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  1. Hi Everyone Anyone having any issues with multipliers on their dedicated servers? Everything was set to x5, and still states x5 in settings, however in game its x1, everything was fine before the update. Ive put a ticket in with Nitrado but not sure if its their responsibility? any advice? Thanks in advance
  2. Returning player Aberration

    always handy to tame yourself a bulbdog asap,will alert you of enemy players and max level tames, also provide you with light to keep the pesky nameless away, have fun on your journey
  3. Returning player Aberration

    You cant transfer items/dinos from another map into abberation, but can transfer anything tamed in abberation out and back in again.
  4. Am I going mad in Aberration

    Yea definitely a bug, been testing it weekend so can confirm, shame though I think me and few others wanted it to the crazy voices
  5. Am I going mad in Aberration

    mmmmmm true , I was by water though, and I can confirm I was the only one on the server at the time.
  6. Am I going mad in Aberration

    Kind of a shame but think Espresso is spot on, happened again last night the moment I ran through mushrooms:( I miss the voices haha
  7. Am I going mad in Aberration

    ill give that a go, is it possible to validate files on ps4 ? also I almost sure Ive heard it away from water but ill definitely keep my ears open to make sure, my tribe mates are also female characters.
  8. Am I going mad in Aberration

    No griefing here, im not the only one whos experienced it.
  9. Am I going mad in Aberration

    Ill keep on monitoring it, if I hear it in the day or any other areas I will let you know
  10. Am I going mad in Aberration

    mmmmmm strange, did you try turning SFX all the way down ?
  11. Am I going mad in Aberration

    it is weird, considering not everyone is hearing it. I think it is only night times it happens, its also weird how my tribe mates cant hear it, maybe us that can hear it just have weird ears haha
  12. Am I going mad in Aberration

    Yes I think so, is the surface uninhabitable during the day or night? it would be kinda smart if it was the night and people are shouting to be saved haha
  13. Am I going mad in Aberration

    Same but I find that one relaxing
  14. Am I going mad in Aberration

    Mushroom Forest Portal, but I have heard it other areas on my journeys, they seem more talkative tonight haha like more voices
  15. Am I going mad in Aberration

    Glad its not just me then I wonder if there is any conditions or just random, I hear it most nights