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  1. To be honest joe, when i first read his post i stopped and reread that part lol. I thought about teasing it but let it go. Im just happy someone had the same thought as me XD @Logan96 I like your imprint idea, but if thats gonna happen we need to be able to see base stats. Id be pissed riding my tame home just to be like "crap what stats were what again" when the ride home imprinted it. The transfer idea would be great if it wasnt a major killer for pve and SP people. Sure you can say hey separate the mechanic between pvp and pve...But we all know the devs wont put that much effort in.
  2. As pve player i agree with the need for progression based design...Im kinda pissed my extinction "dragon"(Ok wolfdragon android) sucks compared to the normal dragons on SE...Not only should there be progression on the map, but map to map as well. That goes with the story as well because things got more advanced and dangerous, on purpose, to test you and push you to be strong enough to solve humanity's crisis. The manas power loss has gotten so bad that its no longer that role...And i paid extra for it...And i never even got to play with it when it did...
  3. Thats actually something i to wish was in ark. Half the engrams are worthless to me because of the pvp focus. Iv never once walled my "yard"(Frankly my perfectionism annoys me to no end when it comes to building. i hate the unperfect, lack of seamless construction because of the odd ball parts you gotta throw together because the terrain is slightly uneven. So building an imperfect wall would just make it worse) or put up turrets...Iv never built a turret at all. Iv only built cannons/catas for blunt force trauma taming lol. Iv never built spikes...All just seems like a waste to me as a pve player. Id lik a reason to actually have this stuff. Id be happy with an npc tribe to fight against. So in short, ya i think the majority of pve players would enjoy an actually threat. (excluding that roaming giga XD)
  4. Crap my bad, the way you replied to joe's post i thought you were the guy joe replied to XD. His(the original) idea was to merge the 2. My bad man. Then ya, your idea is actually good. A tutorial area would benefit everyone.
  5. I dont see how that works. If the home is the only safe place from pvp then everything else does not follow pve. Its all pvp except the home under that logic. If we are forced to pvp with others to acquire any ground or progress/resources its no longer a pve game. Its literally full on pvp at that point. Also remember the pve mindset. Pve is about collecting "trophies" to display at "home". If my rex is stuck outside of a safezone, its not fitting the pve mindset. We dont want to waste hours upon hours of our life grinding items, babysitting a KO'd animal, training said animal, breeding said animal, or raising said animals babies just for some azzhat to come along and "Kick down our blocks" like a bratty 6yo during any part of that process. We wouldn't mind teaming up with you, but outside of that leave us the F alone is the mindset. We want to be online for social and cooperative play, not destroying each others hard work. Every bit of that is trophies to a pve player, no trophy equals no game. If we cant safeguard said trophies then its no longer our trophy and its no longer pve. You need to think skyrim to understand pve. Most people who play skyrim collect 1 of everything and stash it safely where no one(npc) can F with it, usually a house. U better believe if something bugs up and we loose trophies that we flip the F out XD. Id wager a lot of pvers are prone to completionisim as well, so anything getting F'd up for use irritates the F outta us.
  6. Your still forcing pve players into the pvp zone to upgrade pass bare basic. Not being able to bring anything back home would mark everything as worthless/temporary. It would feel like its not really yours.
  7. Joes right, event rates have no effect on single player. Whatever u set it to, thats what it stays.
  8. I agree with u, but then theyd have to go back and give all the maps a revamp of notes and after getting shafted on SE development we know WC is to lazy for that. What should be doesnt matter to WC...Only profit.
  9. Holy ****. People with real minds capable of understanding and fairness...World really is gonna end!
  10. as far as i know theres no way to submit video evidence from a ps4. At least without jumping through a bunch of hoops. You aught to just make your website qs4/xb1 friendly. We shouldnt have to buy extra devices or download extra apps just to get you to fix your crap...
  11. Hey GP, been awhile. Anyways yes. I been gone since like a month after Vals release until the start of this event. Im on SP so i dnt receive event rates normally. Ive always put event rates of 2x xp and harvest. Thing is when i played before i wouldnt be level 60 b4 i was done building a wooden house and making 1 saddle. I created a topic on this last night called broken xp gains. I put more detail and explained more on there if youd be kind enough to help me out. And thanks in advance GP
  12. I like how wc has enough money to hire a top class actor for a rather lengthy trailer, but apparently not enough money to hire the staff needed to fix the game or put some effort in for the poor switch users XD.
  13. Quote me specifically saying it was the 9th today. U cant because i didnt. Its relevant if they do it again in the upcoming event
  14. Let me explain this better for you @Joebl0w13. I got on wednesday night. I used an account ive used before with previous events with no issue before with those events. The turkey trial logo was not there. The cooking pot had no holiday stuff in it. The event was off. That or there was some sort of bug, regardless the content was unavailable. I wasnt able to come on then, so i posted about it today. Im just curious if anyone else experienced it. Now forgive me if im wrong, but doesnt wc usually say in their crunches that updates drop at a certain time in pacific time? Pacific time is 3hrs behind eastern. I noticed this because whenever they say 1pm its around 4pm that it drops here. So if they do things by pacific time, than at 10 or 11pm my time its only 7 or 8pm in their time. So the event should of still been on at that time, and it wasnt for me.
  15. It was for me, i got on a 2nd account on my ps4 and i had to gfi everything in on that account. The main screen also wasnt sporting the turkey trial look
  16. I know when i posted it that it was the 10th. That doesnt change the fact that on the 9th, WEDNESDAY, that the event was off.
  17. Apparently theres no edit option anymore for your posts. Sorry for the double post. Considering when i wrote my 1st post and the fact the timezone line(I forget the official name for it) that ends and starts the zone cycle is just west of Alaska, nowhere was it the 9th at that time XD. Sorry for the confusion, i should of said here i was instead of am.
  18. Anyone else notice turkey trial ended a lil early? The in game notification wall says ends the 10th. Here i am on the night of the 9th with no event active. Thought wc ran on pacific time as well. That means their clock is 3hrs behind mine so it wasnt the 10th for them either.
  19. I need valentine candies too, not just chocolates. Thats new and only way mentioned was fishing coelacanth. Plus theres 6 new chibis tht im assuming only fishing will give. I just wiped the map and iv found a coelacanth with hearts above its head. Idk if it only appears with da rod out or not but this has to b da holiday fish.
  20. Im playing sp and the items r appearing in the pot, but my fishing, which is the only thing they advertised that can get you holiday stuff, hasnt given me anything holidaywise.
  21. Are the fish special holiday versions? Iv fished coelacanth and just getting basic non holiday bs.
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