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  1. I want to bring it to everyones attention. 1 of the fear evolved skins is no longer being supported by the data files. The reaper swimtop has been removed from every 1 of my systems accounts and commands to return it are not working. To be specific im referring to the swimtop, not the shirt. Can anyone else confirm this? Im on ps4
  2. The gas mask is available on the island. Frankly if ur not high enough in level to get the gas mask, u have no business fighting the dragon. Gamma dragon eats alpha brood or kong for breakfast, WITHOUT ANY MILK! Also u can get gasmasks from deep sea drops...And u can create cryopods at obs and supply drops(In response to the 1 guy saying no cryos). Hands down hardest cave is the snow cave and cryos make it easier. Of course you could carry some explosives(For purlovia) and run on the walls with a megalania.
  3. The gas mask is available on the island. Frankly if ur not high enough in level to get the gas mask, u have no business fighting the dragon. Gamma dragon eats alpha brood or kong for breakfast, WITHOUT ANY MILK! Also u can get gasmasks from deep sea drops...And u can create cryopods at obs and supply drops(In response to the 1 guy saying no cryos). Hands down hardest cave is the snow cave and cryos make it easier. Of course you could carry some explosives(For purlovia) and run on the walls with a megalania.
  4. You obviously didnt read the other posts to do with this. 2 bugs blocking the ability to beat the base game as it was intended to be done, 1 of which completely destroys ur ingame profile wiping ur character and note progress. I wasnt even aiming at the multiplayer in any of my posts. Tho if u want to get technical WC has stated this to be a multiplayer game at its core. Technically everything else is the add on. So, under those guidelines, the multiplayer accessibility is arguably the true game and product being sold. That would be like WoW or division without the servers. Again, get in a car with factory defective brakes, someones going to pay for that because u paid for it and it is not working as intended. There are a slew of game breaking bugs across all variations of the gameplay, server or not. People wanting something simple because the devs refuse to fix core problems that theyve known about for years is more than fair.
  5. Which they shouldnt be able to escape. Law needs reworked so companies cant do that. Which the base game is not working as intended. The story is broken by a missing artifact and to complete the base game is to delete ur file. I get what ur saying, big business F's us over and gets away with it. Im saying it should be mandatory and someone needs to inact it. It seems we both agree that the game needs fixed. I need to point out, a lot of the screeching is because of WC actions. The community used to be better. WC focusing on money and gimmicks instead of improving quality has pushed the community to this point. Thing is the screechers are actually fans and want this game to thrive. We want to be loyal to WC. They just dont care about us in this area. They will 1 day regret it and i believe that day is coming. But we screech because we dont want to give up on them, even though we are rightfully pissed off.
  6. Still the fact they still have ur money...Compensation at that point is mandatory...Or lawyers usually get involved next. Tho like u id prefer a more civil approach. Some people/companies just dont understand civil tho. Which is when the customers get hostile, and rightfully so.
  7. Well, the majority of people would probably call them and throw a fit...Lol. Tho i agree, you just dont go back if they dont compensate. Thing is, ark doesn't compensate. Thats why u have screechers demanding something. If we're going to stick with my analogy, than hes not even asking for a new big mac. Hes just asking for a small fry. Still a steal for WC
  8. The fact we pay money for a product means it should work as intended and if it doesn't there should be consequences like any other company selling a defective product. There is no excuse for it, period. The fact theres a workaround is irrelevant because it shouldnt have to exist to begin with. Go jump in a car with defective brakes and tell me how that goes. Someone would be in trouble for those brakes. Less extreme, ok, u get a big mac and its F'd up. What happens? U get a new 1. U get the problem fixed. No company is supposed to ignore the problem of the product, but game companies do. With WC being the posterboy of this. Under these circumstances its completely fair to be wanting some kind of compensation. Also this problem will become WCs as they lose loyalty, revenue, and eventually all standing as a company. Now to be fair, the evo screeching thing is a lil much...I mean we already got 2x rates added permanently. So i agree thats a lil silly. I wasnt pointing that part at WC as much as i was confronting that guy verbally attacking the other guy.
  9. Thats a bit harsh and uncalled for. What if they work, or have kids? Hes more complaining about the lack of evo events. I dont think its very hard to implement these events that have been done repeatedly before. Chances are they have these settings saved and can flip em on or off relatively easily, with minor adjustments maybe. And if not, theyre stupid and need to create a simple file they can implement repeatedly for evos for their own ease. The kicker here is increasing the event timer wouldnt be any extra trouble to them. It was simply the choice between a date, not any extra code to prolong it. So that hints more at the devs just being sausages because they know some people cant be on 24/7. U want to call people spoilt brats? WC is spoilt compared to other game companies. No other company would get away with as much broken content as WC does. The entitlement of gaming companies as a whole is obscene. No other company designed to sell products to customers can legally get away with things that gaming companies do. The CC u pay for on skyrim and fallout causing the 0kb bug is a great example. How on earth bethesda hasnt had their azzes sued off astounds me. Arks ascension wiping everything youve done and artifact not spawning in the NW cave breaks the game. It also blocks 2 or 3 base game trophies, which blocks the platinum without cheating, and that should violate terms with sony and microsoft. The fact WC blatantly ignores the headaches to their own playerbase (In these important areas at least, while taking our money to sell us a broken product) seems rather bratty to me. Since after all, if it wasnt for our money and loyalty, they wouldnt have anything. Whos ungrateful now?
  10. Cedric was considering it...But the accountants said it would cost to much, and the team said it would take to much effort.
  11. How about fixing thr argys broke grab hold. It can no longer be used to snatch and carry wild creatures without being ate alive. 1 of my main reasons to have 1...
  12. Youre kidding right? Breeding chances: roughly 1/200 is what your chances are for getting the mutation u want. Thats excluding when u roll a double mutation that f's you over for that 200. Now throw time into redoing or rebreeding the new 1 if its the wrong gender. Now do all that 40x. Now consider the boss dinos u NEED to breed take at least 2 days to be ready to mate again...Does no one see how absurd that is? Breeding in this game is absurd. Even combined all the other grinds in this game dont even come close to how much time breeding takes...And thats not even considering the hunt for good tames to start the process. Idk about you, but any game that literally stonewalls you for over a month at the end of the game before you can finish it is poorly designed to me. U can dominate the map, get a great base, and great "wild" tames...Just be finished with the map basically...And then you have to drop everything in the game because u hit a stonewall with the bosses and you need to breed over a month just to finish it. As stated its very tedious, absurdly so, and its a real killjoy. I like basically all the other rates (Taming needs a lil boost), so im not a grind hater. I just HATED going coma zombie breeding dinos. I boosted the crap out of it and it took me a year or more to breed 40 mutation boss dinos. That was mainly to do with just losing all joy for the game, causing me to take more than 1 hiatus.
  13. Then explain the as long as its feet touch bottom bit. I think it sinks and charges on the bottom like the other guy said because it also mentioned its density at 1 point. Still, it was very poorly explained regardless. The fact we could debate it is proof that dossier needs work.
  14. Thats my point, the details literally say, as long as its feet touch bottom it wont be slowed down. Every creature in the game moves at full speed as long as its feet touch bottom. Someone said it might be referencing that it can sink to bottom and charge, but that skill wasnt really detailed at all. The way the crunch puts it just suggests it doesn't lose speed running through water as long as its feet touch the bottom...Which every creature already does lol
  15. Why does it keep referencing the pigs water speed? Water never effects anyones speed "as long as feet touch bottom".
  16. I like how the trailer shows everything snowed over, but theres no snow on the island at all...Except the usual areas
  17. U kinda basically just agreed with everything i said, but iget the impression your taking an argument stance with me. If you read my posts before that 1 you can clearly see that i said the same thing as you, as well as in my later posts.
  18. Im hoping so lol. That was 1 of the 1st things i noticed about the trailer. Id like to see how, even in the modern day, your gonna get into a base/fortress without breaching the walls. Above no good because AA(Turrets), and below would be antimesh so no tunneling for you. Even if you would tunnel, youd still have to breach the floor/basement wall...Theres no conceivable way to infiltrate a base from the ground without blowing a hole. Its been that way through all of history and will be until someone comes up with a teleporter XD. Do remember that ark1 released and advertised itself as a primitive game too. I wouldnt be surprised if tek found its way into ark2. Lore wise i dont see how it couldn't. Aberration landed and seeded on earth too. We logically should have mutated creatures and element lingering on the earth.
  19. I agree though i would like to experience some form of pvp with the computer. When i initially bought ark i was mislead by the trailers, especially the SE part with the merchant, into believing there was npcs and towns. Tribe warring with the npcs would make this so good lol
  20. That kind of pvp i wouldnt mind, if ark wasnt so grindy. Most grindy pvp games dont have the looming threat of ruining everything youve done over the last half year lol. Frankly with the level of commitment needed to play this game...Im surprised we haven't heard of a murder related to this games pvp yet. But ya, a friendlier pvp like u describe, possibly similar to nooblet's style would be quite rewarding. I completely understand the sentiment of building those bonds. I do believe though that the majority of servers arnt that way. I believe you got lucky with that. I agree pvp should remained intact, but something MUST change in it. Not only for the integrity of the pvp playerbase, but the whole of ark. The pvp exploits/craziness has lead to direct very unwelcomed impacts with pve and sp. ThIngs that just about everyone loved and was for everyone were striped from us because of this toxic pvp. The mana and flyer nerf to mention 2 of the big 1s. I also blame the devs, fixing these issues didnt have to lockout speed or completely trash the mana. Things could of been reworked so much better in both cases but the devs didnt want to take the time to.
  21. Tho im an SP player i understand the thrill concept of conquest. A huge war is always epic. That said, consider the drawbacks of this. You have rather naz1 like gustapo running about torturing the crap out of anyone they dont accept over multiple servers, and thats with just 1 mega tribe. Imagine multiple of them. This leads to a nasty chunk of players forced to over populate other serves because the playerbase cant fully utilize the servers given to us by the devs because of all our lil h1tlers. This can even force people into a video game "slavery" to these tribes just to be able to play the game they bought and have a right to play freely. This can get so bad that people cant even play their game at times because the pvp playerbase is so toxic, trapping player spawn points and hunting bobs for example. Every1 jumping at shadows and innocents are hanging over fear of witches(mega tribe invasion). Thats not a healthy design at all...
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