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  1. Ya its only showing the pic. The link doesnt work and theres no on the horizon or evo event info. Theres also no text lol
  2. Anyone else lose there crops or preserving bins during the event? I went from 3 to 1 bins and my lemon plant just disappeared. Like the plots still there, but there was zero fert in any of my plots and those suckers were stuffed.
  3. This event is royally pissing me off. Between having no F'n idea where raptor azz is gonna be and his music misleading you, it F'n rains or gets foggy every damn night, the presents despawn to damn fast, and the presents cant hardly be seen for the F'n environment because they dont have a beacon like any other thing thats like this. So im missing presents because of bs after waiting Flike half a damn hour or more to get repeats when all i want to do is get this over with so i can play dragons dogma. A beacon would help so darn much.
  4. Thats what confused me because it auto uploads you after the boss fight. It made no sense that blocking downloads, especially when you can still upload yourself, blocks the upload on ascension. To read it it sounds like bs, but it actually works lol, and thx again.
  5. No, i understand your steps. I get that, im skeptical of wasting my time. See even with those checked u can upload your character and dinos at obs ect. So im skeptical of how it would work when uploads are still enabled and work with those settings checked. That said i have tested this and for ascension type boss battles this does work exactly as u say, makes no sense, but its 100% effective. Im sorry for giving u a hard time, you never know whos bs'ing you. It was nnothing personal, just skepticism. Thanks for this, i recommend you create a thread for this.
  6. There is no upload option, just download and from what i read online checking these boxes doesnt disable uploads.
  7. I mentioned the possibility of the uplload not happening 2 posts ago. You did not agree with it or elaborate on that point at all. Did you address whether the upload would happen or not? No. You just said you pick a bed which makes no darn sense if you dont know how the game will actually react in that situation. This is something most od uf haven't seen. You did not elaborate in how the process worked. Of course im going to ask questions, considering the risk and the odd counter its completely logical to. You said pick a bed. When do we pick beds? When we have a downloaded character or when we die. I ascended, am i dead? I dont think so. So that means logically id think of the standard download/creation window. You saying pick a bed pointed at the upload happening. Notice i asked a question asking what would happen. I threw a statement afterwards it might force upload anyways. You elaborated on none of that and im forced to use what i do know about ascension to fill in the blank. You dont want someone to ask questions then properly explain. That said i do thank you for the info. I do see how it would work and helping circulate a work around is obviously good of you. Ill be sure to try this.
  8. I know YT has some of it and on the forums main page they have links to the posts in the news feed.
  9. And upon ascension your character is removed from the map. You cannot spawn at a bed when you dont even have a character and are being asked to create/download 1. You have to download your ascended player, which by that point would be deleted by the upload. Also if you have downloads turned off you wouldnt be able to access your old, now ascended, character or anything that onced belonged to that character, including beds. Maybe im missing something in your steps but from what im reading its contradictory.
  10. This event blows. The videos linked on the forums main page to the reveal videos wont even load. Videos buffering without even having anything to buffer yet. 0 out of 0 seconds. If its got nothing to load why is it buffering indefinitely?
  11. That seems like over kill considering the upload is what causes the deletion and the only bosses that upload are rockwell and overseer. Theres 0 risk with BM, Mega, Mant, and Dragon. Also what would happen to you if you turn off uploads/downloads and the game tries to force upload you during ascension? To me it seems like it would drop you outside the cave with your tames where it couldnt upload you or completely break the ascension in another way. Of course ascension might hard override your server settings and force an upload regardless. That would break the steps in this process.
  12. I have no idea. Theres been a few patches that have been way to big for the mediocre changes they made. I think wc is stealth patching some things. Last year i found that on the center spinos were capping at 140. I tested it to find that the game was deleting any spino naturally spawning over 140. Yesterday i found a 150. As for the ascension bug, its gone back and forth. There was a moment over a year ago that it was fixed(I believe back then it was even in the notes and then later edited out). Another patch, possibly aberration's release, rebroke it. Its possible fear evolved or the 'small' HLNA patch broke it again. Ill have to test it again and see. Thx for the warning.
  13. Im on ps4 and tested both rockwell and tek cave about 2 months ago. Iv lost my data 2 times to this bug, so i know how painful it is. Im very anal about this bug and everything worked fine for me; 1st time in over a year.
  14. If you played c&c or AoE then you know the npcs start from scratch like you. That means it goes without saying they build, tame, breed, ect. I was also thinking of having npcs on ur side doing the same.
  15. I originally thought ark would have currency, human npcs and cities when i 1st bought it. The SE trailer where u walk into a city and a guy tries to sell u a jerboa is deceiving. Frankly id love some command and conquer coding in the game. Have npcs build strongholds and defenses. Have npcs want to ally and trade with you like in age of empires. Have npcs try to raid you. It would add a lot of depth to SP as well as bring a use to raid dinos and (Anti)raid items. "congratz, u busted your balls to get to lvl99. Heres a rocket turret." "ya, no. I dont need that. What a waste."
  16. I tested it out 2 months ago, ascension is safe.
  17. Pity about the flier nerf though...Maybe to much creativity lol. Have to admit it was brilliant at the time XD @StudioWildcard how is polishing hlna and making rifles appropriately dmg armor worth 3 gbs of data?
  18. I agree with you 100% with basically everything youve said but i want to point out this part in particular. Pvp players want things nerfed when the only real problem is how they build and their lack of imagination/refuse to use already in game mechanics to counter things. Forgive me for the pokemon reference but if you know and worry about power herb xerneas then its your own darn fault if you dont get a ho oh or steelix to wreck it every time you face one. Same thing with the mana, it may of needed some nerfing, but ive played around with 1 and im so underwhelmed by it. I have no idea why pvpers are crying so much over this trash. Even if its hit and run freezing causes trouble, having smart base building and using microraptors will screw a mana over. Granted ive had 'discussions' with pvpers and its like talking to underdeveloped people most of the time. So its easy to see a laziness/lack of imagination with these people as well as a cry baby mentality because they dont want to evolve. Heck some of them when they are a lil more evolved then others will tell another cry baby to shut up and get good, then they refuse to evolve themselves with something else. Im glad to see someone else with reason and intelligence.
  19. I just had a great idea. Why doesnt wc just get modders to do their work for them? No, im not talking like Center or Rag, or with how the pc players get all the nice things. Im talking post a request and a reward for creating a 'mod' that fixes bugs. Example: wc posts a $100 reward for someone to create a fix to the ascension bug. Dude goes and creates a mod fixing the problem. Uploads it to wc. Wc checks the coding to make sure its safe and doesnt break more things. If it passes they 'buy' it for $100 and implement it into the game as a patch. Boom, problem solved and more people buy because your game starts having better quality. Frankly ark is so unique and amazing at its core that it would probably still be number 1 if it was properly put together. Heck, can the reward, im sure theres a modder out there that loves this game that would gladly create a mod to fix this for free. @Jatheish @Cedric
  20. Isnt it funny tho? A consoles sole purpose is to play games. I feel like if you directed all the potential into gaming you could get pc quality gaming without the cost of a pc. Think about what all a computer is used for, imagine all that cost and energy being put into gaming. For what a gaming console is it makes no sense a jack of all trades is out performing a specialist. Note im not referring to a computer that is a specialist at gaming, just your average computer. Seems even an average computer out does a console.
  21. Oh no, i wasnt actually aiming that specifically at you. I get hard work equals more money, after all i have a home and bills too. Thing is if you live in a crappy place, with lil to offer, money isnt easy to come by, even with hard work. These places bleed you, the few that have money bleed those who would try to save, and without money you cant get a proper education or leave. You spend most of what you have on bills and use the lil scrap you got left in a small pleasure that every human needs to simply survive. Then someone who has had more opportunity then you or just was luckyer tells you to get a job and grow up. Like everyone should have this much...World doesnt work that way. It is a kinda spoiled because your sitting there taking for granted what youve been lucky to have and forcing a slightly snobby attitude and ideal on others. My response would be, you give up all you own, move to a small mining community after obamas war on coal, and try to see how far you get from scratch. Youll see that whatever education you have wont get you far, all the positions are taken, and how nearly impossible it is to get a new education or move back out of the boonies. The point kodking made that i agree with is how the game industry bleeds people and treats its customers poorly. Its to be accepted that pcs are better then consoles. I dont blame wc for a lack of mods, its microsoft/sonys fault as well as the lack of system power. I also dont know if more people own consoles then pcs. I know i have a console but no pc. The part i was aiming at with spoiled was how people with a lil bit of money are so willing to blow it, despite whether its actually worth it or not. Just throw money at it. Then you expect everyone else to do the same, and if they cant, theyre trash to you. That is a rich boy snob attitude, like the lil dik kid from cartoons that just throws money around. Whats worse is despite you working (note: these yous are general yous, not pointed specifically at you) still dont seem to appreciate the actually value and instead of demanding better and helping to achieve a more fair situation for everyone, your money blowing just inflates the industry's abuse of position and gives them a metaphoric its ok to butt rapé us.
  22. Lets nor forget that microsoft is about 100x more lenient then sony when it comes to mods. Many pc mods for fallout and skyrim have semi dumbed down versions, created by the same author, on xbox. Most of those dont even make it to ps4, and the few that do are super dumbed down. Actually i think hes Canadian, not europian. Doesnt really matter tho, your making a good point. I cant stand spoiled people who dont understand the value of money. Hundreds of dollars isnt exactly something most people have lying around and the number that do is dwindling. Then throw in how the gaming business as a whole bleeds you at every turn and charges you repeatedly just so you can enjoy your single product is just sad. And now its an accepted standard to put as lil quality or customer service into it as possible.
  23. I know it looks that way. Truly though im actually the type that will slander my own country if given the chance and right stage because i think its a major F up now days. My tone is in reaction to an unfair prejudice that others are having. Which gets under my skin regardless of who its aimed at. Just happens to be me and mine this time.
  24. True but by the time of the american revolution spain had already been knocked out of the global empire stage. The french indian war essential was the point france was too. You think UK wouldnt of tried to invade there eventually?
  25. Zup puppet. Im not saying that canada got their independence when we did, just that without that if we hadnt of fought the UK out of our part that the Canadians would of had lil chance of succeeding or at least of had a massively harder time. We were the 1s who destroyed the death grip of the UK, not saying it was released, just very poor hold afterwards, which left room for canada. Imagine if the usa was instead serveant to UK and how that fight would of went if you take all the bartering we did and resources we forced them to use plus having to actually fight us plus the UK. As for my WW portion, in both wars we did the heavy lifting. I wont say we could of won single handedly, its doubtful, but in both cases we were needed. Especially in WWII where literally all of europe was falling and UK was getting bombed all to ****. That was a signed and done deal that was completely flipped by the US. Thats putting it nicely when you consider D Day and how all the other countries stormed far less fortifide beaches while the US was sacrificed to normandy and still won that fight. Then throw our tech researching and such, we wer the the iron and steel. I dont discredit any country involved in those wars, we all did our part and all bleed. It just feels at times we arnt credited and worse are hated when the majority of the time we help people. Then these people look down on us. They gripe about any lil pride or credit we get, thus my 2nd post you seem to agree with. Forgive me if my tone comes off rough puppet. U know i like you and we are friends. Im not wanting to fight with you, make you look bad, or anger you. I dont look down on other countries either, just dont like getting hated on for no reason.
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