog

    Lay off the ark devs!!!

    No you're not. I think the Devs are doing some fantastic stuff.
  3. Island -> SE -> Ab -> Ext :- Scorched Earth can be a Whitelisted map for people who reach level 115 on the Island. The Aberration WhiteList could be a bit tricky - you'd have to decide on some kind of "evidence" like an artefact or something that people have to give you to be allowed on the Aberration WhiteList. Rockwell on Ab allows another 15 levels on the player - so level 130 survivors can go onto Extinction's WhiteList. The Whitelists based on levels could be automated (I've done something similar to whitelist Ab and Ext on my server). I'm struggling to see how you can automate the progression from SE though.
  4. DuoMog

    Cluster only shows 1 server

    Thanks for the feedback bente. I'm glad you've got it fixed.
  5. I'd love to get some downloadable 3d models to print 🙂
  6. I hope there will be more official maps with new content and new places to explore. I wouldn't buy an "Ark 2" if WC chose to do produce that mainly because I'm still enjoying Ark Survival Evolved. I feel that supporting ASE's continued development is more likely to result in getting bugs fixed and getting more of the game optimised. I also think it would be commercial suicide for WC not to bring S+ into vanilla Ark. It's such a big quality of life improvement that lots of people want. Nobody will ever trust or support WC with any future development if they go back on their promise to incorporate S+.
  7. DuoMog

    Base destroyed by update 286,103

    Submit a bug report - I'm not convinced that WC read these forums.
  8. Thanks Spikey, I'll give it a try when I'm home from work.
  9. Like Sphere, I found that my server ran worse when I used the Affinity flag. I've also found that the Extinction map is using more resources than the others.
  10. DuoMog

    Best Map/Place to get crystal

    Look at the resource map... https://ark.gamepedia.com/Resource_Map_(Ragnarok) You can turn all resources off with the upper-most tick box, then turn on Crystal to declutter the map.
  11. Hi Spikey. Is there an option to send RCON chat into a Discord channel without sending it to other servers. Also, to NOT send Discord chat to any map. I'm just thinking that it would be a great way to monitor chat on the servers without cluttering the in-game chat. Many Thanks.
  12. There's nothing else going on with my server. Open the firewall appropriately, Forward the ports and put the above (previous post) into the server command lines. If you have five working, then it should be a simple extension of what you're already doing. Unless: You have other programs or game servers running on your server that are also using the port numbers you've specified for Ark. My gut feeling is that your port forwarding isn't correctly setup. Have you double checked in case of typos? Maybe post a screen shot in case there's something strange going on. Do the startup logs give any error messages? Does your router need a reboot? Does your server need a reboot? Have you changed any settings on your network card or tried any "optimisations" that could have limited the number of connections or ports that Windows can handle?
  13. DuoMog

    2 player pc multiplayer same room.

    You can stop the server or turn the PC off when you're not playing Ark. I do this with a testing server, but my unofficial server stays on 24/7. If there's only two of you going to use the server then you might be ok to play on the PC that runs the server. Try it for a while to see what the performance is like. I would strongly recommend you create a whitelist so that you can control who is allowed to join.
  14. It will all need to render in to reset the timers.