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  1. guppy

    Hello + Question

    if you are asking about the gpu i am using a gtx 750ti oc it works fine.
  2. guppy

    Best way of Quetz Metal Farming (End of 2017)

    think human bag works and it shows no weight on it but best choice would be to make platform and ramps to mount a anky near to ground and let you tribe mate shash those metal
  3. guppy

    New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    pterosaur would be a great addition to ark dont you think.something that can lift a rex.
  4. guppy

    Paracer Build

    i like the paracer with a anky mount and a forge and a smithy on it.
  5. yea and have a therizino called fluffywuffy love them too
  6. i like giga becouse its soo fluffy and cute
  7. guppy

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    yea your right this can be a game end for wild card if this is not answered you are right this can be a issue for the future of this game too
  8. guppy

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    well i did not read all the comments but dont you think more servers would be the answer for this.
  9. i wish i wish i wish i can have that
  10. well is there more servers gona be released on rag soon we can do with atleast 2 oc rag maps
  11. well i also think we have enough wyverns and that rockhopping dragon is coming with new map.
  12. well my first choice would be Aurochs cows reason - well we have sheep but cows are better animals as farm pets to the game usefulness - they can harvest thatch out of berry bush and trees. collect berry.drag a cart like modern day cow does. living environment - the grass lands and jungles would be good for them. cow milk - could work as mutton to tame a think about it. the aurochs lived around 2 mil yrs ago so it fits the dino category they would have the ability for weight and stamina they can be given some speed too.ability to pull a cart would be very nice.a passive tame maybe feeding them thatch .it would be fun. this is a picture from the wiki..........