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  1. This should be a no brainer. Cryopods help with lag and tame limits. cryopods and cryofridges should be an early game item and definitely should be made in fabricator
  2. So for noobs and lazy people this might be cool... but for someone who has been playing since day 1.... you gmfu! It didnt stay up all those hours to get new stats and mutations for it to be all taken away. The countless hours i put into base designs over all the different maps. You wipe official and most of the ark player base will be leaving the game. It would be suicide for wildcard, most players would expect that from future games from wildcard so wouldnt waste time.
  3. Legacy servers have had plenty of time to transfer to new official servers. We transferred day 1 of new official and demoed all our bases on all legacy servers. We knew from the beginning it was on borrowed time... everybody knows legacy servers will eventually disappear so stop wasting time and get rid of legacy. Its like beating a dead horse... And give pvp a couple of 1-2 man tribe servers so homeboy on twitter will quit crying in all your posts @Cedric
  4. Yeah no. Most people would quit at that point. Would be suicide for the game.
  5. The game is so old and stats and mutations have progressed so much that i think all unbreedables should now be breedable. It will add new lines for us breeders also so game wont be as stale.
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