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  1. W1nt3rR0s3

    Basilisk Saddle issue

    I learned the Basilisk saddle, but it doesn't show up in the smithy so I can make it. This was on a server as well and I noticed it wasn't on singleplayer as well. Please fix this so I can ride my snake.
  2. W1nt3rR0s3

    graphic glitch

    Every time I try to open my Center map the game crashes. When I go back into it the graphics glitch and turn into lines. I can't read the menu and I have to close the game completely and restart my console to fix it. It only does it to my center map. If I restart my console it is fixed and I can load into the island, scorched earth and ragnarok just fine...
  3. W1nt3rR0s3

    Day One! Launch & More!

    Not sure if this was asked or answered already, but when will xbox one be getting otters and the new look for the ice wyvern. I was a little upset to update and find out I had no otters and the look for the ice wyvern was lightning.