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  1. We used piled Fence foundations to make a wall along with a pillar.
  2. Greenhouses

    W.T.F. The Dung beetles don't eat dung on their own? You have to feed it to them???? Tamed animals don't graze on their own either!!! That's ridiculous!!!! I'm truly surprised dinos don't die from constipation and were required manually make them poop to prevent it.
  3. We've already figured that part out. it's actually a friends so i can't build on it, but he does it when he's around.
  4. because they will swamp the carno. in that area there are at least 40. I've already seen them kill a wild carno
  5. Greenhouses

    This is going to sound weird but does dino poop roll down hills?
  6. Greenhouses

    I haven't messed with the plots, are they inventory run? I'm hoping to build it over a manure farm and build the plots on top of stone trap door frames so I can access them from underneath. Is that possible? Alot less running around if I can get the fertilizer created directly underneath them and just pop them up into it.
  7. Greenhouses

    Thanks for the great replys. I'm on Ragnarok and I'm using the second Plato from across the broken castle bridge. It stands completely by itself. So I've built a bridge to it. It's all flat land. (do you have to give Steam 5$ to post on their site)
  8. Greenhouses

    Do you have to keep greenhouses at the usual 2x2 large plots seen on the YouTube videos to get the 300% bonus? Since there are 12 different seeds, can we make a 300% green house big enough for all of them?
  9. I was hoping this has already been done. It's hard to believe that out of the million people playing that I'm the first one to think about this. There's alot of things that's could affect it.
  10. Please give us a suicide button! There's nothing more repulsive, disgusting, maddening, horrible than going along doing your thing falling into a crevasse and surviving but being stuck for hours not being able to get unstuck. It's frustrating and annoying to have to leave the game running unable to play it the rest of the actual day or even days (real time) while you are waiting to starve to death.
  11. I was thinking about putting a sleeping bag at the four corners of where I want to build and record the distances from standing at each according to each other. how can I figure the amount of squares between each by using the distance to the bed? (The idea is not implemented in this picture)
  12. Interesting. I'm going to drop a bunch of dinos into a small doorway box and see if the carno can get his head in there. Yes I'll kite them in.
  13. This trap is to catch all the beavers, not one. So they will have to be aggro ed over and over till they are all in. Trap just one and try to tame it there and you would be gangbang attacked by the others
  14. The Trap is made from stone doorways and the beavers can't fit