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  1. brownievec

    cryopod bug ps4 official legacy

    completed drop with giga and had cryo in first ui slot with wyvern in it . so wanted to drop wyvern and cryo giga to fly away. had this happen before but when I threw wyvern down there was a lag spike and although it was there on the ground . I still had cryo with wyvern in it but clearly wyvern was out. so you would at first think dupe, but like before the way to get out of this predicament because the cryo cannot be used as it still has wyvern in it but its actually out lol . so like before I drop cryo from inventory and pick it back up and this clears cryo for me to pick up giga . not ideal but this works. this time it went to my inventory . not the ui slot . I could not place it in that slot even though it was there. so I equipped with r2 and it was in my hand but not in ui slot. cryod giga and it dissapeared . giga cyod but vanished , cryo was empty . I logged off there and then and respawned . nothing . empty cryo in hand and no giga. I accessed inventory . nothing and when I came out . cryo was gone from my hand , so now no giga and no cryo. by this time im not happy so flew to base to rage off lol. I logged off but this time closed app and restarted ark and loaded back in . laugh. giga was in cryo and first ui slot . what is going on lol. cryos are a game changer , please fix before it becomes a game breaker .
  2. brownievec

    PVE griefing issue?

    i assume your official not legacy as you refer to support. as its extinction . if your not orp he could just kite a corrupt giga or wyvern to destroy pillars or your build , and visa versa although now with open servers . corrupted wont last long against bred giga . what im trying to say is , be prepared . tbh that's why pve players spam pillars to prevent exactly this and sorry to say . you didn't do a very good job . I hate spam but for this alone to protect lag . build limits . arguments . I have to. our base is protected also as I said with orp defences on pve lol . so if anyone kites , they cant break through . time in once a week with 2nd account . just let things settle. don't converse in global or pm and just try to ignore them . a language barrier can always result in hostility also when people misinterpret intension . they clearly have a big build and maybe they are trolling but if they can place a structure , who are you to tell them or prevent them otherwise ? being first is no claim to anything . if they have broken t and c then fine like they placed in your base or blocked access. a gm will be able to determine this but otherwise make sure your protected and just be respectful.
  3. brownievec

    Cannot transfer out

    this happened to me only once in two years of playing ark but I found a work around. transferring via transmitter all day then suddenly I could not leave server , close ap , turn off , countless times and nothing . SO . as I was always using the join option . I tried , join last session and was able to leave server . problem I encountered though . I was transported to the island and a server I never played before lol . plus I was on character creation so I tried download character to see If my character was there and yes , I downloaded my character and spawned close to red ob and I made my way there and transferred via ob to my server and never had problem since . may not work for everyone but I tried and it worked out for me
  4. brownievec

    Paid for bionic skins missing !!

    surprised people are only reporting it now , as mine went and I reported it when ext released , its been weeks now but I also lost REX BIONIC too . still have giga though . psn store when I checked showed I needed to repurchase but having restored licences , they were purchased again . just don't delete and hard disk files trying to fix issue lol . I had all skins when one bug which caused you to not be able to load into ark came with a quick fix from wc themselves would you believe that deleted all your skins as a side effect and ever since I had to rework them back but cba lol why bother when its happening again .
  5. brownievec

    Tek saddles not working.

    same on legacy officials too lol . at least we still have them unlike the tek drake saddles that all got deleted incl the ones in chests . lost 8 saddles and all wc did was give us endgram back but unlearnt . so not only would we have to grind and remake , but we would have to do beta Rockwell just to be able to . alas not going to bother as now we have no faith as such a thing could happen again and us wasting our time just like the games getting . you've worked hard to get to the point where you can defeat a boss and your reward in the end was nothing. why wc is doomed to implode and slowly but painfully destroy its already broken game and further disenfranchise its player base I will never know
  6. rock drake saddle ; resurrect tek rockdrake saddle sad to see our tribe lost all tek saddles and endgram . 8 in total . and so with belated breath we assumed a fix and carried on . after all . surely we wouldn't have to do Rockwell again to learn endgram . make element or do bosses for element and grind for mats again . right? lol . DILO . I go to aberration to learn as endgram is at least back . but . derrrrrr. what the hell was the point . an absolute waste of my time , who is playing aberration right now when ext just released . we have to do Rockwell again etc.etc.etc. lol . and do we really trust in doing so anyway and remaking them as they could be erased again in the future . tek rockdrake saddle just got deleted . why in the world bring it back. on officials the grind is real. time is not finite and this just puts another nail in the ark coffin . AND................... I paid for dino skins from psn store when they were released and since the launch of the game breaking dlc aberration I don't have paid for content . store wanted me to purchase again so I restored licences and so this fixed the fact they are now purchased . yet I do not have them nor the bionic rex which I had too when I die or transfer servers .
  7. brownievec

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    so you want my money for a new title which clearly you were working on pre extinction and so now I know why the six month delay , 1 week console delay , and lack of testing to get a broken dlc out ( after all , you had already took our season pass money so we can wait . right?) and still havnt fixed yet . hell the centre still has metallic forest floor and blue ob has NEVER worked . yet despite all the broken problems , promises and lies with ark which is now at its all time worst. you expect us to join you on another early access beta game ????? lol HELL NO .
  8. no . until servers are opened for download you cant. like aberration . give it 2 to 3 months then servers will be activated for download which is currently not available right now . so no server to sever download or same server downloads just transfer in naked and uploads
  9. brownievec

    So we think Sunken Forest is empty?

    wc . just fix the damn spawns . oh yh forgot . Nintendo release . my bad . lol
  10. brownievec

    extinction Map progress doesn't save

    you aint getting a fix anytime soon sorry . a year now and the centre map now incl extinction are both resetting everytime . just one of many bugs you just learn to live with . island , rag , ab , scorched maps all fine for me . except those two lol . my other tribe mate of nearly two years now on ps4 officials pve , has same problem but for all his maps and he still discovers explorer notes all the time as they reset too . yet another tribe member has no issues at all and his maps are fine .
  11. brownievec

    What's up at WC?

    damn lol . soooo funny when Nintendo users get ark in its current form . Bethesda might allegedly be getting sued for not giving refunds for a broken release title lol . well Bethesda has nothing on this game . get ready for refund requests day 1 for 99% of sales for this garbage. explain to us again and try to justify how you intend to sell the game to another platform with game in current state? and who the hell actually is allowing certification passes on any platform for this game ?
  12. brownievec

    aberration Tek Rock Drake Saddle

    ps4 official pve legacy . rock drake saddle tek gram gone . we defeated alpha Rockwell and had 8 tek saddles on two severs , aberration and the centre and ragnarok . all gone . lost all paid bio skins and they are gone from my inventory upon death or transfer . sooooooooooooo . good luck us getting that stuff back . no support lol . and the grind to farm and replace , don't tell me I have to do boss again to learn endgram ?let alone removing paid items from game . clearly its one of many bugs and will be fixed , but for now and when its finally fixed , gone from the game for good is the stuff we already had and crafted. f u wild card . your an absolute noob in game development and execution . right now . if I had the power . you wouldn't be allowed any where near a fury plush dino let alone a keyboard
  13. bionic skins on tamed dinos disappeared when extinction dropped . only on ragnarok and the centre . don't know island . scorched is ok also back to extinction we are getting corrupted wyverns flying down into sunken forest on pve and just trashing everything buy now since update we are getting lvl 282 and 300 wyverns . DILO.....shouldn't the biomes , forest and city be void of corrupted , only in wastelands ? and map resets on extinction and the centre servers . plus all the formentioned bugs esp our centre server broke. damn it sucks to play right now
  14. brownievec

    best way to kill Deathworms?

    on official . giga everytime . but ive used wyvern , rex no problem . I now use therizino to level for boss fights one at a time .now have 13 theris which I used for alpha bosses on centre map and won .
  15. brownievec

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    in most not all cases , legacy want their cake and eat it , server wipes causing panic and merging a pipe dream . whilst the worst player to comment on this is an ex legacy player who jumped ship for greener land to find it was as bad if not worst .but either way doesn't want any legacy player to have any benefit from their loss and that's fair enough . ive heard the stories from friends who do both lol . im legacy and just stayed as I didn't want to put in all the work again and with only one of my servers being wiped , I just moved to highest pop and all is good . I know the pitfalls . we all had a choice to make and live with .leave as is . let new do their thing and legacy do theirs. all is good , chill. by time legacy has nearly died so too would be the game anyways . no support lol . who gets support most of the time anyway , it certainly wasn't the deal breaker and playing from beginning for two years nearly as addictive as ark is . I need an excuse to do something different so if legacy goes , so do I , it was always my thought process when I decided to stay .