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  1. I like how wc has enough money to hire a top class actor for a rather lengthy trailer, but apparently not enough money to hire the staff needed to fix the game or put some effort in for the poor switch users XD.
  2. Quote me specifically saying it was the 9th today. U cant because i didnt. Its relevant if they do it again in the upcoming event
  3. Let me explain this better for you @Joebl0w13. I got on wednesday night. I used an account ive used before with previous events with no issue before with those events. The turkey trial logo was not there. The cooking pot had no holiday stuff in it. The event was off. That or there was some sort of bug, regardless the content was unavailable. I wasnt able to come on then, so i posted about it today. Im just curious if anyone else experienced it. Now forgive me if im wrong, but doesnt wc usually say in their crunches that updates drop at a certain time in pacific time? Pacific time is
  4. It was for me, i got on a 2nd account on my ps4 and i had to gfi everything in on that account. The main screen also wasnt sporting the turkey trial look
  5. I know when i posted it that it was the 10th. That doesnt change the fact that on the 9th, WEDNESDAY, that the event was off.
  6. Apparently theres no edit option anymore for your posts. Sorry for the double post. Considering when i wrote my 1st post and the fact the timezone line(I forget the official name for it) that ends and starts the zone cycle is just west of Alaska, nowhere was it the 9th at that time XD. Sorry for the confusion, i should of said here i was instead of am.
  7. Anyone else notice turkey trial ended a lil early? The in game notification wall says ends the 10th. Here i am on the night of the 9th with no event active. Thought wc ran on pacific time as well. That means their clock is 3hrs behind mine so it wasnt the 10th for them either.
  8. So then, wat if i turned my psn off? Iv played plenty of 360 games never connecting to the internet and i never had to worry about XBL goin down. Or is this specifically a ps4 xb1 gen issue? I agree joe, this is a crappy design
  9. Not saying ur wrong joe, but why would a server outage effect singleplayer? Im having same trouble and its getting posted on reddit now as well.
  10. Anyone else crashing on the main menu? I started back last night and everythings fine. I jump on today and i cant even load the main menu without crashing. Seems like other ppl are having this is because a few ppl on reddit are saying it started doing it to them a few hrs ago. Im on ps4, complete patched up to date.
  11. I need valentine candies too, not just chocolates. Thats new and only way mentioned was fishing coelacanth. Plus theres 6 new chibis tht im assuming only fishing will give. I just wiped the map and iv found a coelacanth with hearts above its head. Idk if it only appears with da rod out or not but this has to b da holiday fish.
  12. Im playing sp and the items r appearing in the pot, but my fishing, which is the only thing they advertised that can get you holiday stuff, hasnt given me anything holidaywise.
  13. Are the fish special holiday versions? Iv fished coelacanth and just getting basic non holiday bs.
  14. Ya its only showing the pic. The link doesnt work and theres no on the horizon or evo event info. Theres also no text lol
  15. Anyone else lose there crops or preserving bins during the event? I went from 3 to 1 bins and my lemon plant just disappeared. Like the plots still there, but there was zero fert in any of my plots and those suckers were stuffed.
  16. This event is royally pissing me off. Between having no F'n idea where raptor azz is gonna be and his music misleading you, it F'n rains or gets foggy every damn night, the presents despawn to damn fast, and the presents cant hardly be seen for the F'n environment because they dont have a beacon like any other thing thats like this. So im missing presents because of bs after waiting Flike half a damn hour or more to get repeats when all i want to do is get this over with so i can play dragons dogma. A beacon would help so darn much.
  17. At like level 10 i tamed the 1st sarco i saw. Had a dodo and dilo too. Chilling at my lil thatch hut beside the beach at night and suddenly battle music and a dead dodo message. Ran outside to have a theri kill all 4 of us because it wandered into my camp. Thus i have a deep hatred for the personal space dinos. Chals, bears, theris, if you want your personal space then dont walk up to me dumbazzes. Seriously tho, they need to modify that AI, they should attempt to not walk up to us either.
  18. Except ive sat in a cave right next to the spawn spot of the artifact and watched it magically appear in many caves. Players dont block artifacts
  19. Thats what confused me because it auto uploads you after the boss fight. It made no sense that blocking downloads, especially when you can still upload yourself, blocks the upload on ascension. To read it it sounds like bs, but it actually works lol, and thx again.
  20. No, i understand your steps. I get that, im skeptical of wasting my time. See even with those checked u can upload your character and dinos at obs ect. So im skeptical of how it would work when uploads are still enabled and work with those settings checked. That said i have tested this and for ascension type boss battles this does work exactly as u say, makes no sense, but its 100% effective. Im sorry for giving u a hard time, you never know whos bs'ing you. It was nnothing personal, just skepticism. Thanks for this, i recommend you create a thread for this.
  21. There is no upload option, just download and from what i read online checking these boxes doesnt disable uploads.
  22. I mentioned the possibility of the uplload not happening 2 posts ago. You did not agree with it or elaborate on that point at all. Did you address whether the upload would happen or not? No. You just said you pick a bed which makes no darn sense if you dont know how the game will actually react in that situation. This is something most od uf haven't seen. You did not elaborate in how the process worked. Of course im going to ask questions, considering the risk and the odd counter its completely logical to. You said pick a bed. When do we pick beds? When we have a downlo
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