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  1. Dr Doom's Summer Bash Chibi List I made the chibi list for everyone. Hope everyone enjoys!
  2. but that is the issue . Its the officers that are putting people in groups. saying BlackLivesMatter is saying "hey we don't want to be grouped so you can murder" Hope you understand no one wants to fear dying for just breathing.
  3. The issue is that Black People are dying and being killed and mistreated and more by the police. No one Disputes that All Lives Matter but the main issue is Black Lives are being taken away and classified in a sub group instead of treated in the phrase "All Lives Matter". I still think Wildcard was not ready for Launch which I can refer to the 5 year track record of delays unfortunately.
  4. This happened to me in March with a Purple Rhino. I wrote a ticket with a video I saved when it happened, they replaced the Dino. Unfortunately they don't give you the color and take a long time for a simple replacement. Good Luck
  5. yes it is annoying. we demoed the floor. Now we cant put it back because of the invisible body
  6. I understand that. I tame a lot of them as well. You would still have to bring a parasaur around. I just think more functional things for Tek tier items would be great to have. I would Definitely use it more.
  7. Bring Back Christmas Present Boxes I would like to able to gift people Items or Resources on Real Life Birthdays. The Christmas Present was a great idea, but I was sad they were not permanent to save for an occasion of your choosing.
  8. Tek Helmet able to find the General Area of a Phoenix I think it would be really cool to implement more uses of the Tek Helmet. I would like activating the Night mode or Enemy mode on a Tek Helmet to be able to find a Phoenix's general area during a non Heat Event or a Lightning Event.Something like faint traces of bright fire or like dim light like a glow bug. I do Not want a Pin-pointing feature because the exact location would not be fun and Cheesy. Just a little help in finding them would be and awesome addition.
  9. Cryopods able to save Warpaint The main thing I like to do in Ark is paint Dinos at this moment. I would love to paint the Dino then be able to cryopod them and bring it over to a friend or in a Boss battle so each person knows what Dino to get on. I hope this can be implemented in. Thank you for your time.
  10. Official PVE Apocalypse Servers I was thinking we should have a Official PVE Apocalypse Server with some characteristics of PVP, like 3X xp and new PVE things such as Bonus Damage from Wild Dino’s on Structures. The possibility of this and more improved settings would be great and fun for people that like to build and make defenses and improve until the Meteor comes to wipe and start over bigger and better than ever. Without the pvp aspect it still would be a challenge and a great game mode. Chime in and give your feedback on this Idea.
  11. Enable Tek Helmets to not pinpoint but at least find the general area of a Phoenix on Scorch Earth during non Heat waves.
  12. I'm positive. The second you kill the Manticore, He Disappears so you can not jump off and hit it with the Dermis tool to get the Dermis from it. We still get the Element and Wall mount in the Dino that last hit it.
  13. The Body of the Manticore when you do Kill it, instantly disappears on Valguero so no way to get Dermis.
  14. Reckless9000

    Reckless Evil's warpaint

    Reckless9000 aka Reckless Evil . Some of my warpaints I created. Let me know if you like them
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