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  1. Baryonyx kibble still not working

    Yea was using fert eggs. Non fert works fine thanks. Would be nice when fert eggs also works, was working before on other maps tho.
  2. Baryonyx kibble still not working

    Can't cook baryonyx kibble still. Was that not fixed in the last patch? Tried industrial cooker and cooking pot it will not cook the egg. Playing on windows 10 version official cross play. Anybody with the same problem? Can't imprint my reaper...
  3. Do wild dinos need food to survive?

    Don't know if this is still a thing but when I played on the island (legacy official) I found wild bloody achatinas. After I knocked they out I saw that there food was on zero. So achatinas was starving in the wild since they only eat cakes.
  4. Official Server Rock Drake Solo Raising

    That seems alright. Server lags also gives some time so you will be okay. Also raised a few Drake's solo with leaving 8 hours a day will be okay. Well planned.
  5. Dinos harder, stronger and faster

    Agree with that, when you have a high lvl rex/spino/giga then you have basicly no enemys left, wild dinos are a joke except for a wild giga or Titan. Wild dinos should affect the game alot more also in end game stage.
  6. For me it looks like when your going offline the babys have a problem to switch to the feeding trough when they reach juvenile, just tested it out again but this times with dodos because its pretty fast, 2 dodos at 11% maturation and 1 dodo at 9.5% maturation, the juvenile dodos was already eating from the troughs no problem at all, filled up the baby with berries and logged out of the game for 1 hour, the dodo starved with 9.5% maturation, was logging in after 1 hour, the juveniles what i leaved was totaly fine so yea, you cant leave babys what are close to juvenile because they dont switch to the trough. Maybe not really the best example because dodos have really low weight and there is a possibility maybe he starved because there was not enough berries, but still think its a problem with switching to the feeding trough and that sucks really. Sorry for my bad english but i hope you guys understand the point
  7. Im breeding atm 4 rexs, i leaved they when they was at 10.1% maturation progress, only 1 was at 9.8% maturation progress, completly filled up with meat and in range of feeding troughs, the rex what was at 9.8% maturation progress starved after 8 hours when i logged in, the other rexs what was juvenile when i leaved they are totaly fine, please fix this, there is no way this rex can starve at 9.8% maturation progress completly filled up with meat and 5 tek feeding troughs in range....
  8. Just the Fact they nerfed the Speed AND the Stamina is making flyers nearly useless....hopefully they tweak that soon, just impossible to go somewhere now fast.....
  9. I love the new content really but that flyer nerf was really to hard, change it back to 50% or something like that, but nerfing the stamina AND the speed is just insane....
  10. Introducing the Ovis Aries, coming in ARK v254!

    Ovis is so usefull, when you got a load of them then you dont need to go farm pelt again, so nice love it.
  11. Introducing the Equus!

    Cant wait for that, looks so amazing on the Picture. Finally a Horse in Ark.
  12. What's your fps?

    60fps+ out of the base, sometimes also 100+, high settings, in my base i got like 30-40fps, depends how much dinos inside, GTX 980ti
  13. Would really love to see some Rhizodon in the game, really like that Creature.
  14. The new dino of pain - The Theriz

    Titan is not completly useless for PvE, they give alot of XP when you kill it, atleast.
  15. Please Help. Wyvern Transfer Missing

    That was probably just bad luck and the wyvern is gone, feel sorry for you bro ;( happend also to me 1 time