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  1. When people say how toxic this community is, they're not remotely wrong but there's also an incredible amount of heart in players here too. I'm very sorry to hear he passed away and I think it's a great tribute you're doing for him. We need more people like you in this community that care more for people than pixels. Here's a helpful link for the most deadly form of cancer: https://www.skincancer.org/skin-cancer-information/melanoma/melanoma-warning-signs-and-images/#abcde I strongly believe that while memory of an individual is important, it's far more important to help educate those still here on this Earth from avoiding triggers or at least learn the signs of cancer before it gets to the late stages where it's wack-a-mole trying to remove the tumors. Knowing what cancer looks like, knowing how to feel for lumps (most here already touch your private parts so just feel a bit deeper while you're down there..) takes less time than lag on Rag. If an individual cares so little for their own life that you don't have the time, at least think about those around you. It's extremely painful seeing someone die of cancer (I've been there). Take the time to educate yourself. It's the leading cause of death in most Western countries, its NOT a joke. Anyways, I'm sure you'll have a huge turnout and again I'm sorry to hear he is gone.
  2. I have a 12k weight gasbag I get to encumbered when I farm crystal, I just pick it up with my wyvern (typically use poison/pump pure weight into it) and it usually gets to about 20% total of the wyverns weight, with a full 12k gasbag so yeah that sounds about right . I would try using a wyvern if you can though unless you're intentionally using a quetz, they just go soooo much faster.
  3. The ONLY other person that sees the value in them... What I love so much is on PVE, people using Quetzals over Gasbags.. like WTH.. you fly with a wyvern, pod your dino(s) you farm with, fill up gasbag = winning! Unless you're using quetz with two people to farm metal (should be doing that an ab), then I really don't see the point in gasbags over quetz for farming/moving stuff. My gasbags aren't even fancy, they don't even have imprints on them for that matter yet I have 12k weight and move at the speed of a 80% empty wyvern.. I farm crystal mainly with them (dont need them on other servers) on The Center and obsedian.. when I get home, I have thousands and thousands of either one of them.. I still havent ran through half the crystal I farmed two weeks ago and I've been making a ton of tek / greenhouse structures. This is official btw. They're also very easy to raise but my biggest annoyance is handling them is very annoying if they go flying but thats about it.
  4. Is calling someone a thief against TOS? I was threatened after calling someone that stole from us a thief. I've been with Ark since week 1, I don't recall anyone ever getting banned by saying such a thing but then again WC has a very interesting way of being extremely vague on what they actually enforce and don't enforce such as this guy that stole from us, I didn't even bother putting in a ticket because I'm 99% sure nothing would happen even if there were 5 other reports prior to mine on the same guy and frankly the amount wasn't so substantial that I was out much to begin with. Not sure if a mod would be able to respond.. I'd ask in a ticket but it'd be three weeks until I got a response. That is not a burn, I'm being literal lol
  5. Me thinks it'll be released on time, at least I hope.. I have friends counting on it that probably wont play Ark at all if it's delayed so I really really hope it's on time!
  6. Have you played PixArk? A lot of theories can be confirmed there.. ie the "pokeball" are squares there that your dino can form into in storage.
  7. Just a short answer, whats the minimum level to enter alpha rag arena.. from what I recall it's level 1+, the only person that needs to be high lvl is the one starting the actual fight - correct?
  8. WC's original response to everything in so many words "It's Early Access, what do you expect you idiot gtfo!" WC's response now " " I'm going to assume they're focusing on future projects and just keeping Ark running enough to keep people from completely abandoning ship. You'll see a very predictable curve where tons of people come back to check out the new DLC then as quickly as they came, they'll leave - no joke. Rinse & Repeat. When things get very very bad, they'll have some "best sale ever summer sale" BS. They intentionally overvalue their games so they can mark it at 60% off yet still make a huge profit. I think as far as this Ark version exist, you wont see them fixing stuff quickly at all. And now that the Chinese own the game, I doubt you'll see them region lock with the primary intention being to block the Chinese out.. so when will this be fixed? Not anytime soon.
  9. 1. For The Center at least, Tuso have spawned in the same spots since Tuso first came out.. so yeah there are hotspots.
  10. Hold out for a bit longer is my suggestion but also consider unofficial. There are some unofficial clusters that stay around longterm, just do your research ahead of time. Unofficial also has people that'll actually help you same day.. sometimes immediately, there's lots of benefits to unofficial if you're careful.
  11. So you list all those things but no TEK Lance?! ? This is a very high probability. It'd make sense to get from one biome to another.. smart observation!
  12. Some things shouldn't need to be asked.. I mean how many farming dinos in the game thus far are NOT tameable? ffs
  13. Ark PVE Community is very toxic. Coming from a 3 year veteran. The current trade community for PVE to be very specific is the most toxic gaming community I've ever come across, so much so that I started to trade again but pulled back after thinking why give these people that act this way to others stats or color combinations that still to this day don't exist on the trade forums? No way. I don't mind buying from them but now I only sell stuff to actual friends that I talk to regularly. Anyone reading this that's tried to buy from me knows this to be true. As a result, people don't have my stats which is far more important to me than a stack of tek walls or color combinations.. due to the current toxic community. I'd rather quit than trade with some of these people. Who to blame? The top sellers who set the tone for everyone else, they're the ones that push the current trade climate. Not all of them are this way.. being direct is not considered toxic, not wanting to waste time isn't either nor following personal trade rules.. it's the rest that's messed up. Many are so full of themselves over having things that others dont on a dinosaur game that they don't care. Granted most have been nice to me, but I suspect that's because I have stats they don't.. or they're just nice. But to clearly newer players.. they can be outright mean. This for once is not WildCards fault nor the moderators. Trade Rant done. As for PVP.. I've never really played PVP on Ark but I have with other games. I will find you, I will destroy you. Period. I will show you mercy only to toy with you then make you watch as everything you ever loved or cared for dies infront of your eyes.. what I meant to say is PVP being toxic is another story, it's the nature of the beast. You have alliances that go south, some start them just to conquer you weeks later. It's a reason why private PVPVE servers exist where people don't want that extreme of an environment. I'm serious though if we were on a PVP server, I'd let you build some, then destroy you just so I could get more resources out of you.. milking you essentially from what you have. Dealing with Ark players in general is simple.. 100% ignore the people you don't like and trade more with the people you do. People HATE when you're the one ignoring them and not begging for help. That's another thing, NEVER beg or act weak with this game. They're like little goblins, they see weakness and wanna eat you. In PVP, trade can be a vital part of building relations.. if you keep feeding a tribes vaults filled with mats they need, chances are they're going to wanna protect you and eventually ally themselves with you. With PVP, think tactical with literally every person/tribe/thing you do. I'm that way with PVE.. so far within the past 3 years it's worked out very well for me. This honestly is what makes me hooked with Ark.. I love strategy in general so being put to the test against other players is fun, even on PVE. Why I come back to Ark again and again is mostly because I just like having a "home game" where I can default to a game, build up over time, take long breaks but keep everything alive and then start up again, refreshed and go from there.. I also like seeing other peoples bases (most are ugly af tbh jaja) or seeing a noob on his raft trying to outrun a Leed. Ark is a horribly addictive game. Most of us have a serious love hate relation but that toxic community is also a reason why a lot of us play because at the end of the day you do meet a lot of great people and have a lot of memorable experiences you cant get in any other game.
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