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  1. brownievec

    Blocking path way on aberration

    official ? legacy? pve ? pvp ?
  2. brownievec

    Scorched Earth Ending?

    well we all know the wyvern tek saddle is in the game files so wouldn't it be great for us to have to revisit the map to give it some new life . but hey , even after extinction . until which we wont get anything except more easy rehashed bio skinned tek dinos and event colours . not that im complaining but once extinction releases , trust me , it too will be buggy and glitchy as hell lol . hopefully they revisit SE , but I think not . all previously released maps are all still buggy or broke and they don't revisit them properly to patch them . its all hands on deck to get extinction out and then very little after that I reckon.
  3. its been like this since last year . im on official on every map and sorry to say it peeps but if you havnt noticed , the game is buggy or broke in many places , and as this is a bug clearly not to be fixed any time soon , if at all , we all just have to deal with it . sorry .
  4. brownievec

    lost sarco

    neutral or aggressive , either way your sarco was out to lunch and went out of render and as the open water of the centre is so large , it could have gone anywhere , you have the only option but to look around in the area where you lost it . you may yet still find it . ask players if their are any on your server to keep a look out and hope you find it .
  5. brownievec


    yes , you need endgram
  6. ps4 official legacy pve . problem is back again . cannot transfer . tribe mate has same issue. obs or transmitter .
  7. brownievec

    Server cap, main reason, fix it

    whilst healthy to debate server caps I just seem to think that we are all missing the point . this will never get fixed . so we deal with it as it is or just move on. the fix for this from wc perspective was not being able to claim timing out tamed dinos . just like pillar spamming the 2nd most complained about topic having a reduced auto decay and then nothing else . they tried to revisit that and had a revolt from fans so put it aside. the resilience and creativity good or bad from the player base has and always will find another way around any fix .the current engine the game is built on from the ground up just will mean that nothing will ever get fixed or resolved in this matter. the game is so far gone and near its shelf life end that we all have to play the game as is. maybe mut dinos is what mainly just caused the explosion . the problem is . the game is far from perfect. broken in many places . and yet we passionately still play . the beast that is ark is just as unpredictable to tame as its dinos lol . I think we are going to have to wait for ark 2 and that game is going to be so far removed from this version to resolve all the current problems that it is only then , we are going to get a better game . right now sorry but ark is what it is . play as is or leave
  8. brownievec

    PVE and big tribes

    ask to join a tribe , or find a small place and start small . over time bases auto decay and tribes go . some cool building spots may become available and you need to pillar to claim so you can build and expand hence why no matter what . you will become part of the problem too . and the new guy who just joined will be complaining about you lol . play single player or dedicated . ark is what it is.
  9. brownievec

    Arks used as storage

    I assume its a pve issue with tame capped servers . like with breeding events and the fact the whole premise is to tame and breed . introduce muts over 100s of different breeds and server transfer then as someone who left for a year and for those who continued to play . tame capped servers lol . doesn't surprise me at all . in fact im surprised you can even build maybe as everywhere is pillar spammed . rag was server capped 4 weeks into launch and over time tribes have left , player deletions have caused tribes to auto decay and although occasionally the cap is met . it does come down too . patience is all you have . but if it helps . on the server I play on we only managed to transfer our 250 dinos over from another server we use for taming and breeding which took weeks . but now over time due to our patience we have 4 accounts and 900 dinos and plan to start a 5th account , just bred 14 gigas with last breeding event and now on abe breeding 30 drake with july breeding event . I play every day and have done since beta . I love ark . I love dinos . I love to tame . I love to breed . roll on extinction so I can bring more new dinos to the server . may need 6th account by then lol .
  10. brownievec

    Stuck om "searching for sessions"

    same problem but got on by choosing play last session
  11. brownievec

    when is s+ comeing to ps4

    looking forward to s+ , but all im bothered about is being able to take back placed items so they can be replaced elsewhere or at least where the snap point says it should go lol. this will save all that grinding you have to do to have a green place snap point place somewhere else? having to demolish it and getting only half resource back . for me that is the only thing that really sucks about their building mechanics, but hitching post , farmer , egg collector etc.. maybe spoil the core game on officials at least
  12. brownievec

    When are pillars getting fixed?

    what we have is all we have and all we ever had , it is what it is , wc said they are done and happy with the building mechanics . whilst as frustrating as it is . just deal with it. s+ should be integrated into core game in future but on console we wont get all of it and with everybody working on extinction , after june , is possible time line at best unless its part of their working on core game post tlc pass 2 we havnt had yet. just don't hold your breath as they say one thing and do another ..hopefully we get it but then maybe not.
  13. brownievec

    Drakes stuck

    supposedly fixed on last patch . lol. I never have had issue . loads of other people on server ps4 official pve have. my tribe mate has been stuck 10+ times and never lost his drake after he got stuck under map . why ? DO NOT DISMOUNT. if you do you cannot ride and only have access to inventory . even aggressive or neutral will not free them . whistle follow or onto another tame will not help either. we tried everything and whilst it sucks . by remaining on ride you can get yourself unstuck . may take a while or not , but for some reason , everyones instinct is to jump off .DONT.
  14. brownievec

    Dimetrodons won't lay eggs

    worst case just do what we do . male and female and breed them for egg . over time youll be surprised how many eggs you get .
  15. brownievec

    Re-worked Kibble System?

    whilst we await the inevitable delay on extinction it would seem that everybody will be working on that and not the kibble rework as a result of there oversight to not include the ability to kibble tame an abe dino with relevant dino as you cannot transfer anything in . or can you ? seems pc and the revision to be able to transfer in now and the inevitable roll out to console that this is the quick fix rework they talk about . its something at least . to be able to transfer kibble in if your lucky to have off server kibble . yet like lagnarok where you still cant transfer some kibble or eggs off server still. but lol , how many people did this oversight slip between the need to release the already delayed abe and a kibble rework lol . lessons learned ? lets see if extinction gets a proper QA before their release late and patch it after , if at all , policy