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  1. Where can I find beavers on ragnarok

    use the spawn map on the wiki: it indicates the location of the 3 lakes that are absolutely teeming with beavers (around 25,35 ish). If you get into a beaver dam there you will have a neat stampede of beavers on your tail.
  2. How can I download ANSEL screenshots?

    When I look in the ARK NVIDIA Ansel Photography i can see the highest resolution as 1600x900, which is lower than my standard resolution. Is there another gallery you referred to? @Jen, since you uploaded these images: Are the high resolution images available at all?
  3. Does anyone know where I can download the high resolution screenshot submissions from the community crunch? For months the titles of the images do not contain a link anymore and the images that are included are quite low resolution. I'd love to get a few as wallpapers.
  4. @Jen, could you please either fix the link to the full resolution images or remove this line from your community crunch posts: " You’ll want to click on the image title to be able to download the maximum size image, we’ve resized them for display purposes " it's getting a bit old; it hasn't worked for a loooong time now.
  5. It has been impossible to download high resolution versions of the winning images of the superresolution competitions for several months despite the sentence: " You’ll want to click on the image title to be able to download the maximum size image, we’ve resized them for display purposes " Could you please start including links to the high res images again; 1600x900 for the winning superres image seems fairly underwhelming. thanks.
  6. @cad, since the linked scan shows specific virus it indicates that part of the compiled code looks exactly like such a virus. You could just shift parts of the code around (the order of functions and such) to see if it makes a difference. It shouldn't but it might be worth a shot.
  7. @Jat: For several months the link to full resolution images has not been available in these posts. Perhaps you should remove the line :" You’ll want to click on the image title to be able to download the maximum size image, we’ve resized them for display purposes" Ideally I would love to see those links reinstated; I like seeing actual superres images.
  8. Yes, this is intended. Ragnarok is designed only to be available to experienced players (ascended beta level), Center for gamma ascension iirc. In general: if a dino is threatening something you care about (other than yourself), lead it away; drop all your stuff and run away from your base and get it to follow you (lobbing a few stones may get its attention). It may kill you but you will respawn at base and the dino will be gone, trying to kill a rex as beginning player without good dinos is foolhardy. You will die a lot in this game until you have some quite powerful dinos and even then you will die occasionally due to silly mistakes. Once you reach that point the game because a bit less entertaining imho; the major-butt-puckering-early-game-time is the best... in hindsight.
  9. lost item description box

    above the left inventory panel are a few icons, the rightmost icon toggles the descriptions on and off. Try that.
  10. New dinos on Ragnarok?

    Since the Phoenix was presented as a thank you to SE buyers I would not hold my breath about seeing it in Ragnarok anytime soon. I'm sure you can get a mod for it soon though.
  11. @cad: Here's the Yutyrannus. The tail color (green bit) isn't very good but it's a start. The consequences of automatic image processing YutyrannusSmall.pdn
  12. The PDN for Thylaco is too large to post here. I'll see if I can share it some other way (I'm happy to email it somewhere). @Antitheft2, the PDN is just a way for me to put together the images from the wiki for the different color regions, in the end it is flattened into a PNG file as @cad mentioned It's not too difficult to create these files with the right tools but it's a bit tricky to merge the different color zones without having to do it manually. The Thyla file isn't done particularly well but it's functional.
  13. @cad and @Antitheft2, find attached the images for Thylacyleo and Thorny Dragon. I'll upload Yutyrannus when I've fixed it. I'm happy to share the file so you can adjust he colour layers yourself but it doesn't fit on this forum. ThornyDragonColorizedSmall.pdn
  14. Single Player Manticore, no timer - change or bug?

    Thanks; I thought so too, but recently read some comments about all flyers having been removed from the Manticore arena. Stunned creatures coming back alive was new to me too.
  15. Yesterday (20th Aug 2017) I went in to confront the Alpha Manticore to see how hard it really was in Single Player. I brought 7 low level Wyverns, a Yutyrannus and a Daedon fully expecting not to come back. I was surprised to observe that: There was no timer during the boss fight. It ended in me running out of ammo and rockets and just giving up (100k health left on the beast) My dinos got knocked out regularly but only 1 of them was actually killed by the Manticore. The others by death worms when KO on the ground All Dinos woke up several times to have another go When I cheated 'KILL' 4 of my dinos made it back with me; 3 of them were still knocked out and took a few minutes to wake up! I was sitting on the Daedon most of the time and the Manticore could not, or would not hit me (good old piggy!) Primitive equipment: 1 rocket 600HP off, 1 sniper bullet 100HP, 1 assault rifle 20HP So my questions: Is the lack of a timer intentional for Single Player now? This means that with enough ammo the boss becomes very feasible (a LOT of ammo) Unconscious dinos used to get killed, is this a change for SP, or is this for MP as well? I read that Wyverns couldn't go into the Manticore arena any more; is that a difference between SP and MP? I had fun with this and under these conditions I think I could stand a chance to actually beat the beast with a better set of dinos, the timer was always my main concern when going at it solo.