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  1. I noticed that any complaints are immediately locked and referred to posting in the bug reports. Well that section is a complete mess and needs to be cleaned up so it’s easier to search.
  2. I hear the same flying close to hills or mountains
  3. Water wells are worthless as you can’t connect to them
  4. Alpha Tek cave last night server crash/reset twice with us in there. Both times we spawn back in the tek cave but no enemies no timer but stuck in the cave till someone comes to start it which kills all tames all players. Wildcard needs some kind of fail safe to protect players hard work rather than the typical response that is “ we got arked “
  5. Cryopods we’re introduced in extinction so that’s when they’ll arrive if they stick to they’re word. Until then it’ll be like it was in the beginning when we first started playing beta on ASE. As for PVP think of it as a blessing takes longer for uploading and downloading of dinosaurs when cross server raiding as for PVE management of large amounts of dinosaurs is something you’re going to have to plan around especially when it comes to breeding and without offline raid protection keeping you dinosaurs on neutral or inside a walled area will help. As for the big breeders on PVE you never cryoed up your stuff anyway.
  6. How can you put this on Sony? You know the requirements for a game on their platform this isn’t your first time dealing with them so don’t try passing this off as their issue. If it’s a mod issue try using Bethesda techniques as fallout 4 and skyrym both have mods available. Try being truthful with your community and upfront with the details and quit trying to BS us with vague statements. You say you have to negotiate with Sony? As a person who works contracting this should have been done months ago.
  7. As I stated on discord, many are stating this is a Sony problem… perhaps it is because WC has been sooo up front and honest with their customers so far! You decide
  8. I would assume and that’s all this is an assumption that that a game provider needs to contact the respective platforms they operate on and notify them that they’re ending certain aspects of their game. Sony, Microsoft, or whoever can’t possibly track every game on their platform. As for the Mod who’s in full defense mode for wildcard, your correct it doesn’t state that they’ll provide online service to just that can be played online but for someone that’s played from the beginning that’s exactly how they presented the game. But as I said it say that, it also doesn’t say if you want to play online that it will have to be on an unofficial server or you go rent your own. Playing online means that there are online services available either through payment or free provided by the publisher of the game. I don’t know of another game I’ve played that states it can be played online but go get your own access.
  9. Not an option in a month is the point I’m making thank you.
  10. Para: easy tame early mount trike: decent weight- gather berries to tame bronto Doedicurus: stone gathering made easy Pteranodon: first flyer Dodo: early kibble
  11. Don’t buy this game for ps4 at this juncture just wasting your money. Servers go down in less than a month. Game is fun and I’ve played a lot of hours on but live servers is the only way to play.
  12. Why are you still selling this game as an online multiplayer game in the PlayStation store if you’re shutting down servers in less than a month? You’re fleecing people who don’t know! Add a disclaimer letting them know at least…. the very least. We understand this has been an ongoing business model for you and business is business but this is a new low.
  13. At this point after 5 or 6 years everyone understands you’ll never fix this problem but at least acknowledge that it is a problem. You hide behind several layers of insulation Twitter, official forums, trouble tickets. But it’s gotten to the point now you won’t even reply to any of these. This post alone has over 150 posts attached with no official response from anyone saying they understand. You don’t comprehend that it’s more than buying a subpar functioning game it’s the time players have invested in this and let me tell a lot of players have sunk serious hours into playing. I’m asking that you quit turning a blind eye to the problem and acknowledge what players lose when they lose tames, gear, or characters while transferring to another server. I submitted a trouble ticket over a week ago with no response, I’ve posted on Twitter with no response, posted on your official forum with no response. Your deploying ark 2 soon... maybe don’t forget ark 1 we the player base made that possible.
  14. Can't release updates on time, can't release Ragnarok dlc on time, can't meet the delayed patches and releases on time, when you do release patch it's broken and untested we know this cause we couldn't do one basic thing.... login. And now you delay your own official release?? What is wrong with you people are so inept at your job or is it more simple grab as much money as you can before people find out your going to release this broken piece of poop. By the way several things you've broke with your patches. Ragnarok for console is now going to be more complete for release you must think we're all smoking crack to believe that you can fix anything. I truly hope when the reviews start coming out you get roasted and have a chance to sell another game on the market!!
  15. PS4 patch still coming out this evening??
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