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  1. Can't transfer ice wyvern eggs This has been a problem since out outgoing transfers was turned on, and my friends and I assumed it was something with the settings that would be fixed when full transfers was opened. That time has come and gone, and still the eggs vanish when attempting to transfer them. Specifically we can put the eggs into the ARK Data upload window, everything looks fine on Valguero side, but when you switch to another map for pickup, the egg is no-longer in the ARK data window for download. When you return to Valguero and look in ARK data, the egg has also vanished from that side as well.
  2. yeah I get lost trying to dig in steam XD Thanks for the links.
  3. Genesis Season pass for steam? When do the PC players get their chance to look at this? Hours after livestream, nothing yet on Steam.
  4. The glitches I've encountered so far seem to have been mentioned by other players so I won't waste words on that. I do have some non-glitch feedback to offer, and that is that using ammonite bile for the dedicated storage is a poor decision. The materials to make that should be hard to obtain, but still available on all maps, as was the leech blood that was originally used in the S+ version of the storage. It should be reverted to this, or another equivalently rare material for people to obtain to make this device.
  5. Would appreciate if a forums Admin/Moderator chimed in on this about if it is a glitch or if it's an intentional choice for the devs to omit my favorite building structure. I know on Aberration it was a move to make us use cliff platforms, as well as the impracticality of using a tree platform with no flyers (though ridiculous for us to get sap without it, seen some strange structures built), but on Extinction flyers abound and the logistical problems are not there of getting up and down a tree platform. Especially since they finally gave us the "dynamic length bridges" and now we can't use the one structure it'd be best for.
  6. It's cute that they think the 2x is going to help prevent being wiped permanently by an alpha. Unless only the losers get a 2x, the alpha will just keep attacking you as you try to rebuild. It's same-old same-old at double the speed. These guys really don't know how their own game works.
  7. of course they're gonna have a contest for modders to do the work for them. They can't even make y plant traps stop appearing as blueprints in drops on SE.
  8. So mobile players will get the ability to revive their dinos, but the rest of us get to wait 2 weeks for a GM to say "screw you, but here's a doorprize for your time".
  9. They never said new dinos were generated as part of a reset, it's simply the system nuking the human cities that build up to big, the Mantids and Wyverns were always there in the first place. Mantids were an especially common problem for the tribes, and wyverns were rarely seen but they were known of. As for how Rockwell and Helena got to SE, in the lore Mei Yin busted the terminal and got sent straight to Aberration, while those two wound up on SE. It's said that they finally "figured out" how to use it so either the system repaired it or they were able to get around the damage caused to operate it.
  10. Visit the wiki for a full rundown of them, but the first explorer notes in the series for all three characters mention the battle with the overseer on the island as the last thing that happened to them before they wound up on their new maps. However for Helena and Rockwell the map they were routed to was SE, while Mei Yin and the body of Nerva were sent to the surface of AB. Mei Yin Rockwell Helena All three are referencing the terminal we see power up after defeating the Overseer, though in their cases Mey Yin busted it and had no choice where she went, then the other two had problems operating it. By the time we get to the Overseer fight we have no choice in the matter and just get sent straight back to the island. Before there was notions WC had of not being able to go to any of the other maps until you defeat the overseer, then get sent to the next in the progression, but that hasn't been implemented since the maps are now all optional DLC, but the characters are illustrating it here. If you want the full rundown of the stories instead of the snippets here to get the full picture, the wiki article with all the explorer notes in order are here https://ark.gamepedia.com/Explorer_Notes
  11. Judging from the explorer notes, SE is not part of progression, it's an optional area. Helena and Rockwell wind up taking a trip there, but Mei Ying winds up going straight to Aberration from the island. I doubt there will be any additions to SE as far as Ascension or story
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