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  1. kryddsTeR

    Most Underrated Dino

    I would like to know your explanation why you think pelagornis is underrated and how you use it.
  2. kryddsTeR

    Easter Wyverns?

    Can't never know to 100% to which wyvern the egg belongs. But when there is for example a 190 poison flying around and there is a 190 poison egg close then it's probably pretty sure from that wyvern and wilø have that color/stats. You could basically knock that wyvern out and see the stats, the baby is gonna have the same stats 1:1 when the egg is from that wyvern.
  3. kryddsTeR

    Easter Wyverns?

    Yes you can. Same with rock Drake's.
  4. kryddsTeR

    Baryonyx kibble still not working

    Yea was using fert eggs. Non fert works fine thanks. Would be nice when fert eggs also works, was working before on other maps tho.
  5. kryddsTeR

    Baryonyx kibble still not working

    Can't cook baryonyx kibble still. Was that not fixed in the last patch? Tried industrial cooker and cooking pot it will not cook the egg. Playing on windows 10 version official cross play. Anybody with the same problem? Can't imprint my reaper...
  6. kryddsTeR

    Do wild dinos need food to survive?

    Don't know if this is still a thing but when I played on the island (legacy official) I found wild bloody achatinas. After I knocked they out I saw that there food was on zero. So achatinas was starving in the wild since they only eat cakes.
  7. kryddsTeR

    Official Server Rock Drake Solo Raising

    That seems alright. Server lags also gives some time so you will be okay. Also raised a few Drake's solo with leaving 8 hours a day will be okay. Well planned.
  8. I love the new content really but that flyer nerf was really to hard, change it back to 50% or something like that, but nerfing the stamina AND the speed is just insane....
  9. kryddsTeR

    Introducing the Ovis Aries, coming in ARK v254!

    Ovis is so usefull, when you got a load of them then you dont need to go farm pelt again, so nice love it.
  10. kryddsTeR

    Introducing the Equus!

    Cant wait for that, looks so amazing on the Picture. Finally a Horse in Ark.
  11. Would really love to see some Rhizodon in the game, really like that Creature.