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  1. drfudgems left Positive feedback   

    Fair trade again. Looking forward to future trades :D

    Boklaiten was Trading

  2. GavinChester left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Very smooth transaction, he came to my server because I was busy raising babies and helping out on boss fights. I would definitely trade again.

    Boklaiten was The Seller

  3. drfudgems left Positive feedback   

    Friendly and trustworthy. Would definitely trade with again :D

    Boklaiten was The Seller

  4. yekrucifixion187 left Positive feedback   

    Great crew. Another team that understood my lack of SE and made the trip. Have yet to hatch egg but have melee guarantee or another egg. Lots of other stuff I need to but from them.

    Boklaiten was Trading

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