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  1. What is the best way to find the lunar "this little light of mine" mission? Yes I realize track it, but it's always over 1000 away and that gets tricky when you are jumping asteroids. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Hey i just figured out you have to hold triangle and it does a little timer thing for a couple seconds. Then the "Claim vein" goes away not sure if it can still be harvested other players, but at least it does that. I was just tapping triangle, which wasn't doing anything, the claim message stayed, did ya'll hold triangle?
  3. Anyone else having problems claiming element veins on extinction. I get the Triangle but it doesn't do anything. Someone flew up and started harvesting my vein I worked hard to protect :(. Please fix
  4. The damage is from the cannon ball exploding, I don't see how a better trap presents splash damage. P
  5. What difference does the trap make? The trap is not giving damage.
  6. The warning idea is no longer an idea. It doesn't matter what level they top out at, they just need to cap instead of die!
  7. Rock Element taking splash damage after KO Is there a way to avoid the golem taking splash damage on the rock elementals knockout shot from the cannon?
  8. Cap dino level at 450 instead of ghosting them Cap Dino levels at 450, Instead of destroying them just make them unable to level further. What was the point of taking them away at 450 anyway? Torture? There are a million ways for them to die along the way. We take hours hand feeding them, patiently giving them all their imprints. They are by our side helping out all the way up to 449 then one lag causes us to hit the wrong button and poof it's gone. Your showing off your fave Dino to you little bro and he thinks "Hey I'll help out and add these points" Poof your crying on the
  9. Official, PVE Will the damage boost of the yuti effect the collection of element from a vain when using a mantis?
  10. How does cloning a Dino on someone else's cloner work? How does cloning a Dino on someone else's cloner work? If I put my Dino on someone else's cloner to clone for them does it finish as mine and I have to unclaim it? Or does it finish as their's because it's their cloner? Official, PVE
  11. Fix the mute character in global chat Please fix the mute character in global chat. It would be greatly welcomed by many. So many trolls just spewing spam. It would be nice to not hear them.
  12. Part of the lag problem Imagine everyone on the server loading the wild layer (before they built their base,) erasing it and placing their base, everytime they fast travel, log on or teleport. So much wasted CPU attention, memory!
  13. Has anyone confirmed that they moved the nests with completion of the Ragnarock map? If so what are the new cords?
  14. 1. admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Scorpion/Scorpion_Character_BP.Scorpion_Character_BP'" 500 0 0 1502. admincheat gmsummon Scorpion_Character_BP_C 150 First code will spawn a wild Scorpion at level 150Second code will spawn a tamed Scorpion at level 150 Is there a shorter way to spawn a wild dino at a particular level rather spelling it all out?
  15. I put an outpost at the Devourer Artifact on Ragnarok. 72 pillars to the bottom of the sea. The support pillars around it aren't supporting. So I'm going to make another one but this time put the pillar in the middle of a stone foundation with surrounded by other connected foundation. Hopefully that will give me the support needed to expand the top 72 floors up.
  16. Does it go into a fridge? or nothing at all? I was just about to make some.
  17. I'm on the PS4 single player and I'm having the same problem is there a list on PS4 commands? I'm on single player PS4 I've found the list of correct commands ForceTame duh it works
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