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  1. Pity about the flier nerf though...Maybe to much creativity lol. Have to admit it was brilliant at the time XD @StudioWildcard how is polishing hlna and making rifles appropriately dmg armor worth 3 gbs of data?
  2. @lilpanda is it possible to reach out to the mod community for help? I know the teams working on new dlc and exploits mainly. Why not ask for help with creating bug fixes or tweaking game content/adding things? A while back you guys announced you want to create an ascension on scorched earth, now you say its complete and you arnt looking back at it. I believe the majority of the player base would/is disagreeing with you. As TheDonn pointed out your likely taking that stance with aberration now too. Considering what has already been said in this topic theres quite a bit of work to be done with aberration. If you cant spare the resources get someone to create a mod, you guys test it for compatibility and required effect, and implement it into the main game like center, rag, S+, and valguero. That way everything gets better and you can keep working on what you need to.
  3. I agree with you 100% with basically everything youve said but i want to point out this part in particular. Pvp players want things nerfed when the only real problem is how they build and their lack of imagination/refuse to use already in game mechanics to counter things. Forgive me for the pokemon reference but if you know and worry about power herb xerneas then its your own darn fault if you dont get a ho oh or steelix to wreck it every time you face one. Same thing with the mana, it may of needed some nerfing, but ive played around with 1 and im so underwhelmed by it. I have no idea why pvpers are crying so much over this trash. Even if its hit and run freezing causes trouble, having smart base building and using microraptors will screw a mana over. Granted ive had 'discussions' with pvpers and its like talking to underdeveloped people most of the time. So its easy to see a laziness/lack of imagination with these people as well as a cry baby mentality because they dont want to evolve. Heck some of them when they are a lil more evolved then others will tell another cry baby to shut up and get good, then they refuse to evolve themselves with something else. Im glad to see someone else with reason and intelligence.
  4. I been playing a few days since i tamed my 2 basilisks and i have yet to get a single egg. My egg rate is bout 5x normal rate too. They simply just dont lay eggs for me. I was forced to make trips to the drake trench to get extraordinary kibble instead.
  5. Abby variants have 6% more base melee dmg. So your saying it ignores the base?
  6. Aberrant Otters Do aberrant otters get a 6% insulation increase? Since their insulation is tied to their melee stat it would make sense, but im worried its just based on the actual number of the stat and not the otters base dmg. So do aberrant otters of equal melee percentage to normal otters provide 6% more insulation?
  7. I got 2 simple counters that would work great, but ill have to discuss more 1st. 1) manas arnt op in the slightest. I took a mana with 200% dmg, which is 1 point off from an average 150, and the only time it does ok dmg to decent(type) dinos is at point blank range. Out of point blank it does increasingly smaller dmg. Not point blank is very weak and by the time you hit lightning wyvern range its attack does 0 dmg. Even with the power of a 150 it took me a full 1200 stam bar to kill an 80 kark. Its freeze certainly isnt op either because on bigger dinos it lasts 3 whopping seconds and cant be reinflicted for about a minute. On a 100+ kark it took 2 stam bars to kill it. Nothing about its offense is op. Mobility: 1000+ stam is usually pretty good for fliers, enough to get around at least. My mana had 1000 stam and it can only take off and then burst once. You have to perform lift or small movement which takes WAY to much stam to regain control before you can burst again. Your out before the 2nd burst. Mobility is very weak because you get 1 shot then you have to rest half a minute for a sucky regen rate. The only way the mana could become op is if its been bred, but if its been bred then you have to compare it to other bred dinos. Obviously anything bred is op to non bred dinos or small weak tribes. Thats just a pvp fact. Trying to join late on any pvp map with how toxic pvp is is a bad idea. If you arnt the alpha your just loot for the alpha, pvp fact. Joining late means your not the alpha. Youd be getting took advantage and decimated regardless of manas or not. Now take a bred mana and put it against a bred rex, you know an actual pvp situation instead of the simple small tribe looting, and youll notice that the rex unthaws very quickly and then physically dominates. If you were to rely on hit and run against a bred rex using the freeze effect, it would take you an hour to kill that rex, and lets not forget you have to be at point blank to even be getting anywhere when you consider the saddle. Theres nothing op about the mana except situational op which anything against a beach bob has. So even if your a solo or small tribe and you still just cant do anything against this quick but weak tame you wana know, is there a way to screw a mana over? Well yes, theres 2. Sadly, like with everything else, theres nothing to help a bob or low level tribe. Lets be honest, your a bunch of masochists or just naive as **** if you really think you can just start up on an established server or 1 with connections to an established 1, with or without manas involved. Now if your placed enough to get metal structure and all then keep a few of your turrets or plantx away from your border wall and close to your main structure. Bullet sponges wont effect these because they stuck outside, so if the mana decides to jump in (especially if you got em set to attack the rider, because its the rider that makes manas dangerous) then it gets screwed over and your rex it was picking on has a feast. BUT! What if that isnt enough, what if they breach and soak up everything? Then people, you need to play smart. The 2nd way to screw a mana over has been in the game since before ragnarok. You know em, you hate em, heck they piss you the **** off...The microraptor! It can be launched at the rider with that same annoying missle animation as it employs against us in the wild. Relatively easy tame with great destruction to the mana. As i said before, manas are pretty worthless without their riders. So you stun the rider and knock them of their mount. Then that rex they were picking on chomps the rider and mana, gg mana. Everything in ark can be countered, its just you have to prepare and use your head. Tame and breed good tames early, long before you can saddle them. Plan ahead, play smart. Its pvp, a competition. Its not op because they played smarter and got to the finish line before you. If you weren't even there for the race, as in the run for alphship, then its not op because your late for the competition. If your late then expect to be bent and had. Without the mana they would pen in spawns and still ravage every bob. Mana actually gives you a chance to flee into the woods and hide, because theyd pen you in otherwise. If your building on the beach or in the open then your asking to be killed.
  8. Sometimes i get pounced and i dont even see the attack animation. Happens with my drake.
  9. Woohoo, garchomp...Charizard still better though XD, man i wish my ps4 could upload pics lol. Imagine my idea, you could breed a purple orange wyvern named garchomp lol. Btw sorry for how heated things got before in the mana topic. Truth is i like you pretty well, not in a weird way XD, and enjoy talking to you and rip. I miss your thorny dragon pic. Thorny dragon with a look of amazement. Thorny dragon: Waaaaa? XD It seems we agree some, will you plz upvote this so at least the ideas as well as what youve said can maybe get some recognition @TheDonn
  10. Yet again, i know exactly what you mean lol. Dont these people realize how much more awesome this game would be with our ideas XD maybe we need to start our own lol
  11. I know exactly what you mean man, its infuriating. I you dont mind tag some people in this to get some momentum.
  12. They drop out of bi pedal usually when they have to chase a small distance. Bosses dont move from getting hit. You know its been forever since i made that topic saying we needed that option. I hate how no one ever listenss to me...My ideas are pretty good usually. @RipRavage you need to tag some people like ii did you so this gets some momentum.
  13. I see, i edited it btw.
  14. I thought tier was based on ability and not actual usage. Powerwise articuno is still viable for uu-ou. Heck Sp Atk pkmn are all shafted buff wise. Titans would be AG lol. Spino, though actually under used is deserving of OU because it beats a rex in a straight up fight, moves faster, can swim, heals and moves faster when exposed to water. Theres no situation id prefer a rex over a spino. Unless of course you bit it over the side into a lava pit XD.
  15. Ya and because of this we got legendary uber pikachu(Being rexes) and mewtwo(Every star/staple) as a UU. @TheDonnyes i know i didnt quote you XD, if something/things has to be the best or a lil more op/viable then everything else then shouldnt it be the beasts of legend, supposed apex, harder to tame, staple, special tames? If something has to burn a lil brighter then the others shouldnt it be the stars?
  16. Well ya wild mewtwo is gonna be a lvl70 with 0 EVs, of course hes at a disadvantage. Praying for a miracle crit and low accuracy thunder to hit is a bad strategy XD, id go with volt tackle, mewtwos sp def is higher so physical better option. Id say theres very few 'legit' 6iv anything though, using destiny knots and 2 5iv parents takes over 200 eggs to get that perfect number 6. Then the best starting is usually 2 max ivs, thats a lot of breeding. I doubt the majority of people who have 6iv anything, including pikachu, did that grind lol. Your being unfair here. If people look up the meta and go hardcore into pvp then this is what they do. You push it as early as possible and grind for that edge. If you arnt then you arnt in the meta and if your skittish then toxic pvp isnt for you. Theres no forgiveness here in pvp, your either like me or your dead/loot garbage for the alpha. You cant play 'stupid'(I for 1 would enjoy pvp being a lil nicer, but as is being nice is being stupid) and then say its unfair/op/unbalanced because they play better then you. Your either in the competition or your not. This topic in its pvp parts is for legit pvpers. This sadly is the state of ark pvp. Just being real, i actually feel for the lil tribes. Well if you agree with any of this topic then upvote it so it has at least a lil chance to be seen by the devs plz. If we get enough following then the devs have to work with it some. Btw i totally agree SE should have ascension and tek wyvern saddles be awesome. Hope they release the last 3 tek dinos too.
  17. Ok, bad example, and a 6IV(Notice the ability to get bred stats equivalent to what everything else can do, same +31) modest megaY with psystrike would likely withstand and 1 shot it. Charizardx D Danced and with his 30% bonus usually cant nuke mewtwo either. But for better reference, a non breeding tribe vs a big tribe with bred dinos is magikarp vs mewtwo. U know its true. Even with pikachu example, id consider the ball a strategy. Like a Lv 100 player getting jumped by a 40 and his arthro. Strategy can turn any situation, even against a bred golem. Ill go into more detail. Also where do you get tribe cant get a giga? Id wager i could tame and start breeding gigas before a golem. Iv tamed a giga at Lv40, everything you need is available to you to tranq ko any creature safely by then. To determine whether a bred golem is op you 1st must compare it to similar creatures, must compare it to other equally as bred creatures. Other bred creatures have 30k hp, other bred creatures can do 1000+dmg per strike. Lets not forget the golems heavy hitter is a slow move so its dps isnt the best. Even if the golem boulder does 3000, rex can do 1000+ and hit 2x to the golems 1 at least, id bet 3x. Also we're dealing with bigger numbers so we have to look at everything by a percentage viewpoint. Spino beats rex with 70 hp left out of 700, later spino beats rex with 700 hp left out of 7000. Its still 10%, still the same equivalent outcome. So if the golems facing creatures with these stats i dont see it as op, its actually a closer fight then a rex killing a carno, and considering a golem is a SPECIAL tame, thats harder to tame, and a beast of legend, it seems rather giving to the rex. Lets consider what the golem is. Its a decent hitting armored tank that sacrifices mobility for decent firepower and armor. This is a standard concept in many games and is usually a lil op compared to other enemies because we try to treat them as normal enemies. Same mistake is being made with the mana(More detail later). Golems strengths are power and defense. Its its gimmick. Even as such it can still lose in a 1v1 power to power fight, example giga. Note im referring to bred creatures all the way around here. Now the only thing that truly sets the golem apart is its natural armor, otherwise it wouldnt really be different then the majority of bred creatures. Even with it though its not colossally better then other bred creatures. The fact against non titan creatures it still isnt the king of slugging it out should say volumes, but just in case...I want to remind you what im suggesting here. Im not just suggesting the golem breeds, im saying basically all special tames. Do you know basilisk's poison spittle ignores armor? Just like a tank the golem cant move fast enough to avoid it. Then the poison cloud it takes forever to escape continuously dmgs it. Lets not forget these hit harder because of bred basilisk. Did you know that the frost wyvern's ice breath is the only wyvern breath that dmgs golems? Imagine frosting a golem and reducing its mobility further as you circle and continue frosting it as it never lays a finger on you. Ive done this on ragnarok. See what im suggesting brings balance within itself while bringing our hard earned tricky to tame end game stars out of the back line and shining, but not to bright. You see the golems might is also its weakness, and exploiting that weakness and the fact it exists to be exploited by those who can think is the definition of balance. What im suggesting is that. Mana, dude i have no idea why anyone finds this thing dangerous. I am so underwhelmed by the 1 i was messing with. How long did you say it freezes things? Because it literally froze a spino and kark for 3 secs. If it scales with size then its probably worse with gigas and rexes. Its power tappers off with range, at a safe distance it literally does 0 dmg, this is wyvern range im talking about. You have to be at point blank to do ok dmg. Lightning wyverns do more dmg and full amount at the farther end for way less stamina. MY mana had 200% dmg and 1000+ stam. 200% dmg is 1 point off from a wild 150s average. On a Lv 80 kark it took my whole stamina at point blank to kill that thing. A 100+ took 2 stamina bars. Its power certainly isnt op. Ok onto mobility. 1000 stam on most fliers takes a lil investment and is usually more then enough, wyverns being a good example of investing a bit to hit 1000. You cant even burst 2 times with 1000 stam. It takes 200 to get off ground and 400 to burst forward. You have to use another 200 to stay aloft and regain control leaving you with 200, not enough to burst...This is a joke. Its made worse by a very slow stamina regen. Theres absolutely nothing op about this tame. If you were to breed it and go after a bred rex and use hit and run with the freeze, freeze lasts 3 secs and cant be reapplied for like a minute, this tactic would take about an hour to kill that thing if its a boss rex with saddle and all. If its being used to harass a base and allow other tames to attack while your rexes and gigas are very temporarily froze then it might actually be somewhat dangerous for pvp. For pvp though theres 2 really simple ways to F manas over that are using guerrilla warfare. 1 place heavy turrets in close, away from your border wall, even just a few. Sponges stuck outside. Mana flies in to harass, gets blasted. Have players mount turrets if needed on the border, preferably rocket turrets. But the simplest most obvious counter to manas have existed before ragnarok. Manas are only dangerous when rode, besides setting your defenses to attack riders, you could always force a dismount yourself with a relatively simple low level tame. Microraptors can be order to attack and thrown at a rider with that same homing missle animation that pisses us all off. That rex it was picking on unthaws and thrashes both the rider and mana. GG mana. I really dont see the massive threat here. The point of paragraph 1 in previous post was more how backwards it is. I cant kibble tame a good kark(65) til im riding a drake(75) or basilisk(85). Same thing with the spino. It make more sense to lift spino eggs to exceptional. Im fine with karks being exceptional tames, just very backwards without the spino egg being better. Progression breaking. Theres 3 really, wild, tamed, and bred. Technically there is a point of balance because of the cap. When everything caps you have your original distinctions and advantages/disadvantages, which is how the devs made them and designed them to be. Me taking a 449 carno against a 449 rex has the exact same result as 2 lvl 150s, except for where we put the points possibly, human manipulation/effect of domestication, which makes sense. The reason i brought up unnerfed gigas is because solo players have nothing to help us kill the king. Gammas in reach but thats it, we need something. Already covered point 4 Still be nice to have griffin breeding it since we did pay real money too, plus goes with everything else ive talked about. Wc has gone back and tinkered some with center and island recently. They even stealth patched rockwells ascension bug relatively recently. With valguero having ab elements it makes ab still very much in the up front rn. Heck valguero's gimmick is ragnarok with aberration. You ignored both the basilisk living in red zone and should be radiation immune as well as having an aberrant oviraptor. Both these ideas are very good. Ovis are needed, and basilisks living in red zone but not radiation immune looks like the oversight of the year, last year.
  18. Im on ps4, its not smelting for me either now.
  19. Sorry @TheDonn, i cant respond to all of it yet, but ill hit 2 points. For the mana, ive played around with 1. Its stam is so low it cant stay up very long making transport very annoying with it. It also completely blows its stam killing 1 ok dino. It doesnt seem to intimidating. Breeding would be its only save. Which comes around to what you said. Your saying bred golems attacking a tribe, well that would be an alpha or mega right? Obviously regardless of if its super boss rexes, gigas, or titans, the lil tribe is F'd. It might as well be golems too. The real interest is another tribe with breds, that be a real fight, it be viable. Everyone looks at it lik the lil tribe cant fight back, no duh they cant ever no matter what. Thats pvp, big tribe has super dinos and kills you. No one considers an actual meta, same tier tribes. Bred golem fits right in its slot with bred gigas and rexes. Everything the big tribe brings is op, u cant count big tribe vs lil tribe. Balance of the dinos is when tribes are on equal level, as in bred vs bred, small vs small, big vs big. Considering big vs small is like mewtwo vs pikachu, its a mock, not real example. While u breed golems, they breed gigas, gigas still win. It makes sense.
  20. I agree so much. I dont even see how basilisks hp is op either, its ranked higher then a mosa(i think) on the list. So its starting hp of 2000 isnt crazy out of the way. My lvl 200some drake that does 400dmg and has 10k hp getting half killed by a lvl 20 reaper queen is op hp. I bit that thing at least 50 times. And really all SPECIAL tames, even wyverns, lose their power in the long run because of the lack of breeding. People say golems natural resistance would be to op with mate boost and saddle. I dont see anyone crying over dunkles which have all 3. So a golem can kill a rex. You breed your rexes til you get a super rex and it then thrashes that golem. The SPECIAL tame is now obsolete in its own strong points by something its suppose to be able to kill. This should never happen. Yes i believe hard work should be rewarded and super rex should be able to whoop normal golem, but this should not be the fate of the golem or any SPECIAL tame. To always be shafted and screwed over by things your supposed to be better than. I think if the kings getting whooped by a single peasant something isnt balanced here. Also the lack of insect/bat breeding has always erked me. Heck some of them have eggs in the coding already. Imagine a rainbowish arthro egg. ima add more things to my original post.
  21. Were these bred and imprinted gigas? By my math, and not counting the kings high defense state, the alpha king should die within 2mins of 20 gigas with high dmg. 90(wild points)x5(5% per point)+20(100%Base minus the 80 debuff from tame)=470(%). 4.7x400(Base dmg)=1880(Dmg). 1880x1.33333(Mate boost)=2500ish. 2500x4(Bonus dmg to boss)=10000. 10000x20(Number of gigas)=200000. 200000 dmg per group bite or 200000 dmg per second. 15 seconds would result in 2.5mil, the alphas full hp. Assuming your giga has 38k hp and you got a high 80% or more dmg reducing saddle plus the mate boost reduction id think youd be able to last 15secs, ill have to check the actual offense of the king though. Dont forget to upvote. And thanks for the warning, good to see you Rip. Ok after researching it says the gamma can inflict 12000dmg to max armor mate boosted tames. So tripple it to 60 gigas? XD 5 second final boss
  22. Even so, everything they do has to be approved by wc, abstract (the ps4, xb1, switch team) has publicly stated they want to do more, especially with the switch version, but wc hasnt given them the ok. For the record i dont use sp settings to buff anything. Idk if online bosses are harder or not though. Ive heard they are, but theres no numbers or any real proof floating around of it. Maybe @invincibleqc could help with hard numbers, hes quite reliable. Thanks for the info, itll be great bringing like 40 gigas with like 800% dmg into that fight. Im afraid to bring a titan though, dont want him to die.
  23. I added more to my original post, thank you for your reply btw. I see what your saying, but gigas are essentially a mini boss character. It would make sense for it to have 80k hp. If tameable bosses have at least 250k then a tameable mini boss having 80k makes sense. See i dont have ps+ so i have to play solo. That means when i go against that 2.5M hp final boss the best ima be able to muster is gigas. The boss dishes out 1000s of dmg per strike and the max hp a giga can muster currently is around 38k. Before extinction id agree with you but with king titan its a lil different now. I think its still possible to do it with 20 well bred gigas as is, as i said it is mainly just a side point that isnt overly important. Since you agree with my main point be sure to upvote it so the devs see it. Just to get the topic seen more @AngrySaltire @RipRavage @EntwinedPuppet @TheDonn @GreenRoc @Kodking194@d1nk @Caerbannog@DeHammer @rororoxor@TheRandomCrafter83
  24. Indeed, if i was a gm id be ready to whoop some tribes butt for blocking an achievement item. That said id dig into it a lil. If they wer willing to allow players access into their base, while under watch, to get the note then id be ok. So it stays locked til someone contacts the owners to say they need the note.
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