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  1. Regardless of your opinion on this game, I’d be shocked if you told me you didn’t love the music. It’s honestly one of my favorite things about the Ark: it’s epic, memorable, and diverse. I’m curious to hear what all your favorite themes are. This can be any theme from the base game or any of the dlcs —including the free ones, i.e. the Center and Ragnarok. It can be a boss theme, biome combat theme, trailer music, ascension theme, credits theme, even the lyrics tracks created by NerdOut (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMvETSFFkMOADyrGBj3gbWA/) (the sotf one and the credits song). Additionally, if there’s a short stinger (e.g. the time-of-day music, level-up music, etc), you can say that as well. Personally, my favorite theme is the music that plays when you’re fighting the final boss of Extinction (so epic!); I also love the Aberration menu theme (kinda creepy, totally suits the map), Scorched Earth menu theme (also fits the theme of the map), and the Ragnarok theme (I love how it starts out slow and escalates gradually). As far as stingers go, the time-of-day and the spawn-in themes on the Center are incredibly beautiful.
  2. I really hope they continue to develop the current game rather than make a new one. Like @AngrySaltire said, I hope they work on fixing the bugs/glitches/exploits, and adding some more content. For example, what happened to Primal Survival? Ascension from Scorched Earth? Boss wars? Kibble system overhaul? Implementing stuff from the Structures + mod? Adding to the Center and Ragnarok? Not to mention more creature tlc passes and all the other stuff the devs have promised over the years (just look at the “Upcoming Features” page on the Ark wiki). All this is easily a year or two’s worth of content, and that’s not counting possible dlcs (new maps and/or total conversions); whether they’re paid, free, and/or created by modders. An Ark sequel, with improved mechanics, graphics, etc, could be cool, but I feel like this game should be developed to its full potential before abandoning it and starting a new one.
  3. Royalstar

    ARK Modding Contest Winners & New Sponsored Mods!

    Congratulations, winners! I haven’t played these mods, but they look awesome, and I hope to play them on official servers sometime in the future. Same goes for the sponsored mods.
  4. Royalstar

    Life finds a way...

    I think you’re right, but aren’t “stygimoloch” and “dracorex” synonymous with pachycephalosaurus? I could be wrong, but I feel like I read that once. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t make sense to add a creature already in the game.
  5. Royalstar

    Life finds a way...

    Probably just a reference to the movie, but fingers crossed I’m wrong! Maybe a sneak peek at the next dlc? That pachy looks really cool regardless
  6. Royalstar

    Happy Birthday ARK: Year Three!

    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite games!
  7. Royalstar

    Ichthyornis AKA “The Trash Bird”

    Removing a creature from just one map isn’t the same as removing it from the game altogether. That’s something they’ve never done.
  8. Royalstar

    Ichthyornis AKA “The Trash Bird”

    They’re frustrating at first, but easy enough to spot and avoid. I just don’t take anything of value if I’m going down the beach, or I ride a fast mount. As for the early game, yes they’re pesky, but they’re easy to kill with a bola/bow and good aim.
  9. Royalstar

    The Center: Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is?

    I totally forgot that I’d posted on this thread lol. Anyway, I’ve since changed my mind regarding Aberration content on the Center: I think the underworld should be changed to look like the bioluminescent areas on Aberration, but maybe with less water? So it looks more like a glowing forest than a glowing marsh. I still think that there shouldn’t be too many Aberration creatures; some of the less sci-fi looking ones (shinehorn, lantern bird, glowtail lizard) would be right at home, if only in the underworld/bio area.
  10. Royalstar

    Extinction: Confirmed and Hypothese

    Well afaik the only info is the following: It’s set on Earth, and there will be Dodorexes outside of holiday events (according to 1 of the digests). As for what I’d like to see, more prehistoric animals could be great, but it depends on the map’s vibe. What I definitely want are mutant variations of Earth animals; since this is far in the future maybe some have evolved naturally, or because of element leaks/overseers. New building materials for structures would be awesome as well. What I’m looking forward to the most is more of the story. I can’t wait to explore the ruins (hopefully there’ll be some epic ones!); and find out the true nature of the arks and who built them.
  11. Royalstar

    Too much spikes!

    Here are some pics of an Ankylo, a turtle, and a Doed. These are a lot closer to the real things than Ark portrays them.
  12. Royalstar

    Too much spikes!

    While the dinosaurs did have spikes to some degree irl, they had nowhere near as many as they do in Ark.
  13. Royalstar

    Too much spikes!

    I agree that the spikes are (currently) unnecessary, both in terms of esthetics and functionality. Maybe they should make it so, like the Kentro, spiked creatures reflect a small percentage of melee damage dealt to them (including attacks from other dinos). The Ankylo dossier even says: “RECKLESS CARNIVORES ARE JUST AS LIKELY TO HURT THEMSELVES ON ANKYLOSAURUS’ SPIKES, AS THEY ARE TO GET HIT BY ITS TAIL.” Giving these spikes an actual purpose is less time-consuming than updating the models altogether. That said, they could look really cool and realistic without all the spikes.
  14. Royalstar

    How do I make 24-hour day/night cycle?

    Lol didn’t even think of using that page. Thank you very much @DarthaNyan!
  15. Hi! I‘m on ps4, and I’m trying to set up a singleplayer world (on the island) with a real time, 24-hour day/night cycle. What I want is a 12 hour day and a 12 hour night (both real time). I‘d like day-time to start at I know that 1 minute in-game is 2 seconds real time. I also know that the lower the value (on either the day time speed or the night time speed slider), the longer the day/night. Anyone with a better math brain than me know what value to put in both? Thanks in advance, and my apologies if the answer is already out there, I honestly couldn’t find anything that helped me. P.S. I wasn’t sure which forum to put this in, my apologies if it belongs somewhere else.