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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Primitive + Question

    I love prim plus but its missing alot of stuff, darts should be a thing, but like blowdarts made from bone or wood. That and a blunderbuss shotgun.
  2. Advanced Workbench crash

    I am having this problem too but only in the ammo section. I think it might be the tranq harpoons presence causing it since darts dont exist in prim plus
  3. So I just got to update yesterday and when I loaded up, all of the saves on my profile were gone, just deleted. On my friends profile in our splitscreen sessions, our stuff and dinos were still there, in fact we were still the same level, but we lost all of our stats! and were at max level so we cannot get them back up. any advice here?
  4. Ark Logic

    Leeds completely boned rafts
  5. Rex Roar Not Working

    Post patch: After patch:
  6. Xbox Ark splitsceeen is unplayable

    also whats with the pulling at 200m bs? seriously, when the leash quit working before last update my system ran fine, just didnt load the stuff when player 2 got too far from me, at least extend it to viewing distance.
  7. Xbox Ark splitsceeen is unplayable

    Yeah me and my sisters bf have been playing it and weve gotta scooch up reeeeeally close to the biggest tv in the house and he still has trouble 2 feet from the screen. what i wanna know is, how is it that just over a decade ago, before flatscreens and letterbox format, splitscreen worked so well on a square screen, but is nearly nonexistent or unusable in this day and age with a tv shape that should easily be able to accommodate two player screens side by side?
  8. Tek Tier Airship/Sky Love

    http://www.foxnews.com/science/2017/02/20/plane-sized-flying-reptile-was-feared-killer-in-transylvania.html for those interested, it was on fox news science section. they may have had short strong necks instead of long frail ones like quetzals. which means more bite power potential. just amp up the size and boom sky gigas.
  9. Tek Tier Airship/Sky Love

    Yeah i imagine like a steampunk style dirigible. to be a home in the sky and an air staging platform type thing. and yes! theres gigas on the ground, mosas in the oceans, we need sky gigas! like some freakin Rocs or something! in fact apparently scientists have recently uncovered some evidence that the Hatzegopteryx, a dino on par with the quetzal, may have actually been bigger and much stronger than we thought, in fact theyre saying it may have been the apex predator of its environment! giant ultra dangerous sky dinos bringing death from above! even the skies wont be safe! theres alot of potential.
  10. Parachutes too OP!

    you know what really needs to be nerfed, fiber. control the fiber, control the ark, amirite ugais?
  11. Parachutes too OP!

    psst *whispers* its a prank bro
  12. Generators disable Wind Turbines

    I have an underground base (sort of) down in the canyons across the bridge from the cave down there, I originally installed a generator to run everything but wanted wind turbines to help during storms. Well, I ran cables from the canyons up to the plateau that sits in the middle of the canyons on the surface and placed some turbines on the and went down to shut off my generator to let the turbine's do their job. nothing, the electricity ran all the way to the surface through the cables so there isn't a break in the line, but none ran back until i started my generator again. BUT to be sure, I restarted from a previous save and turned the generator off before applying the turbines this time. Worked just fine! powered the whole base! turned my generator back on and off for good measure, disabled them again. no electricity at all. Anyone else have this problem?
  13. Anti-Nerf Button?

    Exactly! The point of having these creatures is to be able to survive on the island, but it doesn't help when your level 50 rex can get offed by a level 10 one just cuz it was tamed.
  14. Anti-Nerf Button?

    Can we get like, an anti-nerf option so that tames are as strong as wild dinos? For those of us on single player, playing PvE or who aren't just whining about their toys getting broke? I've never understood how this nerfing has ever made sense to anyone, why should a dino suddenly become a useless pile of meat as soon as it's tamed? Suddenly it just isn't even half as strong as it was in the wild just because it's friendly now? where's the sense in that? I mean, the rock elementals on scorched earth are unrealistically useless! How is it that a creature the size and probably weight of a tank is not only so low in carry weight that it can basically only wear a hat by comparison to it's own weight, but weak against its own kind as well as other dinos that are over 30 levels lower than it is when it is literally made of stone! If anything they should get stronger! With human intervention they could get actual training for military purposes and such instead of just blind instinct. everyone is always saying "this is OP and that is OP!" It's a ten ton killing machine! It's supposed to be! you weren't saying that when you killed or tamed one yourself! Like at least half of the people saying these thing are OP probably haven't even used one themself, or only got mad when one was used against them. All these nerfs are just breaking the realism though "oh well there's blah blah blah in the game so realism is out the window and you're stupid for worrying about it!" Yeah well it doesn't change the fact that in real life if something the size of a Giga bit down on you, your riot gear or tamed dino wouldn't do much to stop its jaws. Alot of these creatures SHOULD be OP, because its what makes them worth taming. If you or your tribe have the strength to bring down an enormous base destroying dino, you have EARNED the right to harness that beast's FULL power. Thank you for your time. And sorry if I sound like an A-hole or something but I just find the constant request for nerfs annoying. (Seriously though? Rock Elementals? Why? Just Why? They're made of rock for pete's sake, how does a rex bite through rock?)