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  1. I didnt get up to much last night.

    Hatched 12 Allo eggs, only one was a keeper, and hatched 30 Pteranadon eggs, again, no keepers.

    Giga is pretty much complete (spare one for meat harvesting) and my Yutys made it to 10% without dying this time! Whohoo!!!

    Tonight I am going to attempt my 190 Holiday Rock Drake Egg and then tomorrow, Ill be attempting the Wyverns :)

    Roll on Friday so I can get home and play some more ARK

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  2. It depends on the region you are in... for instance in the jungle or in the snow or desert. This will affect how many air conditioners etc you will need for certain eggs. I live in the jungle and for our Rex eggs I think we have maybe 7 maybe more as I havent counted. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, JuicyPineappl3 said:


    have you got any mutations? I want to get a good mutated ptera soon.

    Red, Blue, Purple, Green, different stripes... yeah, hatch at 300+ so if you are on PvE Officials Im sure we can do something.

    Feel free to message me if you want to discuss something

  4. 15 hours ago, BertNoobians said:

    wildcard needs to disable the ability to pick up other peoples eggs, problem solved.

    I rarely disagree with anything Bert says but on this occassion, it would make trading slightly more annoying. I generally just drop eggs on the floor for allies to pick up. I guess I could go to the hassle of unlocking a safe and getting them to take it from there but I think I prefer the simplicity of just dropping an egg. 

    On this occassion, the OP should just ensure that there base is as secure as can be. I know people glitch in and out but hoping this is rare rather than the norm. I play on PvE but still have a locked door to my hatchery so that the eggs are safe.


  5. I guess for the week, this topic may be more along the lines of 'what dinos have you bred'.

    Last night I had a little luck, my Allos (stats are pretty average so wasnt expecting a good level) came out at 246 and a few stats still to go just to move it over the 250 mark, Im fairly happy as wasnt expecting them to get that high, I can no go tame new ones looking for much better stats.

    Pteras didnt do a lot last night, nothing new, killed off about 10. 

    Yutys, raising 2 at the moment, my nice 258 11k HP and 385MD and my nice Green Mutated 224 as a back up - my aim for this event was to get these raised and imprinted and then do a Rock Drake and Wyvern too.

    Had a nice surprise when a friend from another tribe said they had me a present, a 190 Fire event egg so looking forward to raising it :)

    Had another suprise when she came and dropped 2 nice Spinos are my feet - Abberant versions but one with 520MD and one with 8k HP. Baby popped out 310 so happily taming them both up and will have a breeding pair by the time I get home - I hope (as long as they dont starve).

    Wife must be getting annoyed with the amount of time Im running upstairs in the evening and perhaps tonight I will have to back off, but I have had some good days so far. Long may it continue.

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  6. I guess there are two elements here:

    1. Are they/tribe bigger than you? What will be the repercussions should you let them free?

    2. Are you as trolling as they originally were... 4 months?

    There is no right answer here, it is down to your morals.

    Have they suffered enough and not played on a server that they once enjoyed?

    Have they made another character and this is now a chance that should they get free they will come back and look to take revenge?

    So many questions, no real right or wrong answers.

    Personally, I would take all the bodies to an island, drop them off and prepare for a few battles by moving some dinos/items to other bases on the map. 

    Good luck

  7. 17 minutes ago, TheBlastMage said:

    I would advise not worrying too much about pre-tame stats as you could get lucky and get a super good one post-tame, especially if you don't already have some good ones.  Best Idea is to tame every 130+ anky you see and then breed the best ones together.

    Indeed. If you are looking to get a breeding line yourself, tame every 130+ available.

    On the standard maps, Melee above 350 should be kept and Weight above 450. Abberation Ankys tend to have higher Melee from what I have found but then you can only tame them on that map.

    There are plenty of good Anky stats out there for trading - just ask on your server.

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  8. I think for an official server, this really isnt viable. It would take too long to get the number of imprinted Reaper Kings. You can raise a Rex army within 5 days, a Yuty within 8 days and you are set to do the bosses on Alpha. 

    Why would you waste the time and effort when you use that time to explore the server/map, make friends, tame other dinos and have fun?


  9. 14 hours ago, Worstgameever said:

    "Better than you at pvp" = A guy on a wyvern killing you on a parasaur and destroying everything you have, and not even looting it. These people have serious problems and I imagine youre one of them. Save your money people and buy a game that's worth a penny. This is literally #TheWorstGameEver

    Thats your issue... dont tame a parasaur. It wont win you anything.

    Try PvE if you dont have the time for PvP

    Many game modes, find ones that suit you. WC dont make a game that a particular mode will work for everyone. They wont make a game suited to 'your' needs but to the majority.

    Many people have succeeded at ARK, but what are your objectives, once you have these you can start to work towards it to succeed.

    Dont hate the game, hate the players, and find a server where you fit in.

  10. Valentines is what I did last night, but maybe a little noobish the way I went about it.

    I laid down about 30 eggs as I couldnt see the timers being impacted. I went away for a meat run and when I came back, the hatchery was filled with Gigas, Tappys, Pteras, Rexes, Spinos, Allos... it was truly mayhem. I panicked a bit and started trying to claim and pod and accidentally threw some pods back down, cryosickness dino babies everywhere.

    I thought I had got it under control, so went to put the pods away only to find that another 10 dinos were sliding across the floor after me... yes, a change I wasnt aware of with the update is that they now follow you when unpodded including when they have cryosickness. Whistle commands didnt work so I slid them down to my raising barn and sat there for an hr until they were awake and ready to be taken off 'follow'.

    I then had the opportunity to go through all my pods and start killing off the babies which I didnt need. I ended up killing 33 dinos, what a waste of time. I bred out a load more, put eggs down and timers said 1,39hrs so i was like cool, Ill head off and do some bits like tame an event Ptera or Allo. Came back 40 mins later and there were about 20 dinos wandering in the corner. Pfffft.

    It was only when a tribemate logged in later that he could see the timers properly as my Yuty egg said 4hrs, but to him it was 40 mins. Logged off, logged back in and it was fixed... if only I knew about that before putting up with a panic stricken evening.

    No muts on my Pteras, Allos got another so food is 15100 now and a blue underbelly which was nice. Nothing else. Ive another 345 Giga thats ready so might as well make the most of it and get another bred out. I have my new Yuty to raise so I will start that later and hopefully this weekend my 190 holiday rock drake and 190 Fire Wyvern will get done too... happy days.

    What a stressful night that turned out to be.

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  11. Please moderator, can you close this topic as it is trying to incite division across the community.

    PvE and PvP - two different game modes with plenty for all in both. 

    ARK is a game, and its fun whatever mode you choose.

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  12. I have had this conversation with myself recently (what point do I stop doing melee?). Then I realised, I dont need any extra speed or weight as I generally dont go on a metal run solo. Its either with a tribemate taking me out on an Argy or Quetz and me sitting there swinging away. 

    I totally understand that there is a point where the melee doesnt provide much more benefit but exactly what point this is, nobody really can tell you.

    I think the consensus here is that possibly 550% is enough, which is fine, and any point spent after that is up to you.

    Ive 3 Ankys, one for metal runs using Argy/Quetz, one for local runs (so it has speed and weight included) and one I have just bred out at 100% but hadnt decided which was I was going to go with it. 

    Some poeople use a ravager on follow as it has a weight reduction so again you can mass harvest the metal, waste of weight if that is what you have put in your anky. There are many ways to do this. Interesting topic, cheers all.

  13. 15 hours ago, GreenRoc said:

    I have played since TheIsland was the only map. The community was just as toxic back then. I see nothing different from 2015 to 2019. When you say Community, are you referring to the player base or Wildcard? The context leaves me a little confused.


    Edit: Many gamers are vile, selfish, inconsiderate sons of dilos, even before Ark existed. In contrast, there are those who are kind and thoughtful among those... Not much can be done by any game company to cull all the inhospitable folk. There are so many people who just don't care to be nice to their fellow humans. Not even guidelines can stop people from being so hateful. All we can do is just report people who are exceptionally vile (breaking rules kind of offensiveness), and hope WC will see that too and ban them.

    I feel slighted by this GreenRoc. You are on my official server - Center60 and we as a community are in a really good place. There is good general discussions throughout the day, many offerings of help, eggs trading, helping people find lost mounts and you seem very negative in your comments about the ARK community.

    Now I am not saying there aren't gamers in which you have quoted but to say many is very much overkill. I think the selfish gamers have double the impact on players feelings but I would say there are some great gamers out there. I think our tribe of just 2 is allied with 9 tribes on our server and all are so helpful and friendly that I can only say good things about them. I can echo that on our Ext and Ab server, possibly not on Rag but for me 4 out of the 5 servers we play on, people are pretty cool.

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  14. 22 hours ago, Sikaflex said:

    I second this on our PVE server, but I go the extra mile to break into your base if there is an opening and yank you out.

    Takes time sometimes dragging a body a long distance to a body of water but totally worth it.

    Also enjoy looking for open boxes, have gotten great stuff doing both.

    Now you also get the extra benefit of stealing dinos in pods.

    PVE Rule #1 - Sleep on a Bed when you Log Off.

    PVE Rule #2 - Always Double Check Doors/Vaults/Boxes and make sure you have not unlocked them on accident.

    You wont believe how many people do neither. 

    I keep a vault full of dead "User Implants" just for kicks.

    I also kill people / bases on PVE with agro dinos but not on my server unless I can get away with it without them knowing who is doing it, it's already bad enough having noobs complain about pillars every few minutes. ;) 

    Perfect example of a griefer :)


    I just breed Pteranadons for fun, not many breeders of those out there anymore as everyone uses Wyverns, Snow Owls or Griffons but I still enjoy breeding them.

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  15. I went on an Allo hunt last night, couldnt find any in close vacinity so I gave up and bred some more and hatched some more. Nothing new, no mutations or anything but I got another stat merged on my Ptera line so 326 now, definitely need some new blood so will try and tame a few later tonight.

    Hoping to pick up my Yuty egg tonight so that will be a painful few hrs as I will watch it very carefully get to 10.1% mat before feeling safe to leave it this time. 

    16k ingots now hidden away from my tribemate in a safe, wanting to fill it completely before he say we need to do a metal run because we have run out... then to hear him once I tell him to check 'Anarki's Personal Stash' vault with 70k ingot sitting there ;)

    I know he has a plan to rebuild a new greenhouse and some little cliff platform huts to turn into new rooms so he will need a lot of metal for that - he builds, I gather. Its a good relationship. He does all our tactics, I just breed things up... it works.

    So, another night on Center went by quickly and a little good fortune with a stat here and there. Lets hope my Yuty works out and that I can find some new Allos to start breeding as my current line doesnt look like it will turn out particularly well.

    Oh, and I donated a 269 born Ptera to a new guy who was struggling with the game. I like to do that :)

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  16. Hatched circa 30 Pteranadon eggs, got no muts, and no further stat merging so still only at 321. This has been a horrible second stint of my breeding line since I have returned. I didnt actually tame any new Pteras this weekend as was far too busy with other babies as starting an Allo and Tappy line.. but last night my Giga finally finished... I missed out on 100% imprint by 34 minutes but really, not bothered. Its done and finished and it came out with 35k hp and 437 melee, so now just to level it up and enjoy her :)

    My Yuty died... after i got my 10k hp and 325% melee Yuty breeded out and was raising it, I left it at 7.8% maturation, full of food, and then logged off and my tribemate was going to pod it before he went to bed. 

    I came on the following morning - no sign of Yuty so I guessed he podded it before it hit trough stage but I couldnt find the pod in the fridges. Checked tribelog - starved to death! From 7.8% with full meat in inv how did it starve to death?!! Seriously gutted as loved the colouring. Hopefully an ally is going to give me an egg with slightly better stats - around 260 so will try even harder to raise and imprint on it.

    Rebuilt my Taming pen and will now try for new Allo stats, and made a huge metal run so we are fine for the next few weeks. 

    So, essentially, I raised 6 Pteras over the weekend, 4 Tappys, 4 Allos, 1 Giga completed, 1 Anky at 94% and tribemate did many Troodons. It hasnt been a bad week, even with losing 3% on my Giga imprint and losing my lovely coloured Yuty.

    This week will be a little less time spent on ARK but Ill carry on getting some eggs from the Tappys, Pteras, Allos and see if I can increase some of the levels, it looks as though the Tappys may come out in the late 260's with no mutations, but the Allos definitely seem weaker at around 240. Pterandons are working on 2 lines, clean at 321 and Mutated should be 338 if I had of imprinted the babies when i left them to die... must have been 10 seconds too late once they had hatched.

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