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  1. SOLVED: PC users need only install and use the Xbox App to add Server gamertag to friend list, then "join game" through Server gamer tag. Duh. It seems so obvious now! Thank you for your help @CyberAngel67!!
  2. Okay, I think he was missing the Xbox App. I will tell him and test this out. Thank you so much!
  3. Thank you for your help! That's exactly what I thought, and I was able to invite him via Xbox through his gamertag, and that worked perfectly, but he could not find a way to join on his own via PC without being invited. How does it work on PC for joining a game via gamertag?
  4. Hi everyone! Thank you in advance for your advice! I host an Ark Server on my Xbox One. I know it may sound crazy, but I have PC friends who want to join our Dedicated Xbox ARK. I have searched for days looking for details on how this works, but I can only find information on Xbox players joining PC servers, not the other way around. I'm hoping this thread will help other players searching for help with this situation, too. I know that the PC Player would need to buy his ARK via the Xbox/Windows 10 Store, but what else is required and what are the next steps? Does the PC player join via the gamer Profile like other Xbox players? Is the PC interface designed differently to include joining a dedicated Xbox Server? Thank you for your help! Troy aka Vegan Gaymer
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