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  1. new maps /servers are mostly the same . they settle down after a couple months lol. ironic how you see in game politics and tribalism play out as if real life and thus understand why the real world has gone to poo . everyone spamming for land . arguments over such and building on spawns or kiting , killing tames . stealing wild tames . then just straight up chat wars over whos best etc... and the biggest problem is the language barriers and misunderstood messages , in the end . people start to network , alliance , everyone knows who the trolls are and then everything settles . another day in the life of ark . how so many countries , languages can come together or not is why ark is fun
  2. i would love to buy an egg lol . yet so many stats flying around and not many people confirming platform . pc. console. ps4 , xbox . legacy , official . im on ps4 legacy and keen to know too pls
  3. dermi then kill . or starve . painfull as it is . their not worthy of time . milk . your not going to use them all . if your on officials . then raise some maybe , great to give away to newbies who would really appreciate the gift . spread the love
  4. lol . which ever method people deploy , the alpha dragon island is by far the most formidable and if you fail to prepare you defo get kfc . we did alpha with stag method and just dps with shotguns and rex to munch ptera and dimorph. wave 4 with 4 players and dragon defeated everytime with no casualties . weve not noticed any changes having done it multiple times and across different servers . only thing we noticed on a side note was when doing alpha tek overseer . level 100 players can only activate door and teleporter button to overseer but any level lower can enter and eventually ascend . yet alpha dragon only level 100 players will teleport to arena so we had a few riderless rexs lol when we invited another tribe to join us.
  5. did alpha sunday evening . you cant use cryo . outside doors it says too close . we uncryod on ramp down to lava . lined everything up ready to go in .
  6. well if its that time for QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS . I would assume fixes would come under this . tek bridges broken still for 2nd time on officials at least . the centre map redwood biome is still metallic and looks poo since extinction lol . cryo fridges bug which few know about but as a game changer is defo a game breaker . we lost 250 dino to this but still play . geez , how loyal we are lol. now is the time to just fix your damn game . allas were just too used to it being broken and just getting on with it . totally understand why you don't invest in time which is money to fix what you believe isn't worthy but for god sakes if something worked fine once and looked good once but a simple non qc tested update or patch broke something and you got told about it . then why havnt you just at least fixed that yet lol
  7. im a pve legacy day one player and tbh, the games been out long enough to have had more than your monies worth and a total legacy wipe is our cue to leave game . they call the wipes migrations because at first at least it was assumed tribes would just up and move to new officials and start over which many did . allas now , tribes are dug in and entrenched in legacy with like you , old or even new players are joining. someone in global chat asked the other day . what is a legacy server ? lol . so now instead of moving to new , any wipes will just have tribes exit game altogether . wc still make money from legacy players hence why every one I see has a hlne pet. again . all I will say is although im legacy I agree with wipes but it should be extended to officials new too as they also have low to zero pop servers. ive suggested wc just list 4 of each map and have everyone a time limit to move thus all of legacy can be left the hell alone instead of wipes hanging over them . its the threat of wipes that is killing the game, people just want clarity. and what was confirmed with the 2nd season pass and wc investment in the game for 2 more years was by letting legacy purchase said season pass gave us impression as they always have that if legacy servers are used and are populated then your safe . for now lol .
  8. invisible broodmother -ps4 pve legacy server 940. broodmother is invisible or beneath mesh . either way , she kills you . in tribe log yet you cant see her . I tried on single player and she was not to be seen or heard . not there , invisible , whatever
  9. glass is one day before metal now so greater than stone . going forward to help yourself , just go to options and on the right hand side tick the box . extended hud information . now when your in game , im on ps4 . hold touch pad and all placed structures will display their auto timers .
  10. valguero ps4 building mechanics pve officials. ive found a nice base location . castle ruins in redwood . ive used single player same settings to use creative so I can build a base . I aim to replicate it on officials . where I can place on single player , I cannot on officials . its not near to a drop or enemy foundations . why cant I place ? seems weird
  11. since extinction launched and broke the island server which took 4 weeks to patch and still until this day , redwood looks aesthetically really bad and broke. the floor is all metal looking lol. never patched and thus unless by fluke . I don't think a fix is coming as they've already admitted to not revisiting many broken items etc.. in game due to time and money . I will cross my fingers for you but im not holding my breath , definitely would be dead. I have realistic expectations for when things that never worked would never be fixed . but things that were working fine until a patch or dlc broke it and they never revisited a fix for when everyone is reporting it is kinda lame.
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