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  1. W1nt3rR0s3

    Basilisk Saddle issue

    I learned the Basilisk saddle, but it doesn't show up in the smithy so I can make it. This was on a server as well and I noticed it wasn't on singleplayer as well. Please fix this so I can ride my snake.
  2. W1nt3rR0s3

    All island water issue

    On all the maps when another player moves away from the host to the water it will teleport them to the host even when they are within range. It is doing this on multi-player servers and getting annoying because other characters are dying and losing items. I have had my friends teleport to me when they were on a rex and it ended up stuck inside my small house. Please fix this issue so no one is teleporting randomly even when they are in range.
  3. W1nt3rR0s3

    graphic glitch

    Every time I try to open my Center map the game crashes. When I go back into it the graphics glitch and turn into lines. I can't read the menu and I have to close the game completely and restart my console to fix it. It only does it to my center map. If I restart my console it is fixed and I can load into the island, scorched earth and ragnarok just fine...
  4. W1nt3rR0s3

    Day One! Launch & More!

    Not sure if this was asked or answered already, but when will xbox one be getting otters and the new look for the ice wyvern. I was a little upset to update and find out I had no otters and the look for the ice wyvern was lightning.