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  1. Bumping so others can see what's going on consoleside. Not like it matters, it's only gotten worse since I first made that post
  2. This is currently an issue that threatens the ps4 community. Mega tribes and solo players with the capacity to ddoss servers for months at a time have been running amok on ps4(if you don't believe me, go check server 100 OC PS4 that server has been ddossed nonstop over the course of 3 months with no end in current sight), with little to no response from WC. The only issue that really was addressed was when duping was rampant, and even then it wasn't until the introduction of "new" servers. WC is at risk of losing a lot more money than they think by not taking steps to address the issue, because people will be less inclined to buy an expansion if certain game breaking issues aren't addressed, such as ddossing(which is really the big problem on ps4). The community as a whole now plays in the form of botnet nukes, with mega tribes dossing each other across DOZENS of servers at a time in a policy of revanchism, with all parties involved gloating about it on 3rd party platforms (but never ingame). WC, Do something about the state of your servers on ps4, or at least upgrade them so new players don't have to suffer the same experience. You have a sale going on for ps4 as of the writing of this post, but given the state of official servers you have an obligation to give them their money's worth. This post isn't intended with ill intent, moreso a plea to fix the current state of official servers so the ps4 community at large can enjoy the game with some semblance of normalcy .
  3. I keep trying to log into my main Aberration server, however every time I do it gives me a "Connection Timeout" error, with the screen constantly stuck in the loading screen with "PrimalGameData_bp" stuck loading. I've tried to reset my router, deleted and re-downloaded the application, downloaded my saved data from last night onto the ps4 to see if that was the issue, but the result is still the same. I've tried to join in on a tribemate from the Playstation party join option. I've tried to play on my alternate accounts, with still the same error. However, this is only applying to THAT server, I can join any other server just fine.  If I can get some response to this or how to fix it, that'd be appreciated. I already submitted a response form to it, since I assumed it was a server issue. However, it seems that some of my tribemates and other tribes on the server are able to log in just fine. EDIT:This is on PS4 Official servers, and not Prim+.
  4. Also, if you have the Aberration Expansion, Reapers are also a tremendously useful soaker. Their high damage resistance without charge debuff makes them a DAMN good soaker. Just be careful when you move around so you don't get shot off. If you have a buddy, use mate-boosted Stegos, and throw 100 veggies cakes in each with an 85+ armor saddle. No base can withstand that for long if you can offline it.
  5. Generally speaking if you want to solo offline raid or are trying to make a small hole in an enemy's defenses to sneak in you'll either want a stego, reaper or bronto to soak one side of a base/portion of a wall. That's assuming if you can't find any holes to exploit (most tribes after a certain point get lazy with their defenses, keep prodding for that weak spot like an exposed wire!) Golem is useful in the short term but not really for a long term base soak, you can still get shot off pretty easily from it. Mixed results from using one, stego and boxed paracer is all around safer. For longer engagements or straight up base sieging you want multiple brontos with boxed platforms to defend the rider, and paracers as a sort of "boarding ship". Essentially, you stick out 3-4 foundations from one side and walk up to the wall of an enemy base, and place C4 onto the wall through a window/frame or door at the end of the foundation line. Granted, it'll be difficult with server lag, and defenders sallying out to eat your tanks before you get close enough to do this but if your tribe is aggressive enough it works. Once again, Brontos are still good for brute-forcing your way into a base, just chuck them onto a wall to soak all their bullets, but a paracer/stego is equally viable for small teams going on griefs or meatruns into a lightly defended storage base. The key is timing. You have to plan EVERYTHING out beforehand. Tribe up your members several days in advance, space out the join times so it doesn't seem like you're up to anything. The alpha won't think twice about it unless you've been blabbing your mouth on community discords/forums to the point where they recognize your name. Afterwards, grab a flyer, scout around (preferably at night, use NVGs to scout out the base). if there is an alpha on the server, chances are the caves on that server are used more or less as storage, so those might be worthwhile to check out first if you're griefing, actual bases if you've got a competent group/big raid planned. Another note is that caves are slightly more easier to soak, since you're less likely to get noticed while doing so in comparison to being out in the open at a large base. I CANNOT stress enough the timing. You're on a race against the clock when you and your delinquent tribemates join that server. You want to be able to break into the base BEFORE the tribe in question notices you there (if you're going for a grief), because the moment they hear their turrets getting soaked they might be inclined to check it out. Raiding this is less so an issue, since it's basically who can wear down who the quickest (assuming no foul play is involved, which is highly likely to occur). TL;DR:Golems/Stegos for small team soaking, Paracer/Bronto for large scale soaking. Most importantly, PLAN AHEAD!
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