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  1. Cave Creatures TLC (Insects & More) The cave creatures of ARK are some of the coolest creatures in the game, and they have been in the game dating back to the earliest island days. So why haven't they received some much needed TLC yet? I'm talking about of course, the Pulmonoscorpius, Araneo and Onyc, I'm excluding the Arthropluera as they are fairly useful already in my opinion. Perhaps they will receive a TLC and maybe it's already in the works, but if not then here are my suggestions. As someone who lived in a cave for 2 years back on legacy, and still tames cave creatures to
  2. PvP cave meta, I think you should start with the dinos that actually spawn in caves, bats are useless but awesome, maybe let them wear chestpieces or allow us to hang onto their feet and fly us around like Legolas in the Hobbit, secondly, spiders should be able to crawl up walls and ceilings like the rockdrake and thylaco, giving us a way to navigate caves better and snipe from ceilings. I love all the cave insects and dinos, just wish some of them had more uses.
  3. From the album: Cave Fishing

    Deep in the depths of the caves, where water trickles through the ceiling cracks and the ripples shimmer in the small pool, one man and his monkey fish for the deadliest of game.
  4. ShaneOfThrones

    Cave Fishing

    By a small pool of a water, deep underground, as water trickles through the ceiling cracks, one man and his monkey fish for the deadliest of game.
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    I am most excited for this dossier, I'm a sucker for cave dino's such as the Araneo, Onyc's and Pulmono's and would love to add this bug like dino to my collection.
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    How do I make a tamed spider spit venom, left trigger is the web attack and right trigger is the regular attack.
  7. I just disconnected whilst fast travelling on Xbox and now I'm in pitch blackness but I can see names of things and move around.

  8. After a couple of days playing ARK, I have had some irritating, some funny and some weird encounters whilst playing a public experience. Thought I would share some below.


    First I met someone who helped me get on my feet and ended up betraying him and stealing everything muahaha, only to lose it all myself. 

    I then built a nice house with my friend and 2 people were waiting outside with spears for us to exit so we stayed indoors, we eventually went offline and I couldn't trust myself so went on the game to find I had been killed.

    Today I built another nice house myself and gathered many many resources, I was doing really well but stupidly decided to cross the sea to a supply beacon which I was too low level to access, and on my swim back I was mauled to death by two Megaladon Sharks and my house was eradicated, this really annoyed me.

    After that I found somebody called Lee and punched his door, he came out and killed me with a spear, I then ran back and killed him, and then he killed me. I then spent an hour constantly respawning, making a spear and rushing his house to kill him, after several attempts I got him and he never returned, I think he rage quit.


    Now I am unable to access the game so I hope this is fixed soon so I can find a luxurious place to build my master house and begin my rise to fame.

  9. Will be buying ARK either today or Friday, had a go at the trial version and it was incredible, great work to the developers.

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