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  1. So. I finally got my lvl 300 bred Pteras, after changing lines to clean up some of the mutation ancestries. I didnt like 2 and 9 on the lines so bred in some fresh birds and started again. Ive managed to get lvl 300 with mutations of 0/20 and 1/20 so am really happy with that. Decided to hatch another egg that i had laying about and got another stam mut to 555 - so have a new stam stat and a weight of 247 to breed into the line now. Melee is ok at 422 and Food is nearly 9k but I think the HP at only 2k can be bettered.

    I reckon that will take me to at least 305 and by then who knows what else will turn up. I have decided to prolong the Ptera line a bit longer and see if I can hit a 3235 born baby but we will see.

    The next set of dinos will be the Bears as Im breeding 256 bears but have a few stats t breed into the line.

    All in all, a good week last week but starting to look at different dinos - including my rexes for boss fights as I finally went took down the first bosses with a friend on the server. The Monkey went before brood even came out so was happy with that.

    Ive got 5 decent rex eggs waiting to go, 12k hp and 350 m - so we can see what and when I can hatch.


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  2. Wow, that took a while to catch on everyones progress as its been so long since I have been able to get on here.

    So.. where do I start. Ill keep it as short as I can.. Pteras are now hatching out at 298 - so close to the lvl 300 I wanted - and still 3 stats to breed into the line so should pop 300 this weekend - depending on the cap as its always darned capped :(

    Started a Spino line - bred 12 eggs and no stats merged but got 3 colour muts including a White one - named her Alby (after Albino). 

    Have a range of Anky eggs ready including some blue anky's so would be good to get some decent stats merged here.

    Tribemate has done well with the base, with 2 buildings out of the 6 practically finished now (one which houses, otters, dodos, Dimorphs and vegetables and the other which houses Bears and Hyenas). 

    Had some nice drops recently, Asc Rex saddle but not the BP unfortunately, and we have few nice weapon items too like 200% longneck rifle bp.

    I have got a nice Allo egg, so with any luck it will hatch a female and I can then start getting some good Allos as the male is pretty beastly.

    The last but by no means least - I have a 256 bred Polar Bear - started with 3800 hp, 402 melee, 2500 Stam and 1107 weight - managed to imprint it to 100% so super happy here - it came out mutated white!

    A few other trades happened but the work was done by others so I cant claim anything from these haha

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  3. 18 minutes ago, DukeFromArk said:

    We found a wild 145 bronto with 17,480 health! We couldn't believe it, everyone had to get a magnifying glass to see. We had the kibble and were taming, but some how it wasn't enough kibble(even though we had the right amount for sure) and we lost it.

    Its frustrating not having the kibble. I always take 2 or 3 more kibble than what the calculator says - can never be too safe :) 

    I hatched another of my Pteras, still coming out at 287 - cannot get the final stat to merge - but I wont give up haha

    I now have a 400+ melee bear, a 400+ melee Ptera and an Argy with 400+ melee. If only I could get a Spino with 400+ base melee too haha

    I didnt do a great deal this week as had some irl issues which will affect my game time for the next few months but Ill happily hatch a Ptera or two until I get online.

    I quickly ran the northern Ice Cave and came out with  MC Ptera BP so I was happy about that. 

    Still tame capped but seems to be freeing up more often now which is nice.

  4. 11 hours ago, Shibiz said:

    As EU-TheIsland78 is capped I just farmed metal, obsidian, crystals and had a pelt farm.

    Sounds similar to TheCenter60 NA-PVE

    We are capped too, and with some help from the server, we all agreed to kill off dodos and low lvl dinos so we could all get a few babies done. I managed to raise a pair of Spinos, nothing too decent but 221 was enough to keep and use as it was imprinted.

    Managed to get a light baby blue Ptera to hatch so was a keeper and am now hatching lvl 273 baby Pteras with 5 of the 6 best stats. Had a mutated stam go to 495 so that was also good to go with the 422 mutated melee stat now.

    Other than that, I farmed a lot of metal, stone and grinded my way up to lvl 92. 

    With 8x we could have done so much more but there are tribes with 500 dinos that just dont want to kill anything off, so we were capped for 96% of the time.

  5. I havent posted for a week as I have been on half term looking after my daughter - Daddy days out!

    Ill keep it brief, but I basically bred whenever the tame cap was lifted... its been so annoying and hard to do anything. 

    Managed to get 4 out of 6 stats on my Ptera, it now has a mutated neon green wings, with a neon green body! Stats are currently HP 2041, Stam 480, Weight 232 and Melee 410. Hopefully I can get the 8k food and the 870 Oxy on there soon as its already hatching at 271.

    I started a Direbear breeding programme too as I lost my Direbear in the most unfortunate of circumstances - forgot any armour when going for a meat run - got 1 shotted unconscious by a 140 Theri - it killed my Bear - just not sure how :(

    That was a day after i lost my 270 Spino to a hoarde of Megalodons and an Alpha Megalodon - I got encumbered and couldnt clear it quick enough :(

    So, not a great couple of days as I lost some progress with my Bear and Spino - but bred a new Bear with decentish stats but around 90% imprint.

    Ive had a few days off so will log on later to check out this Halloween event - not overly bothered as the server will still be capped no doubt.

  6. Sorry to hear of your news. We had a blue mutation on our first ever breed back on our legacy server - a Direbear! I truly loved my bears on there and was so disappointed when we left the server and had no place for them to go. 

    We currently have 3 mutations - a pink Dimorph, a neon green footed Argy, and 2 blue Ankys.

    Tonight Ill be breeding my Pteras so I can get a load hatched at the weekend again.

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  7. Did you fill the dinos with meat or the troughs? I always cook up a load of meat and leave cooked meat in the dino as well as the trough. The problems with troughs are - your other dinos will eat the meat too.

    Also, was your dino (the one that died) out of range of a trough?

    Sorry to hear you lost one but at least 2 survived :P

  8. Good weekend for me too actually... ill keep it as short as I can ;)

    Hatched all 15 Ptera eggs and kept 5 - no mutations but some stats merged which was nice... one baby came out at 261 - thats with just a good HP and Food stat. I tamed 2 x 145 Pteras and 2 x 150 Pteras too mainly for the colour as the 480 stam stat matched what I already had - but the colour was red wings and black body.

    We hatched a couple of Anky's with blue mutations - looked really nice. 

    Then I created a new char on SE and managed to get to lvl 65 in a couple of hrs as we had transferred a couple of bears - god they are OP for SE. I managed to get some explorers notes and matched with the 2x event - just killed anything I saw - ding, ding, ding, ding - 65 in no time at all.

    Spent the rest of the weekend getting res and looking after the juveniles. Noticed that the drops on SE are so much better then Center and found a MC Direbear saddle BP - havent had a drop like that on Center for ages.

    Other than that... the weekend was uneventful - no losses, and no great finds but hey-ho, life goes on.

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  9. I logged in, said my usual ‘Hello Center60’ and got to work with mating my Pteras, Anky’s and Gallis. I ended up trading a fertilized Galli egg to some player for 200 ingots – not sure if that is good or not, but I am always happy to help players where I can.

    Other than that, I went on a meat and berry run but all the metal in the immediate areas were already harvested so I just went to get some crystal instead. It wasn’t an overly productive night but tonight will be much better.

    Tonight will be the late night as I prepare for a weekend of hatching, taming and breeding. So really, I need to make lots more narcs and darts, get troughs full of berries and cooked meat, and start to turn my eggs into kibble. I’m not too bothered about imprinting this weekend as they are only gen 1 hatches and until I get my 6 stats onto at least 1 bird (aim is to get 2 sets  breeding birds with my highest stats on) then I won’t imprint as it’s a waste of kibble really.

    I’ll probably  gather a load of resources and do a few cave runs but my aim is to spend a 5hr gaming session preparing for a weekend of babysitting ;)

    I bred my Pteras, Ankys, Gallis ready for hatching this weekend. Ended up trading a Galli egg 

  10. I’m sure it isn’t just me this happens to… you know, when you spend all weekend looking for 150 tames and you have all the time in the world to search and find one, but don’t find one. That was my last weekend’s goal actually – didn’t want to hatch too many eggs due to no 2x maturation.

    So last night it was a case of logging in, getting some spark powder for the preserving bins, meat and berry run and feed the three buildings.

    I’m pretty much done, and bred my Pteras as part of my breeding project ready to hatch possibly two dozen eggs at the weekend (hoping for 2x hatching, maturation etc).

    I fly back up to the cliff base when I spot a lovely finned Spino out the side of my eye. Now usually, any dino I see with a nice colour is when inspected a low level. I wasn’t thinking any different – this was light green with a bright orange fin. I got my scope out and took a closer look – 145 female!! Seriously! I had already told the wife I wouldn’t be on long and that I’d get an early night (that was the excuse I used to abandon her to her tv programme and come on the pc early).

    Im in a quandary now, our ally and previous tribemate lost his Spino last week to a 145 Alpha Rex. I call him up on TS and say Ill help him get it down. Typically, I get the last hit and it goes down. My ally goes to access the dino to put the kibble and narcotics in – but cant… its assigned to me isn’t it!

    There is no way I’m spending 2 and a half hrs taming this thing, wife will already kill me for being up later than I said I would. I force my ally to leave his alliance and join ours again to complete the tame. I feel bad, but what can I do… it’s a lovely looking 145 female Spino and he had only just lost his.

    I’m ready to log off, have a little glance at a lovely looking coloured Ptera – thinking to myself those colours would work well with our breeding line. 150!! I cry out in frustration. All weekend I was seeking a new Male 150 and found nothing. Now that I am desperately in need of my bed, I make a decision… Im late anyway, Im going to get in trouble with her anyway. I end up grabbing some bolas, tranqing it down and starve taming if for 50 mins just in case I fall asleep.

    My tribemate (leader) logs in so I hand over the reins to him and log off.

    I did receive a message this morning that the stats were very rounded off but no standalone stat is particularly high. It ended being a perfect tame though.

    Don’t you hate nights like these?

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  11. Well it was a 2x weekend but not for maturation so my tribe mate and I spent the weekend extending our base as our primary goal. 

    It turned out to be a great weekend, we extended our starter base building and turned it into a decent farm house so that we can keep the Doeds, Anky's and any other resource gathering mounts in. This is down by the river and its useful to have them down there and mass produce stone foundations etc.

    We then continued with the upper base on the cliff and have started a new greenhouse. We decided to make a few changes to the usual style by making it two tiered and having the plots sitting on a metal building with glass surroundings - its like an Orangery really and it actually looks really good. It allows us to house some of the little guys below too in nice little rooms - Dodo's and Otters etc

    After a weekend of taming a few little guys, a Titanboa, PachyRhinos and Dodos' we actaully managed to raise a Hyanaedon for our pack and 3 Pteras with 410 melee. Im working on a Ptera breed farm with stats ranging from HP2k+ Stam 480+ F 8k+ Ox 720+ W232+ M 410+. These are my base stats currently spready throughout a number of tames - am in the process of tryig to get them into the same line as that would be a good bird!

    Finally, just as I was about to log off I see an Allo pack - we dont see many in our area so it was worth taking the time out to grab one. It was only a 135 male but a friend has a female on our server with better stats (apart from the food) and we will probably breed them to get ourselves an Allo pack.

    So all in all, it was a great effort by the tribe and the base has really started to take shape – and Ive got my Pteras finally where I want them… ready for endless breeding to get the stats crossed over to one another J

  12. I decided to have a late one last night so I could actually play with my US tribe mate - I play in the UK.

    After spending 3hrs grinding resources; metal, eggs, stone, loot drops and just general food runs - my tribemate joins the game.

    The night before he bagged himself a nice 145 Spino - he likes Spinos,  nearly as much as I like my Bears.

    We decide to go through the swamps up to the snow cave and I said Id lvl his new Spino for him. 

    He decided to name his Spino Slice and for those WoW players, I named his other (which is now theoretically mine) Dice ;)

    We run the Ice cave without any real issues but no real decent loot drops - Im sure we have got ascendent gear from there before. But I was happy doing something different so I was happy just being up there. We ripped up a pair of Alpha Carnos, 3 Yutis and their partnering Carnos - Think the new Spino went from 216 to 257. Stats started to look like 6k hp and 450 melee, not amazing but they are fairly versatile.

    Tonight will be the same I think but will possibly look for a couple of high lvl Pteras for breeding options.

  13. I had a quiet and fairly quick night as the server was being closed for maintenance so I decided that I would have an early night instead. 

    I went out on my Bear (she is a tame and is 255 so I doubt many lvls) and came across a lovely looking Albino Rex with a black fin on its back right outside our lower base. I didnt have my glass on me but I seriously doubted it to be a winner so I swiped. I swiped again and again but still no blood marks so this is when I started hating ARK (in this instance that is). Finally the Rex went down 'Your lvl 255 Mama Dire Bear killed a lvl 150 Rex' - truly gutted! 150, and perfect colouring. Oh well, it wasnt 2x tame anyway so I doubt I would have bothered taming it (I keep telling myself this anyway).

    I arrive at the cave that I wanted to run quickly and wow, the last few days there seem so many more mobs - spiders, scorpions etc. Its still no issue on my bear but its not as quick as it used to be. I got an apprentice fur chest piece which was nice and an apprentice pike so it will go in the collection.

    Other than that, I fed some dino's, grabbed some eggs as I passed unattended bases (they were offline I might make clear) and then logged off.


    Not a big night but still a nice little chest piece. Oh and I nearly forgot, some nice guy was at a gold drop before me, he checked it, decided he didnt need it, and when I checked, it was a ramshackle bear saddle - replaced mine straight away - what a nice guy :)

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  14. I had a long Saturday night which was good and the highlight was visiting the Ice Cave on the Center map. Now on our last server we visited it with Bears and they were great but my Tribe master and I didnt have any spare bears yet to leave up there so we decided to try and swim a pair of Spino's up there. Neither are great - one has 400 melee and the other has 6k hp so between us we had a tank and a slayer. 

    The first part went swimmingly well, swamps no issue and no Mosa's or anything to take us out from below.

    We arrived at the IceCave (west side I think) and neither of us were sure if Spinos would fit in and on some of the walkways. We didn’t even know if the Yeti’s would push us back. The Spino’s indeed managed to fit in and we also managed to clear Yeti’s fairly easily. It was nice getting our 3rd Artefact. Cunning, Immune and now Skylord. So game progression we have now managed to do (in standard ARK) in a month, than what we achieved in nearly a year on Prim+. Granted, I’m more of a help now and we also have other players, however, we are still far behind in our breeding programme though L

    We got no decent drops from the crates but it was good experience for the Spinos – they levelled up quite nicely in there.

    Other than that, we added further metal walls and flooring, bred some more dinos and put the eggs in the fridge awaiting for another 2x weekend to raise the all.

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  15. I did log in last night after I heard that we had had a Giga egg stolen from our air con room. I was suprised by it but not overly so just went on a cave run and hit up a few beacons. 

    I was quite tired but spent 30 mins, killing some Rex's and anything I could see and then... a pack of Allos! Now, I mustn't say this too loud or my tribe master will give me a grilling on TS this weekend but I didnt have my spyglass on me so couldnt see the levels but the Alpha had taken no damage from the Stego and 3 Brontos they were assaulting.

    Anyway, I saw an opportunity for some good xp for my bear and for a few nice trophies... Bang! The Alpha was harder than I expected and then it dawned on me, do i run adn leave it, and come back with a glass? By now the Allo was bloody so wouldnt survive any further carnage from anything so I kept on plugging away. 'Your Bear killed a level 150 Allosaurus' - D'oh! I know we dont see them often and I know my Tribe Master really wanted one (we had a nice one on our old server). Ill keep that to myself me thinks :P

  16. It was a good weekend, there are 5 of us now in the tribe and we are splitting our efforts;

    One guy is building up and SE base and taming Jerboas etc and he occassionally pops back and works on our (inbuild)swamp/snow base.

    2 others are actively taming and imprinting on Rex's and anything else that they come across - think their goal this week is for a nice Giga but we can wait and see the outcome of that.

    My tribeleader is currently offline due to Irma but he got on for a while over the weekend whilst he stayed with the in-laws. He is our builder and we completed our Industrial forge this weekend to go with the industrial cooker. We have placed a number of metal walls and floors to see what it looks like with out metal framed windows - the base is coming along quite nicely. 

    Me, well... I'm the resource guy, I get the metal, wood and stone and anything else we require. I also hatched a pair of twin argies at 230 (imprinted them to 74%) even though the first 50% maturation took 15hrs, the second 50% was done in 9hrs - can anyone explain why that would be? I lost out on an imprint due to that. Nevertheless, they came out with 4k hp, 800 weight and 400+ melee. Not bad really.

    Completed 2 caves on the new server now and donning the artefacts of the Cunning and Immune. It wont be long until we get back to the South Ice Cave and get the Skylord one which we also got on our legacy server.

    So it was quite a progressive weekend as it goes but we wont progress much this week as I am too busy so ill keep the food topped up and that is about it. Hoping for another 2x next weekend.

  17. Sorry to hear your pain Aushegun. I don't trust myself to be focused when out and about killing so I always use a set of weapons/tools a level down from my best - I know that I will lose them otherwise ;)

    I hope your luck improves... as I hope mine does with my beacon drop loot hunting tonight :)

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  18. Last night was one of those evenings where I wasn’t planning on much – but oh how that changed when the wife at the moment said ’I’m actually off out tonight’.

    I still wasn’t overly motivated to do much since my tribe mates are still AFK after Irma but this is what I ended up doing…


    We have moved up to the cliff base now, most dinos are sitting on the ground floor and flyers are for now on tier two – tier 3 has yet to be unveiled. I was getting rather frustrated with the storage in the base even with 14 Large storage shelves (how can they only contain 45 items!!).


    So, as everyone had just dropped items here there and everywhere – my OCD had got to a point where I myself was having colour mutations. 2hrs! That is what it took for me to sort all Saddle BP’s, Armour BP’s, Building BP’s, All crafted items and Resources (like Crystal, Stone, Metal, Wood etc).


    Now, I am used to prim+ and my first thought was safes as these are fairly small, and don’t take up too much space. I smash out 3 new safes and go to place one – Oh, my! These things don’t fit particularly in situ with anything – hideous! But for 150 storage, I take the pain and place 3 in a row against the back wall. At least most things are now easily accessible… don’t get me wrong, there are still another 9 storage cupboards to replace but these can be placed on tier 2 – out of the way J


    During this time, 2 tribe mates had logged on and started raising the new born rex and bear – they were on a 24hr mission to try and imprint to a decent lvl – this isn’t even 2x taming but they wanted to – crazy I know!


    I did  venture out for a few gold drops and 1 cave run but nothing decent had dropped but all in all, I do feel better about our storage situation. Tonight will be similar I feel but possibly I will harvest more resources.


    Oh, and the Otters… I checked our 3 Otters and was thinking that I could start my breeding programme – but they are all female L Oh well, maybe tomorrow!

  19. 2 minutes ago, BeardO said:

    I finished the gamma ascension cave and beat the overseer....and now I think it's time to uninstall lol

    Congratulations. I never seem to fininsh a server, always distract myself by starting a new server and I end up progressing to about the 3rd cave and we start something else... one day I will get there :)

  20. 17 hours ago, Jabnlab said:

    Congrats on the otter. I still havent found one on my rag server. Hopefully I do when I take my bronto house out exploring this weekend.

    Yes, I was ecstatic after logging on and finding him sitting there last night. I will be attempting some breeding this weekend as we have 3 now - none overly high lvl but just hoping for a few colour changes - an Albino one would be lovely.

    As for last night, I logged on after a long and tiring day so didnt have the motivation to do much. I went out on my bird and collected a few gold drops but wasnt getting anything overly nice. I then saw a blue drop with a gold ring that had been sitting near the base for a while so I thought I'd get it before logging off - wasnt expecting much and got some MC Ghillie Gloves and a Apprentice Fur Chest piece. This gave me a little motivation so I popped in the local cave (Artifact of the Cunning) and opened two containers - only got a journeyman sickle and a Journeyman Phioma Saddle. 

    I then decided to massacre every living thing on my bear as I returned to base - feeling quite satisfied that my bear continues to cheer me up.

    I then dropped off my food into troughs, items in the containers - made sure everything was locked up, and logged off for the night. Nothing too amazing :(

  21. On 11/09/2017 at 7:41 AM, ranger1presents said:

    what to introduce next?

    Otters!! Colour mutated Otters! 

    This leads nicely on what did I get up to on ARK today...

    I had for three days attempted to get me an Otter - my tribe mate had one and I was 'honestly' jealous. 

    So I logged in last night and there before my eyes was a 125 Otter with my player char name on it!! I love my tribe mates.

    ALl in all, we had a good weekend with the 2x event. Our PVE server Official on Center has so far been fairly friendly, no real slagging matches so to speak but possibly not as nice as our legacy server was - it may just need some time for the real players to stand out.

    We now have 4 bases up and running. Our cliff base has started really well, mid jungles east coast and its got the fabricator, power gen, air con and industrial cooker etc. We have our starter pen down by the river but most of that is now just resource dinos as we moved everything up to what will be the main area on the cliff. I then last night (along with my new otter friend - called Tails) noticed a rather large pen (only two walls high currently) just round from the cliff where there is an open section between all the trees - I am guessing its going to be a place for Rex's, Spino's and Allo's but I could be wrong as I thought that was going to be down by the river front. We have also built an outpost in between the swamps and the snow biome so we can tame some different dinos without too much interference.

    There were a number of tames over the weekend, and with 6 of working tirelessly, we pretty much had all the resource gathering dinos we needed, and enough pairings of dinos for egg laying that we wanted i.e Stego's for Argies, and Scorpions for Rex's. 

    Due to Hurricane Irma, Ive not spoken to the tribe leader for 17hrs now but Im fairly sure he will be ok - it will be nice to work out what the big pen is for... hopfeully find out tonight if he gets back online.

    Now my priority is to breed some Otters - they are the cutest thing since the ickle Rex I bred last month on my legacy server. 

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  22. Well, I decided that my SE based was now a legacy server so after my 1 night of enjoying the challenge, I've not been back since. I have also not been on my Prim+ server which is slightly disheartening too as that is now legacy.

    I have since started a new official (standard ARK) PvE server with three new tribemates so its no longer just Paint and I. 

    I know its boring but we have again started on the Center and have pillared off the same spot we had on our Prim+ base. We like our cliff base and have decided to go again :)

    Weve now 5 Pteras all 145/150s and also a pair of Raptors for the easy cave nearby. At first we built on the shore, steadied up our base whilst just putting the foundations around the cliff ready to build. Within a few days, we have our fabricator built, most of us are lvl 60 and are now looking at designs and ideas for pens.

    Its been busy but I think for the next few days I will probably have a little time out and come back at the weekend hoping for an event to help progress.

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  23. I needed a little break from my normal prim+ game so I installed SE, and started on an official server to see what all the fuss was about. My tribe mate had already made a start with a small base and a lvl 20 Kapro. 

    I heard it was hard, logged in and the first thing I see were claws and my death - I hadnt even moved. I laughed, tried again and managed to survive possibly 3 minutes until I was chased by a Rex. I managed to get away only to be killed by a Vulture. My next two deaths were more a run and see event but then I finally found my tribe mate - he invited me to his tribe and we started the slow progress of exploration. We tamed a lvl 20 sabre, tried to investigate some mountains, got turned back by sabres and carnos. Then came the vulture issue - it killed me again and as my tribe mate attempted to save my sabre - the sabre died :(

    I spawned in, spotted a 145 Raptor and got it tamed at 207 I think on just meat. She will be my forever faithful friend now - I go tamely around the mountain side running from most things I see but I did manage to get somce crystal and obsidian to start building some more important items. 

    SE is so much harder, but a challenge I was possibly in need of.

  24. 34 minutes ago, Handmadejamie99 said:

    Well today I found out that over a years worth of hard work is going to disappear after the 29th because all but six primitive pve servers are being deleted and it's an active server

    Sorry to hear that. I think my PrimitivePlus13 PVE NA server survived the cull which is good as we have only just rebuilt from where we had a break of a month and lost everything. To be honest though, I have really enjoyed starting again, you might too, so it might be worth giving it a go on a new server :)

    Good luck.

    As for daily stories... I have none to tell from yesterday as I thought I'd give my dino's a day off ;)

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