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  1. 1008 on ps4 pve was also hit the other day. They lost everything despite having defenses. Taking the wind up of offline damage away might would help a little as it seems like they count on that span of time between log off and offline damage actually kicking in to drop corrupted into bases to start dealing damage which racks up quickly especially if they've gotten more than one corrupted giga at your door or in your yard.
  2. There's 3 vaults of fishing rods at our base just itching for a purpose.
  3. Everyone has pretty much figured out the dlc is going to be delayed..why not go ahead and announce it will be delayed? Sure there will be people still complaining but at least it won't be complaints about the radio silence we are currently receiving on a PAID dlc. If it were a free map like Rag or Val, personally I wouldn't care about the silence. But when you pay for something the purchaser should at least be kept in the loop about delays in receiving what they paid for. I understand WC is not some huge team of people, and having played nearly every day since it hit ps4 I have come to expect the delays not only on updates but dlc as well. But not keeping people in the loop, delays and all, for something they paid for is how you lose business and stifle growth of a new customer base. That said, not gonna lie, excited for the Vday event and the prospect of new chibis..hoping griffins are one of the new chibis. If fishing is involved this may be the first time since preLegacy I've had reason to break out and actually use a fishing pole.
  4. Have whole collection pve. Valguero 1067 PS4 if 1st claimant cant be confirmed. Also congrats to first claimant, the work has been real..real fun but real.
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