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  1. Meshing is back I dont know what u do, alot tribes getting meshed the mostly is map centar and abb, i have screenshoots. This screenshoot is from yesterday. Offical small tribes abberation 5
  2. boost


    MEKS Put away meks blueprints from game. Only u craft primitive meks, because still so much high level duped meks in game. Alot People rushing with meks towers and they dont care bcs they have still 100 of them.
  3. 116 255 I put 100 reports nothing was solved. We cant play Ready Day and half because 255 ping.
  4. Keep this flyers disable(not rideable) better experience.. If u have problem with farming farm with karkino what spawn in lunar cave. ?
  5. boost


    Genesis Put some pvp mission like deathmatch, team deathmatch i think that will be fun.
  6. Fix structure damage and Update hexegon store In snow full and ocean biome is cave damage with 1grenade u can destroy all stone bases. Hexagon store put like on Pc. Because 1 Cementing paste costing to much but on Pc u get 100 for same prize, element on ps4 10k PC 2k.
  7. 255 116 small tribes ps4 All time 255 ping on 116 server small tribes, laggy
  8. boost

    Dmg structures

    Dmg structures Fix dmg structures 1 grenade destroy 7 stone walls
  9. boost

    Cant fly

    Cant fly Flyers dont working are is that bug or?
  10. boost

    Build zones

    Build zones What is with build zones? They are crap it is okay u cant build in spawn zones but almost full snow u cant put any structures.
  11. Offical servers When offical servers comming for Genesis?
  12. Hope so completly New cluster with Genesis, bcs 1 month is nothing against mega tribes when they starting comming.
  13. Maybe again new no tame servers all maps but with offline protection bcs of x plants are weak and turret limit. I enjoj in legacy server on no tame, but now if u can release with offline protection that will be nice. Timer 30,00 mins. Tnx. And maybe some mod only with primitive stuff not bps.
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