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  1. I need valentine candies too, not just chocolates. Thats new and only way mentioned was fishing coelacanth. Plus theres 6 new chibis tht im assuming only fishing will give. I just wiped the map and iv found a coelacanth with hearts above its head. Idk if it only appears with da rod out or not but this has to b da holiday fish.
  2. Im playing sp and the items r appearing in the pot, but my fishing, which is the only thing they advertised that can get you holiday stuff, hasnt given me anything holidaywise.
  3. Are the fish special holiday versions? Iv fished coelacanth and just getting basic non holiday bs.
  4. Im assuming u mean the hidden point distribution. Would be nice tho it goes against the whole hidden/do the math part of it. I for 1 would love having a way to check stats without ko'ing or doing math.
  5. "i want a refund, i hate this game." 3secs later, "Plz fix my server, i love this game." Bipolar any1? XD
  6. Yup, im getting killed by 3 mosa and an alpha mosa that i cant even see for this crap. @Cedric
  7. Ya its only showing the pic. The link doesnt work and theres no on the horizon or evo event info. Theres also no text lol
  8. Anyone else lose there crops or preserving bins during the event? I went from 3 to 1 bins and my lemon plant just disappeared. Like the plots still there, but there was zero fert in any of my plots and those suckers were stuffed.
  9. Its only to good though because of stupid limitations placed on its competition, limitations that break the games logic too. Wyverns need to be breedable. Lightning wyvern does more dmg (not counting bred) at longer range(regardless of dmg breeding) because manas only do good at point blank and stagger out of the attack when hit making nearly worthless and it costs way to much stamina. Yes i agree stam regen in water is bs. as is wyverns can go farther faster then manas by flight because of the manas 1 burst and insane regen time. While u sit regening after 1 burst the wyvern passes u up. So combat wyvern wins, traversal, wyvern wins. The mana shud b better then a wyvern, at least slightly. It cant scout well because it cant hover like anything else that flies can. it cant grab like all other fliers. For the mana, its tier is bred vs unbred. U cant compare a bred dino to unbred. the flaw is we cant breed wyverns. 224 mana vs 190 wyvern highly favors the wyvern. Thing is manas need to breed to b worth anything. Wyverns dont, and you earn your awesome manas spending a month breeding stam. Anyone nuts enough to go through that bs deserves something special. I think manas getting the ability to upgrade speed is wrong as well. Its a flier and should be locked. Technically the mana is consider above the wyvern in teir though. it has an intended base lvl to ride it, wyverns dont. Is a later game tame and the largest endgame specific dino assigning it the apex of extinction (not counting boss creatures). Its an f'n tek dragon. Its meant for dealing with extinctions crazy bs, like titans for instance. Wc's mistake is trying to comform things to to any restrictions. 1 hand u have titans and crazy corrupt dinos, on the other you have unbreedable wyverns. Best solution, tweak the mana a lil and bring the wyvern breeding. Heck remove the restriction from the majority of dinos. At this point in the game it makes lil sense we cant breed insects or wyverns but we got breedable gigas and titans roaming the arks. as stated there will always b a best/preferred dino. There will always b 1 terrorizing ppl. Thats the nature of pvp with progression based content. Its proper tho that it b the mana over anything from previous maps. If theRes something from Gen that replaces the mana, then ok, thats how it should be. Another flaw of this game is u can completely break canon, it would b better to be forced to go through the game stage by stage instead of rushing right into extinction. That destroys the progression as well as the appreciation of any of the other content that lead to the new stuff which also destroys the deeper appreciation of the new stuff. Im not saying adjustments wernt needed, just not like this.
  10. So the end game dragon that i paid extra money for, that could never truly fly(it cant even hover like the dossier says), cant 'fly' at all now? Its beam is nearly worthless at point blank and costs way to much stamina. All in the name of balance? I suppose the rex and spino need balanced because our poor raptors are getting Unicorned and no one wants to use them. And the compy! They cant even be rode or have a saddle! need to balance them better with like a base offense of 1000. And galli are so fast so lets make sure the flying snail cant pick them up!(which they did, and it makes no darn sense). And old players have all this nice stuff, so lets give all the new people a free tek base and weapons. and lets prevent breeding all together. old players are to powerful with it, besides, dino dont breed(just like giant crabs dragons and snakes dont breed). why the F do you think they went extinct for? they never figured out how to get it on! Its called progression wc. its called earning what you have. its called comparing within a tier. balance within progression. you dont understand this wc. u cant compare an endgame dino to a beginner. you cant compare a noob to setup megatribes. you cant balance 1 tier to another. you cant remove progression and the value of paid endgame things. you cant nerf the endgame dragon to make it completely obsolete to the dragon from 2 years prior that can stay aloft, do more dmg at longer range, and carry things. Oh, it can hover too. Why not just redo the mana to allow it to legit fly and make its offense speed and range a lil better then a lightning wyvern? boom! progression and balance . No turret tracking breaking dashing, really wc u nerfed fliers partly for this reason.
  11. This event is royally pissing me off. Between having no F'n idea where raptor azz is gonna be and his music misleading you, it F'n rains or gets foggy every damn night, the presents despawn to damn fast, and the presents cant hardly be seen for the F'n environment because they dont have a beacon like any other thing thats like this. So im missing presents because of bs after waiting Flike half a damn hour or more to get repeats when all i want to do is get this over with so i can play dragons dogma. A beacon would help so darn much.
  12. When almost every unofficial has hiked rates then theres an obvious pattern of ppl pthinking official rates are stupid. I like official rates except for breeding for the most part.
  13. Your right yek, but to some degree companies do that to us, and usually for good reason. Fact is majority of the playerbase is unofficial. Fact majority of the unofficials are boosted, explain why that is. If it was just duping, meshing, and toxicity then why is the majority boosting? Now iv never played on an official server or online so ive never had the benefit of teamwork or an unpaused world when i log off. For me taming something for 2 hours is bs. Taming effectiveness usually not being able to hit the full 74 bonus lvls is bs. I boost the rates on mine to allow the 74 with kibble, which it should do. I feel rates on official are far to harsh and impractical for most people. That within itself generalizes all of us as children or bums/rich people with all the time in the world. Thing is i agree with you yuk, unofficials are far to boosted. I want the challenge, i want to earn my stuff. Ive spent 2 yearrs breeding dinos for boss fights to legitimately win. Problem is i had to insanely boost breeding, maturation, and hatch just to make it bearable and it still was so horrible that id take long hiatus from the game, id go full days breeding with stupid rates and still have no gain. To put quite a few hrs a day into a game and feel like ive literally gotten nowhere or learned nothing...Thats poor design. But i did do it, i want the legitimacy. I think light tweaks would be appropriate for most of the rates and it would probably draw in a lot more people bbut not ruin the challenge we value. Some thhings are a lil ridiculous, and apparently most of the playerbase agrees with me.
  14. It was merely speculation. What about console players and the nitrado. My other point still stands tho. If everyone hates official rates then obviously theres a problem with them. If your playerbase prefers unofficial theres a problem.
  15. Thats true, and then the majority of your playerbase plays unofficial...Which then proves the point that the grind is a lil much. Some would say its a shady business deal that ark purposefully allows or makes official 'unplayable' just to get revenue from players buying servers. Even if wc isnt getting the money doesn't mean that there isnt some shady business dealing behind it. Of course thats just hearsay, who really knows.
  16. It wont let me summon the dodorex. I have 400 bones and click the option in the pot. It says dinos to close to summon ritual. So i wipe map after i render out my tames and try again with a pot in the middle of nowhere. It still says it cant because dinos are to close to summon ritual...But theres absolutely no dinos, wild or tamed, nearby...
  17. The only real way to lower mating time is to adjust it in the menu. The legitimate method would be to get what it is you want on a male and breed it with multiple females at the same time. Then if needed swap the male with the new male that was born until you have everything transferred properly to the newest babies. Example: You want moms blue belly but dads red body and face. Mate the male with mom. Every time you get a male with all you wanted from dad plus something from mom, swap it with the old male, likewise with the females. So if the babies a girl with dads red body and moms blue belly then swap mom out with her. Now ur guaranteed to get the red body. Mating a male with multiple females just adds more opportunities at getting what you want, or a step to it. The downside is youll need multiple females with whatever trait your looking for, this example's case, a blue belly.
  18. Dont forget the cave and boss fight theyd have to add, tho as stated theres already data for the fight in the game files. I was gonna say something around those lines, i agree with you 100%. I think they f'd up with val tho. The ab area having almost nothing of value makes val obsolete to me compared to rag. I might as well tame things on ab and bring them to rag. Compared to the center being steroid island and rag being steroid island and scorched together, val fails pretty bad as steroid ab/island/scorched.
  19. At like level 10 i tamed the 1st sarco i saw. Had a dodo and dilo too. Chilling at my lil thatch hut beside the beach at night and suddenly battle music and a dead dodo message. Ran outside to have a theri kill all 4 of us because it wandered into my camp. Thus i have a deep hatred for the personal space dinos. Chals, bears, theris, if you want your personal space then dont walk up to me dumbazzes. Seriously tho, they need to modify that AI, they should attempt to not walk up to us either.
  20. After the latest imprint patch, the 1 during Halloween event that wasnt added to notes or wasnt for awhile, even at 1.0 my babies want cuddle a minute or 2 after hatching and its an instant 100%. It almost feels like theyve made it so the intervals are adjusting to the maturation time. Who knows?
  21. Dodorex Summoning Issue Anyone else having problems summoning the dodorex? I have 400 bones, cooking pot far away from my tames (Like out of render range, or all but), light the fire and click the dodorex summon. Game replies dinosaurs to close to the summoning ritual. Also i destroywilddinos, so theres literally nothing in the way dino wise, still get this message. What gives?
  22. On the island the wolf isnt a good choice. You have to bring a pack with you to get defenses and controlling an AI pack with ledges and jumps is annoying and potentially difficult. The water cave on the edge of the swamp is best with a water tame. In particular the baryonyx is capable of soloing most of the caves and is the undisputed king in the water. It can jump and does and has decent dmg and hp with saddles for armor. U can breed baryonyx to have a pack in the swamp cave and own it easy. With extensive breeding it can even solo that cave. The 3 caves your wolves and my bary probably wont work for are the lost faith, lost hope, and snow caves. In faith and hope id recommend a high level squid, or at least large sea creatures, in the lost hope case its advised you bring multiple large sea beasts. Youll need a plesio, i think a mosa fits too, to get the artifact. Squid wont fit to it but will dominate the majority of the cave. For snow, the caves hallway sections are to small to fit larger tames through and the sheer number and level of bears and wolves makes bary or wolf packs pretty pointless. Id tame a decent megalania and cryo it into the cave. You can wall run all the way to the artifact. Bring grenades to deal with narrow halls filled with buried purlovia. The explosion forces them out and removes the stunning attack that would end your cave run. You can use weapons on a megalania as well so feel free to blow crap up while pretending to be batman.
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