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  1. Good question. On Ragnarok it says “Tyrannogon” when you stand near one of the skeletons (although it could be the location rather than the skeleton), but then again Ragnarok isn’t canon. They were probably just experiments that the Arks destroyed. Maybe when Aberration was damaged the “spawning” mechanisms that create the creatures were affected, causing a few giant theropods to be released, until they eventually died (probably killed by the radiation). It is wierd that the skeletons are never once mentioned in the lore.
  2. Not sure about the inventory management, as I don’t use custom folders. As for your second question, yes. There are only a handful of official mods, but they are playable on console. There are 2 mod maps (the Center and Ragnarok) and 1 gamemode (Primitive +). The maps are part of the official server network; if you play singleplayer they’re unlocked after you ascend from one of the canon maps. As for Prim+, at the bottom right corner of the main menu screen are some options under “total conversion”. Just select “Primitive+“ to play it.
  3. 1. A few weeks, though I was getting info from the wiki and youtube. 2. It depends on whether you care about the story or not. Ragnarok is noncanon, as it doesn’t have any lore attached to it. If you want to follow the story, I’d start on the Island. Ragnarok is a great map though. 3. I love them all; Scorched Earth and the Center are the most beautiful imo, but they don’t have as much unique content as Aberration and Extinction. Also, if you like roleplay/immersion I recommend Primitive +
  4. I gotta recommend Aaron Longstaff, he’s got some amazing build videos.
  5. Basically a player with all/most stat upgrades gone towards crafting skill.
  6. Are you subscribed to xbox live gold? I’m pretty sure you gotta have it to play ark online. Edit: nvm apparently you don’t need xbox live for windows, my bad.
  7. You gotta click “join server” from the main menu.
  8. There are countless building tutorials on youtube. If you’re looking for tips on building a pvp base, search for that specifically, if you’re on pve/singleplayer than any build vid that looks nice you can use. Also you don’t have to copy the videos directly, you can use certain features from the vids in your own builds (for example, pillars in the corners of a build looks nice imo). Also, you can always go on singleplayer, put on creative mode, and test out the building mechanics.
  9. Snails already take less damage at the shell. Bats already have a chance of infecting with “Megarabies” when they bite. Why don’t you want dung beetles breedable? I understand why not the others, but why dung beetles?
  10. In the recent livestream by Wildcard, during the QnA segment, the devs flat out said there will be no ascencion added to Scorched Earth. I’m disappointed to say the least. Recently I’ve been attempting to beat the game, i.e. play all the canon maps and ascend off each one. Well I can’t really do that now. The devs’ reasoning was: “Scorched Earth is a finished project, and you can get the lore from the explorer notes anyway.” First of all, the dlc is barely worth the $20 at this point, considering you can get the same creatures (except for Phoenix), engrams and biomes on Ragnarok. As for the second point, I get that not every feature of the lore has to be in the base game, but ascension? Now, if people wanna follow Helena and the others through the story, they simply can’t. Plus, adding a final boss to Scorched Earth would push the max player level (including ascension-gained levels obviously) up to 150, instead of the current 135, which just makes much more sense. A cutscene would probably be just like the Island ascension cutscene, only traveling from Scorched to Aberration instead. I’m sure Gareth Coker wouldn’t mind making one last theme, even if not they can use the song by YouTube.com/NerdOut! Rant over. I think ascension would revive Scorched Earth a little bit, as players could get extra levels, and people trying to play the story would actually be able to do so. Hopefully the devs change their minds in the future. What does everyone else think of this news?
  11. I don’t think there’s an option for that, at least not on console. I didn’t know that, thanks.
  12. Either set “Difficulty” to 1.0 or check the “Max Difficulty” box.
  13. Max number of level-ups for any tame, regardless of whether it was bred or not, is 73.
  14. Are you planning on following the lore? In that case, this is the order in which you play the maps: The Island > Scorched Earth > Aberration > Extinction Here’s the order of the bosses: The Island: Spider > Megapithecus > Dragon > Overseer (after the overseer you’ll ascend to Scorched Earth) Scorched Earth: Manticore > unreleased tek boss (the map doesn’t have ascension or a final boss yet, presumably there will be in the future — as well as a cutscene that’ll take you to Aberration) Aberration: Rockwell Extinction: Forest Titan, Ice Titan, Desert Titan, King Titan The Center and Ragnarok are non-canon, but if you don’t care about the lore you can obviously play them. I’m not sure where they’d go in this order, probably in between The Island and Scorched Earth.
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