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  1. I watched a nooblets vid and what he did to get a 100 % eff tame is feed it moshchops dont matter the lvl until it gets to 100% then you feed it bloodpacks
  2. VileEmber

    X creatures

    X creatures So in my opinion x creatures are just not worth the time it takes to tame them. Yea they are powerful to a point but there is a big difference between tamed and wild creatures. Ex- if you have a tamed meglodon vs a wild meglodon both same lvl 9 out of 10 the wild one will kill the tame one its just not worth the wait and time to find a max lvl one. Might as well just tame a tex rex lol but really they need to be reworked
  3. VileEmber


    Might be a diffrent time than xbox plus I it lags so bad because im going so fast but o well I guess
  4. VileEmber


    Races Manta ray race on alpha is just impossible what really stops you from winning is the last ramp and how far you travel to the finish line in the air im always a second short
  5. Well it finally worked dont know why or how but got back on
  6. Can't transfer to Gen from Island Been trying for 30 mins now can't transfer to Gen from Island and i literally just came from Gen with the character keeps saying can't transfer items but I dont have any in my inventory
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