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  1. I went on an Allo hunt last night, couldnt find any in close vacinity so I gave up and bred some more and hatched some more. Nothing new, no mutations or anything but I got another stat merged on my Ptera line so 326 now, definitely need some new blood so will try and tame a few later tonight.

    Hoping to pick up my Yuty egg tonight so that will be a painful few hrs as I will watch it very carefully get to 10.1% mat before feeling safe to leave it this time. 

    16k ingots now hidden away from my tribemate in a safe, wanting to fill it completely before he say we need to do a metal run because we have run out... then to hear him once I tell him to check 'Anarki's Personal Stash' vault with 70k ingot sitting there ;)

    I know he has a plan to rebuild a new greenhouse and some little cliff platform huts to turn into new rooms so he will need a lot of metal for that - he builds, I gather. Its a good relationship. He does all our tactics, I just breed things up... it works.

    So, another night on Center went by quickly and a little good fortune with a stat here and there. Lets hope my Yuty works out and that I can find some new Allos to start breeding as my current line doesnt look like it will turn out particularly well.

    Oh, and I donated a 269 born Ptera to a new guy who was struggling with the game. I like to do that :)

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  2. Hatched circa 30 Pteranadon eggs, got no muts, and no further stat merging so still only at 321. This has been a horrible second stint of my breeding line since I have returned. I didnt actually tame any new Pteras this weekend as was far too busy with other babies as starting an Allo and Tappy line.. but last night my Giga finally finished... I missed out on 100% imprint by 34 minutes but really, not bothered. Its done and finished and it came out with 35k hp and 437 melee, so now just to level it up and enjoy her :)

    My Yuty died... after i got my 10k hp and 325% melee Yuty breeded out and was raising it, I left it at 7.8% maturation, full of food, and then logged off and my tribemate was going to pod it before he went to bed. 

    I came on the following morning - no sign of Yuty so I guessed he podded it before it hit trough stage but I couldnt find the pod in the fridges. Checked tribelog - starved to death! From 7.8% with full meat in inv how did it starve to death?!! Seriously gutted as loved the colouring. Hopefully an ally is going to give me an egg with slightly better stats - around 260 so will try even harder to raise and imprint on it.

    Rebuilt my Taming pen and will now try for new Allo stats, and made a huge metal run so we are fine for the next few weeks. 

    So, essentially, I raised 6 Pteras over the weekend, 4 Tappys, 4 Allos, 1 Giga completed, 1 Anky at 94% and tribemate did many Troodons. It hasnt been a bad week, even with losing 3% on my Giga imprint and losing my lovely coloured Yuty.

    This week will be a little less time spent on ARK but Ill carry on getting some eggs from the Tappys, Pteras, Allos and see if I can increase some of the levels, it looks as though the Tappys may come out in the late 260's with no mutations, but the Allos definitely seem weaker at around 240. Pterandons are working on 2 lines, clean at 321 and Mutated should be 338 if I had of imprinted the babies when i left them to die... must have been 10 seconds too late once they had hatched.

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  3. Last night was a bit of a washout. I think I burnt myself out over the last week. I think I just let my Gigas and Rex mature for a few hrs, bred some of the Allos and readied some eggs for hatching. 

    I may play a bit tonight but tomorrow will definitely be the main appearance for this week as I have a good supply of eggs to hatch... which should allow me to kill off some of the parents (I just hope the babies survive).

    Currently breeding lines are:

    Allos, Pteras, Tappys, Barys, Rexes (but only for adding colours to new stats), Yutys, Rhinos, Gigas, Argies, Troodons, Theris, Quetz's, Spinos, Monkeys and Sabers. Its amazing how I start something, then a few weeks later get distracted and then a few weeks later try coming back to it only to find out that I cant remember where I was.

    I have decided that all my main dinos need to hatch a lvl 300+ and for some its a slow burner but we are already there with:

    Pteras, Rexes, Thylas, Ankys, Argies and Bears.

    Its going to be a long slog, and not all the work for the above has been mine as I play on a really good official server with a great community so we share stats etc but its an ambition that gives me something to do. I think the Allos and Yutys will stop at 250 but the others like the Gigas, Barys, Spinos and Tappys should all get to 275 without too much effort.

    What is everyone else working on?


  4. So I probably played more ARK this weekend than any in 2019 so far, probably an unhealthy amount but that is what happens when you are breeding, hatching, breed hatching, killing, feeding etc.

    It was fairly decent though. I now have a male and female clean 312 Pteras, and I finally got all my colours onto a decent 317 (slightly muted) bird but the colours were perfect. I am basically creating 4 clean lines, which will go for mutation stacking... just need a few more birds to integrate.

    Allos are coming along and I think tonight, Ill have 3 breeding pairs to try and move stats over. Very similar story with the Tappys but they are definitely taking longer.

    As it stands, the Gigas are almost done, the Yuty's are just starting and managed to get one with 10k hp base with 2k stamina, which seems ok as noone on the server seems to have any better.

    We did an Alpha run on Center for a guy on our server who needed the engrams, and other than getting artifacts... I just bred and bred. Tribemate then laid down the new Rex baby they got.... Black body with White scaled back and underbelly... seriously cool.

    Tonight will just be getting timers down and imprint when I can, will probably take a day or two off so I can relax a bit more.

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  5. Whahey! Fianlly, moved my Ptera line on - got 3 of the 6 stats so just need to get a further 3 more added to the mutated line - should be coming out 335+ and then I can start mutations on a clean line again and get to the 350 within a few weeks. I worked out 377 I think is the max I can go otherwise they will hot the 450 and have unspent levels which will do my head in - already having that issues with the Boss Rexes we have.

    Got my first Allo mutation last night, melee went from 343 to 361 (I know it isnt as good as what people are breeding) but I only started my line on Tuesday, currently at 231 but I have 4 stats to add to that. Ill be happy just getting to 275 born and having an Allo pack (x5) to go on a rampage with.

    So it was breed, breed, incubate, incubate a bit more, hatch, kill, hatch, pod, hatch, feed, meat run, feed, breed, incubate for about 5 hrs last night. Gigas are at 30% and 65% so thats good and new boss Rex is at 30% so Ill have those raised soon too.

    I had a little scout around and decided I still need to raise my 190 Lightning Wyv, My 190 Rock Drake holiday colour, My high level Basi (Think its 265) and a Yuty of over 245 - all need 100% imprint but where to start when raising so much.

    So last night was good, stayed up far too late and will probably do some tonight too but wife will be home so wont be on too early as that would be bad wouldnt it ARK'ers :P


    Oh and if any of you are on Official PvE servers and have some good Ptera stats - please PM me, Ill happily pay :)



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  6. I logged on the last couple of nights and continued my Ptera line but with no further stat rewards... I will keep on hatching and hope to get some luck even though I seem to have accidentally killed off a nice clean food statted Ptera in the past month or so as its missing and would have helped move my clean line along a little.

    My Giga is now at 60% with 58% imprint so its slowly getting there - these things take ages when you have a 9-5 job and a family to entertain. 

    Started on a fresh line of Allos - hatched out at 231 and have a 221 with 2 new stats to add into it. Hopefully by the weekend Ill be hatching at 250 which will be nice... Im going to make a nice taming trap over the river so I can trap and tame some more.

    Tappy line is absolutely weak even though Im sure we have some nice stats in there but they are only hatching out at 219 so I am literally getting one good stat and then all the bad ones with it :(

    Other than that, I have fed, bred, incubated, hatched possibly 30 eggs in 2 days.

    I will try again tonight to see if I can progress :)

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  7. This weekend I was definitely back to my usual. We had 3 Rexes, 3 Gigas, a Thyla, a Ptera, a Spino and an Allo all being raised. Tribemate and I tried out the new imprint timer with cryo - happy days! I have my Giga ta 50.9% raise and 49% imprint so with this I should bet a 97% imprinted Giga but hopefully a lot quicker than its taken me to get to 50%.

    New Rex line is already started and these are replacing the old 702MD line we had only just bred up. We will still keep Alpha team as its a mix of Red, Yellow, Cyan, White, Grey and Orange Rexes - I just love the colours, but want to find a blue one now haha

    I took over my spare 72% imprinted Giga (lvl292) over to Extinction and tribemates and I took on a 50k ele vein.. smashed it and was over the moon with the 230+ element we gathered from it. 

    This week will now be about raising the above dinos and I will probably work hard on the Allo and Ptera lines for the next few weeks as I havent managed to get any new Pteras stats in ages... still hatching clean 310s but I cant get my latest clean stamina on there (only a difference from 487 to 495).

    Allo popped out at 231 but I havent really tamed many, but its got a Black Body with golden scales so looks really mean - I will need to improve upon the 349 melee but its a start.

    Overall, a good weekend :)

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  8. So did I lose anything whilst away... well, not really.

    My tribemates did indeed feed everything so yay them but my 100% imprinted lvl 408 Rex auto decayed. He was the one that hatched at 375 and I had 25 unspent points which I accidentally put in weight to 1600 rather than melee. I was using it as a cave runner over on lava island but couldnt be arsed porting over every 3 days. 

    It finally perished but I did go out on my new 100% imprinted 370 Rex which is now 415 with 1300 MD and 30k HP :) 

    Bred up a few Ptera eggs ready to hatch this weekend and had a scout around to see if we had any new neighbours - all seems fairly quiet still.

    Popped onto Rag to see that the half destroyed Wooden Chalet by the beach had been rebuilt with metal and the walls had been fully completed - now try adn kite a giga in there now you toxic Rag community :P

    Didnt play for too long but it was good to see all is well :)

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  9. Center Official...

    Its been over a week as I have been on holiday to center Parcs (UK/EU thing). So tonight I plan on logging in to see if my tribemates have kept everything going, Im sure they have. I wont bother with Rag, Ab or SE as I leave that to them anyway, Center is my main haunt so want to check that nothing died off... but Ive a feeling some things will have.

    My aim tonight will be to feed everything to the point of fullness, even on single rates, and then take my new 100 imp Rex out for a levelling spree :) I think I left it at 412 last time so a few more levels will help out on the melee front as I think its sitting at 1200 currently and is taking too many chomps on things than what I like to see... seriously, 2 chomps on a 140 bronto!! :P 

    Other than that, breed out some more eggs for the collection and possibly hatch a few Pteras looking for a mut or two :)

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  10. I would love to say me... but I would be lying. We have a rag base right on the beach by the lighthouse, absolutely serene it is. Or should I say was. 

    Some buggers kited a Giga into the water and around my walls and from the water came into my beachside paradise home and wiped out 3 Wyverns and chomped on much of the woodland chalet that was perfect for feeling like you were in another world. 

    So basically we have replaced the many glass windows that were smashed, raised the main walls, and closed off the water with a behemoth gate and further metal walls so nothing can get in. 

    The base itself has had nearly every panel replaced with metal - it doesnt look as nice but its a lot more secure - damned griefers.

    Started replacing the wyverns with 4 180s and a 185 Black and White poison so my tribemates will be on new flyers now :)

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  11. 17 hours ago, Csipcsip said:

    And the last day i tamed 50+ kibble dinos :)

    With the reworking of the kibble coming soon, I wouldnt go overboard with taming eggers as that will be a waste fo time, upkeep, space and effort. Take a look at the latest upcoming patch notes as this will make it a lot better :)

  12. So I did spend a little more time on ARK this weekend after my week blitz of ATLAS PvP.

    Still haven't managed to progress on my Pteras - just not getting the stat drops, that's roughly 50 eggs I have hatched and killed in the last couple of weeks.

    Tribe decided to go to Rag and do Alpha Manticore and Dragon. Took our Alpha Rexes over from Center and my max tamed Yuty. 

    Dragon went down quickly, very quickly but that lazy good for nothing Manticore just wouldn't land. We ended up getting a Rex stuck in the middle of 5 Rock Golems  and it tanked them all for over 10 minutes. That was our only mistake, we should have taken out the Golems in between battles. 

    We took 12 Rexes in with us, and Alpha 12 finally gave up the fight but at lvl 424 it had its part. We then changed tactics, smashed the golems and the Manticore started to drop down more regularly.  Bye Bye Manticore. 

    Meh, it sucked losing our first Rex in a boss fight (down to a tactical faus pax) but its done, so I now have 2 chars with the engrams.

    I think i will go back and start getting so Wyverns now as I need a little break from all this breeding :)

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  13. I did nothing... absolutely nothing. Took a night off from the PC. The Christmas period killed me slightly, with an average of 7hrs per day of Atlas and ARK (mostly Giga and Rex raising).

    Tonight I'm going to hatch some eggs and see what I can get from my Tappys, Pteras and Allos :)

    Hope you all had a great Christmas and NYE!

  14. I hatched a new Red Rex ready for my next 100% imprinted battle beast (the last one now runs lava cave with its 1600 weight). It came out at 370 so its about right give or take 10 levels, considering the first Rex I hatched was a 392 (way too close to going poof so I put that one down).

    I went and harvested Thyla claws and we ran Alpha Brood and Ape - took some non server players along too so they could get the engrams - nice chaps actually.

    It was pretty run of the mill this weekend, raising my Giga, Rex, new Ptera and some little ones too. Then I went and pissed off some Wyverns in the trench. Ive done it once or twice but on this occassion I probablt spent over two hrs in there on a Ptera pissing off the locals and then fleeing back by our Gigas parked by the entrance. The Gigas shredded the lot and were hardly touched by even the Alphas which were also found wanting.

    I hadnt had fun on ARK like this for a long time. There were a lot of Wyvs but the best egg I found was a 100 Lightning... meh, I was hungry.

    Ill have another little play later when home from work, but other than raising my Giga and Rex, it will just be a case of trying for a decent Wyv event egg I guess.

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  15. So last night was a real insight into what others have been doing with their lives. I logged in and went about my usual - hatch a Pteranodon another 310 :( Cant seem to get any further muts or my other stats to come onto my Yellow, Cyan and Magenta bird. Tribemate is raising it as he wants to imprint upon it - it looks great but its still missing a few stats.

    I started to talk to a guy on here who has 3 new stats I could use, and he could use 3 of mine so we are fairly equal but his are clean - really nice.

    We talk, we trade and I am now starting a new clean line in which has given me a new lease of life to breed and tame more Pteras (I had given it a 6 month break). Im happy again. I like raising them, and having something to start fresh from allows me to sink some time back into ARK. 3 Gigas are currently being raised so whats a few more Pteras to throw in there.

    I went Raptor Clausing but didnt get any as the server is manic just now so I am just running lava cave drops instead - nothing decent here either.

    So last night I started to raise my new clean 310 ready to breed it out a few times so I have spares :) I ran some metal excursions and generally kept the global chat occupied. Oh and I cloned an Ele Gacha too - which seems to give an average of 135 dust per crystal - not too shabby.

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  16. 6 hours ago, d1nk said:

    Congrats thread for 150 pages!


    @Anarki Did you ever think it would've gotten so much traction when you made it? 

    @d1nk No I didnt think it would be this popular but I get so much fun reading what peoples ideas are, what they get up to and how they go about their days.

    I log onto these forums during work for some down time and this thread is the one I literally read each post from start to finish. Reading what you guys get up to is great - cheers all, Merry Christmas :P

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  17. Last night I managed to get home and do my first Giga imprint (3%) as my tribemate sat there for 7hrs hand feeding it - bless him. I reckon I can get 90% on the Giga, tribemate is going for 100% - nutter!

    Raptor Claus came to town, got some coal and gave it to a GachaClaus but nothing decent, just a gift to fill and give to someone.

    Then a Red and Black 150 Tapy flew by, having that we said, so tribemate and I lured it into an empty building and zap - downed it.

    I realised after an ally wanted some Carby kibble that we were running low, and that we only had a female left so tonights mission is to tame a couple of Carbys and another Oviraptor.

    Lastly, dropped off my 100% imprinted mistake of a Rex at the Lava Cave as that will be my runner now for drops - currently didnt touch the 30kp or 1200 melee. Now that it is stupidly at 1600 weight, I just crammed stam - 3500, and I just sprint everywhere :)

    I think the next few days will be taming so we can replace a lot of eggers with 150s and concentrate on raising the Gigas and a new Rex for me.

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  18. I got stuck in traffic on the way home (1 and half hrs) so by the time I had eaten, put my daughter to bed, spent time with the wife etc I didnt have a lot of time for ARK. 

    I logged in and pulled the Giga egg out and managed to rapidly fill its inventory with raw meat up unto 0.5% - then podded it. I reckon I can start for an 8hr imprint now as I can leave it for at least 10 mins before it runs out of food haha

    I bred out some Rex eggs ready for my next attempt at my 100% imprint beauty (without putting all its points in weight like this weekend - d'oh). I chose Red, but realised that my tribemate obviously didnt take the eggs off incubate as I woke up to 2 messages this morning here on the forums saying two Rex eggs at 379 hatched. Rubbish!

    Tonight... I will choose a few Rexes to breed and see if I can get them ready for hatching so I can try and start raising it this weekend :)

    Finished off with a metal run and sorting the invesntory of the 1000s of BPs we have lying around - this will be a mega task as they are everywhere, in dino's, safes, fabricators, smithies etc

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  19. Finally got my 345 MD Giga before an Ally mentioned she had got a 365 MD Giga the same day and if I wait 2 weeks I could try for one of hers - I said no way. I will only be taming the one Giga in my life and this 345 Cyan with Black back will be fine - really wanted a Red one but that only came out at 295 MD so I shot it in the face for XP :P

    I promised a guy on the forums here an Alpha run on Center so him and his tribemates could get the engrams. After 30 mins of mulling around, they transferred over and we did a run. They didnt get the engrams - then we realised they had to be allied :( Felt really bad but promised them another run next weekend.

    We did a few metal runs, my US tribemate who gets like 18hrs a day of ARK has got a Basi with all our best stats on so I am hoping once he has that 100% imprinted, Ill get a decent breed out of it - possibly come out at over 250 which will do me fine for tribute hunting.

    Then here comes my bad story to tell. 

    I was tired, I had a headache... all those excuses. I play on Official so a Rex is like 5-9 days for 100% imprint for me using cryopods to help. I had taken a wander down to my Bred 379 Rex which had a few levels sitting there so I decide it has enough HP now (30k I stopped at from 22k base). I start whipping up the melee, yeah thats better 1600 weight. FFS weight!! I now have the best Lave Cave runner known to man where I can amass weapons, bps, and whatever else I want without encumbering it :(

    I was truly pissed off, so not only do I now have a Giga to raise over the next few hrs, I also have a poopty Rex to raise and get back to 100% imp, at least I can be choosy about the colour this time; shall I go Yellow, Red, Dark Red, Green, Pink, White or Cyan?

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  20. Last night - nothing. Didn't get to log on as it was my works Christmas party.

    Some young American Girl working over here in the good old UK decided that I was English and she likes English accents. I did try telling her that she was surrounded by Englishmen as she was working and living in England but that didn't seem to give her the message. 

    Bless her, she told me her life story of how she is from Kansas City, she was 19 years old and that living here in the UK was such an experience. 

    After an hour I finally managed to politely explain that I was nearly twice her age, married with a beautiful daughter, and her response was 'you are so sweet, don't ever go changing will you'.

    I managed to escape after that by giving her my roulette chips and went on my way :)


  21. 11 minutes ago, Snipsnip said:

    Logged on to find that my wife and my turreted metal raft on a rag pvp server had been completely destroyed. Just love when people sh*t all over your hard work in pvp unnecessarily. I understand but why blow the whole thing for laughs. I guess coming into school holidays the griefers will be out in force. 

    Were you near the ocean by any chance as it could have been destroyed by a Leeds as they love eating those boats :( if they spawn on Rag, not sure on that one.

  22. 1 hour ago, tbfrnritunbv6 said:

    Then I have the problem of an Alpha Carnotaurus stalking outside my base. I don't really know how to deal with that, but I'll figure something out.

    Lead him out into the water, otherwise just run him down the beach into a pack of trikes as the Carnos are super aggressive.

    You could find a high ledge and snipe him down

    Alternatively get on a flier and hover at a point where you hit him but he cant hit you.

    Last night I decided to give my tribemate a surprise by filling our base with snow owls and gachas. When he logged in, it was to 17 Gachas in the cryo fridge and 9 snow owls surrounding our current two gachas which are out giving us lots of metal ;) He had to double count and then he told me that 9 was enough now unless they are 135+'s and thats when I told him there are never any 135+'s :( What a spoilsport... i was just going to carry on filling our base with snow owls :(

    Went back to the Center and bred a few eggs ready for the weekend.


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  23. Another weekend came, and another went by... very quickly.

    Extinction was an absolute dog this weekend, no rollbacks or crashes but was utterly unplayable as it was lagging horrendously. The servers are just not capable of hosting 70/70 players.

    So we bred on Center and went tribute hunting for an Alpha run next weekend. Basi hunting got slightly distracted as we saw a 145 Alpha Rex and as we were both on our 300 Bary's thought it would be a great laugh trying to take that down. Our Barys have 700 md and about 6k hp but with decent asc saddles we just kept running round in circles dragging it off the beach in the water and chomped away. It took a while to get it down but we both lost about 1k hp so were never in any danger... but boy was it fun :) Can you say that you have taken down an Alpha Rex 145 on a Bary? ;)

    We did pop on ext last night as we have some Gacha and Snow Owl orders to fulfill - 3 sets to be precise and duly tamed up 3 Gachas (2 oil which was what people on my Center server are after) and tamed 3 low level owls. Its a decent server and we all help each other out so I was happy to go tame a few up even if the server was behaving like a rubber band.

    Nothing else too major to report... Just the Alpha Rex kill :P 

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  24. 5 hours ago, LadyCrescent said:

    badly want more enforcers, but I confess myself confounded about the element dust dilemma

    Take a Doed, and take out the lampposts and benches around the city - this should help you run your enforcer and to save up for more - good luck :)

    I logged on last night to continue my search for my Enforcer - the bringer of doom. Ok, so not really a bringer of doom but a fun little mechanised robot that I really really want.

    I fly around on my argy, and kill a few around the city. I manage to trade 1k dust for a pair of crypods and make plans to go tame a few gachas - hoping for the elusive dust Gacha - spoiler alert - I didnt get one :(

    After around my 20th enforcer kill, I get a 140 come along. I take it out with high hopes. As I jump down to collect the bobbling package, I already see its only apprentice - meh and its a 132. As I pick it up I was actually quite impressed with the stats - and how cheap?!! Off the top of my head it was 125% HP, 60 S, 85 E, 85 W, 75 MD. It only cost 1727 dust, 100 poly, 200 metal, 50 oil and came out roughly 2100 HP, 1100 S, 345 E, 1100 W and 202 MD so I was impressed with how cheap it was. I gave it a makeover with flame red, blue and black and went out for a blast in the wasteland killing everything I saw. So even though it was only an apprentice - its on par with my tribemates MC and Asc enforcers so I am a happy ARKadian.

    I podded up 2 more Gachas - both were metal and the normal production types but I hadnt seen raw salt before so that was new - no element Gacha though. 

    It was a good night :)

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