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  1. seems to me op is not happy he has no support from wc as he joined legacy not realising the implications . I can only comment on my experience of playing ark ps4 from day 1 early access and deciding to stay legacy for my own reasons , and experiencing new servers , friends and tribes that moved over and tbh both are the same . same bugs . same everything. except customer support . and we all know how good customer support is right? lol. whatever your support needs are , being on new servers is no guarantee of any support at all . we on legacy generally all get along and have learned to just get on with it when stuff happens .
  2. brownievec


    hope you don't have to wait long but don't be intimidated . enjoy what we all enjoy doing . playing ark . don't dis them in chat , try to ignore them . before legacy launched we had same issue and I looked up rules and clearly breaking them I just told the tribe trolling the facts and that I reported them . no antagonising or continually engaging with them , that's what they want. they deleted everything in a matter of days and I cancelled ticket . I will admit that since then as I hate pillar spammers , that I made sure that I put the occasional foundation with fence foundation on it inside my base and just outside access points to mitigate future issues , then my tribe mate would leave tribe before invite back to check if he could place anything inside base . it helped block wild spawns too so we were always safe. goodluck
  3. brownievec

    UNBAN H.O.D gaming

    ive played nearly everyday from early access launch on ps4 . im addicted. although my gut reaction to hod ban was in his favour , now ive had time to reflect . his ban is justified . he may have a salty taste in his mouth right now but he will be back in some other guise or with other content to keep his channel going. there are times I really hate wc yet im still playing. I have huge criticism over wc yet im still playing . its ironic how either those who are slating wc right now are non players or old players .free speech and all , but your point exactly? and then everyone else who agree or disagree but are still playing . tbh if wc could fix meshing 100% they would knowing its a huge community issue and potential game breaker that if meshing wasn't a thing, then ark could have been one the best titles out there . then we would moan about pillar spam , the list goes on . he broke rules . two wrongs don't make a right. anyone playing ark now even if they agree with hod will still be playing tomorrow and hod will be old news.
  4. brownievec


    sorry op but you need be more specific . at this point I assume your pve? legacy ? no support . so nothing can be done .new officials ? then as Vaculity says .just report them. its breaking rules and should get dealt with, but customer server isn't what it used to be lol . goodluck
  5. brownievec

    Getting insided

    insiding is legit tactic. you invite . you deal with aftermath . simples . ive been insided for 89 dino and demolished structures in process before cryos were added making it even easier , not cool and heart breaking but it took a while to accept , but lesson learned and im stronger now . look . its just a game , and I play everyday , never invite strangers or even trusted people lol . it can work , I play with a dutch friend I met on ark , we merged and im so happy I did . we let a person who played on our sever for a long time join us and after a long time , he robbed us . now . no one is getting in . and we don't alliance . why ? because another tactic is you alliance with a tribe you may trust and they have someone create another tribe , alliance with each other and then declare war on each other and then come raid your base on pve . playing by rules and assuming everyone else does and wc will always have your back is stupid . to original op . sorry but you just have to learn and move on . nothing will be done.
  6. brownievec

    Boss Fights on official PvE

    so . not a solution , but limit the risk is all you can do at this point . ideally use a drop . but if you use a drop or ob , do not use global chat .use tribe chat. if your on console also use a group chat to communicate . and other than checking area for survivors which honestly isn't worth it . when you are all ready to go , set up dino then go immediately . when we boss fight . we use combo of obs and drops , depends what server were on . rag , we have rexs in build by ob . we organize fight , use psn group chat . when everyones on server , we use tribe chat . when we are ready to do fight the ob is empty we don't set up in advance. it takes just 5 min to get dinos into position and then we summon immediately . we have witnessed other tribes suffer . lol. they were using global chat and rexs were all set up ready 15 min or hours in advance on the ob. we have never had any unwanted guests in our boss fights
  7. brownievec

    i got robbed and lost around 400 dino's

    I feel bad for you .im pve . I was insided for 89 dino and at that time felt like just giving up . its soul destroying . yet as addicted to the game as I am . I took evening off and gathered my thoughts and came back stronger . we all learn valuable lessons in life and only being a game , you have a chance to learn , re group , and just not make this mistake again . I now don't let anyone into my tribe . the game is full of trolls but it is also full of great people who just want to ark .
  8. brownievec

    ps4 no flex pipe or cable why?

    well if you have a bug I don't have , im ps4 and I have them , ive used them . the only issue which seems weird is why wc put all the new homestead items if your in folder view listed not in structures or together with pipes . just in its own folder which is strange . but I unlocked and found them easily enough . and I understood how they worked . all they do is join one circuit to another , be it water or elec . when two separate systems are not at right angles to one another and or are close enough but non of the standard pipes or cables will reach or connect as they are not from the same intake or starting point , this flex just allows for the two to connect . taps don't connect . in a base where I have multiple builds not at right angles to one another ive been able through extending cables to each build and then flex snap to join eliminate all my individual generators all to just one powering all my builds . easy life .
  9. brownievec

    Character is stuck and can't Transfer out

    I had same issue sunday . you should not have joined last session played . so as long as your not on server you travelled to and didn't make new and overwrite you are fine as your body is on server you travelled to . from what you've explained in first instance . you transfer to another server and immediately get a time out ? correct? . this is what happened to me . mainly due to the last patch causing lag, , frame rate issues and will be fixed shortly . what you should have done is continue to try to join server you travelled to . eventually you will spawn . yet if like me after 20 attempts lol . you cannot load in due to instant time outs on loading , then you have following choices . wait for update then all should be fine . your body is there , all loaded in . just cant spawn due to lag , frame rates . or like me . either get a tribe member to kill you or drag your body far enough away from base to allow you to load in or respawn at another bed . I am lucky as I have another character account in tribe so I switched . dragged body out of base and when I loaded in . I was killed by a carno lol and still then timed out again but I just joined again and spawned at another bed .all good now. so you need to just load in to server you travelled to and try above .
  10. I had same issue . instead of pressing server you want to go to and join . just choose option to go to previous server played . if like me you are able to transfer . all good . the only issue you may have like me also is you are transferred to a map you were never on lol. just spawn , make your way to a drop or ob and transfer again to where you want to go . no issues since , hope this helps
  11. cant seem to find a relatable topic so my question is . the new endgrams are locked to only island bosses . yet all endgrams other than , can be obtained on any map with relevant boss . rag and centre . im hearing that this was an oversight and will be fixed . is this true please . I did do all island bosses back in the day then my server was wiped and since moved to centre and rag . just seems a little weird how unlocking new endgrams has been implemented .
  12. brownievec

    Mantis kibble won’t tame golem after update

    the kibble rework however long overdue has been a catastrophe in the making lol . finally realising this much needed rework was needed and beta testing it . I had faith wc would come through , but my faith in them yet again to deliver has fallen short . BETA TESTED KIBBLE REWORK . and we all got an update that proves wc incompetence . we were told old kibble was viable until it was all used . you just couldn't make old kibble . im not breeding or taming right now until this is fixed , but geez wc . you messed up
  13. brownievec

    Character is stuck and can't Transfer out

    im official pve and had this issue , may or may not work for you but here it is. whenever I transferred out I chose server and clicked join. one time this would not work for me and I couldn't leave . multiple attempts etc....so instead I just clicked join last session played . I was taken to a server ive never been before on a map I don't play anymore lol . but knowing the map I just spawned and made my way to the nearest ob and transferred off . transferring was fixed after that. weird though.
  14. brownievec

    Tek Dedicated Storage Engram Unlock

    you would think so but no . as others have said in post . rag boss doesn't unlock. only island bosses. dumb idea
  15. brownievec

    Tek Dedicated Storage Engram Unlock

    im fine with redoing bosses . yh not ideal but fair enough wc. but why the hell put the unlocks behind island bosses when im not on the island anymore . im on centre and rag . why? because your community developed better mod maps than your boring island . I spent 1.5 yrs on island and unlocked appropriate endgrams . then moved . seriously . why the hell cant the centre / rag bosses perform the same task. hell . you deleted my drake tek saddle so I gotta do that boss again even though my implant says alpha Rockwell . get your head back in the game and out of your bottoms lol . I seriously thought that with the main crew moving over to fail atlas that this team was stepping up and I had hope for a better future , shame really