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  1. Ill be honest, I have been slacking... just lost interest this last couple of weeks. 

    I have logged on to Center, bred for eggs, left some out incubating and forgot to pick them up. Ive nipped on to trade for some people to help them along and then run a few meat runs.

    Other than that... nothing. I need a fresh plan :(


  2. So not sure where I last left off, possibly with the Rex BP finds... (3 of them at once), well, 2 more popped last night, a 133 armour one and a 97 MC which is like a 3rd of the mats of our asc ones - it will be a good seller.

    I fed up Center when I logged on and finished off the 28k 960MD Rex and bred with all our females. Lay down a further 6 eggs to incubate and went off to Ext to help on a purple drop. Now that I have taken my main char (Center char which recently alpha ascended) over to Ext with a 97% Giga, these things are easy and the three of us in our tribe claimed an easy 7 wave purple drop. I would really like to see something new drop, maybe more asc haz mat bps but I guess patience is the key.

    For once the game didnt crash - running in 4k can sometimes be a little sketchy on Ext but it seemed fine last night, have had it in the past where my body is just lying on the floor with 3 Gigas taking on the waves of corrupted and when I get to log back in its... run run run, where is my Giga!

    My plan now that I have my Max level Reaper, Fire Wyv, Posion Wyv is to get a Lightning and Ice as I only have 185s. Yes, I know that stats matter, but I want 190s ?

    I have made a bucket list which is to have all dino types in our base breed out above level 300. At first it seemed really daunting but now that I have started working through it my current list stands at.

    Above 300 when born/hatched:

    Rex, Yuty, Theri, Ptera, Argy, Anky, Doed, Bear, Thyla, Quetz, Raptor, Spino

    Above 265 and currently improving stats:

    Allo (295), Daeodon (271), Glow Tail (265), Featherlight (293), Mammoth (289) Beaver (282), Tappys (272), Snow Owl (293), Mags (272) Giga (265), Hyena (265) Mesis (265)

    So out of the main Dinos that we use, Im 50% there and the others are coming along nice. We havent worked on the breeding of water dinos too much yet but we have just built a massive water pen with its own swimming pool so that is ready to go now. I will keep you updated on any good progress - The Allo is so close to being over 300 and with one stat left to get I think it will leave me at 299 and then I just need a little mute just to pop it over :)

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  3. I logged on, traded an old 241 Quetz with 6k weight for 5k ingot and then popped to get a 960MD Rex egg with 27k HP

    I flew around a bit, socialised, mocked my allies and then went on my way. Oh, and got some more eggs for hatching this weekend ;)

    It was a short visit to the ARK last night but it was worth it for the few things :)

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  4. Last night I was going to have a night off, but I was persuaded by tribemates to log in and do some purple drops to see if we could ever get the ellusive replacement Rex BP that we lost during a server transfer.

    We had been trying for 3 months with no luck and then 3 in 3 OSDs. 93, 109 and 113 and with our crafter maxxed out, that will be more than enough. 

    Guess, I no longer need to worry about that now then :)

    Other than that, imprinted on my 1104 weight Argy and that was that.

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  5. I did a lot this weekend, possibly the most productive for the last 6 months. I finished my 277 100% imp Yuty only to be given an egg between 303 and 313 haha - i hate raising Yutys. I also got another Daeodon baby out and came out at 259 (only started a few weeks back so progressing really well). I then realised I'm missing a big Melee stat, and Stam stat so should be breeding out close to 280 in the next week or so.

    I had no further progress on my Pteras - so many eggs now and nothing new to show for it. oh well, Ill keep on trying.

    Then I had some good news... out of the blue, Alpha Tek cave run - starting in 15 mins. (It was midnight so I was debating whether to go or not... damn it, lets do it!) 

    So quickly grabbed some Asc Flak, an Asc Shotgun and Ammo, a few canteens and some Prime Jerky, podded a pair of my 100% imp high level Rexes (30k hp and 1700 MD) and went off to Island. Met up with everyone at the lava entrance in the volcano and 19 of us proceeded to work our way through the caverns. Giga after Giga and we make it through to the first 'bubble'. Upon entering, I lost 90% of my HP and had a broken bone icon - quickly ate some jerky and nothing... jerky is not good for replenishing HP - I had rushed my preparation, but luckily 2 friends dropped me some burgers and medical brew. 

    Entered the final cavern, 5 of my tribemates (across server tribes) were all around me and we worked as a unit jumping on each boss and then working on adds as and when we could... it was going rally smooth and then I got kncoked off my Rex and were separated for what seemed like an hr (possibly 45 seconds) running in and out of adds until someone pointed out a standalone Rex on the other side. Managed to jump on just in time before a defender clobbed me from behind.

    We were just getting the last boss down when some tribemates were knocked from their Rexes and a tribemate made a few shots with his shotgun to finish off the boss as it was nearly dead... a slight lag and another tribemate walked in front of the shotgun... 4 of the 5 tribemates ascended from the ARK on Alpha... one died valiantly and sacrificed himself for the greater good.

    1900hrs in and I have ascended off the ARK at Alpha. Thanks WC


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  6. I think I am beginning to see a pattern with my tribemates.

    After being told mey baby Doeds had died earlier in the week and then logging in to see them alive and well, I had another experience last night.

    I logged in to find a strange looking green device attached to the wall right by my body. I had a peek and it was a narcotic trap and I backed off rather hastily... poof a cloud of green vapour. Luckily it  didnt get me, I think for once server lag, actually helped.

    I continued my evening doing the usual, getting eggs, maturing my Wyv and Yuty, but it got me thinking... I need some payback.

    Come on daily thread visitors, give me some ideas. I have in the past handcuffed them to the beds, but that means I have to be on to let them out, so I need something that frustrates them but is only temporary :)

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  7. I messaged a tribemate on Steam whilst at work to see if our new 310 Doeds had made it through the night... they didnt.

    It kind of put in a 'cant be bothered' mode and as such wasnt going to log in for a day or so, and then go back and finish off a few raises. 

    I cracked, logged in just to get some metal and when I logged in, there they were, my two little Doeds just eating away at the troughs - tribemembers!! Who needs them eh?!!

    It was a nice surprise but I did tell my tribemate, that he nearly played solo for a few days haha

    I did get some metal, repaired some armours and bred for some eggs. I think tonight will be a revenge plot... maybe make a new cryofridge and move all the dinos out to a new cryofridge elsewhere in the base and say that something spawned in the raising barn and destroyed the cryofridge including his new 505MD Giga baby... is that too mean?!!

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  8. I thought I was getting close to having a few weeks off of raising dinos but I was delivered a 1150 weight argy egg that I now need to raise and start egging for friends. Then a 310 Doed, then a 260 Owl... it started slow but by the middle of Saturday I had my Yuty (88%) 3 Wyvs (80%) 2 Rexes, 2 Snow Owls, 2 Doeds, 1 Magmnr, 2 Theris, 2 Gigas, 1 Argy, 2 Pteras and a pig all maturing in the breeding barn. It was a bit hectic as I also got my 225 reaper baby maturing on Ab (its about 7% now) but podded it as it was just too much going on, and Ive a pair of 310 Spino babies, 4 Rock drakes to raise alongside the reaper. 

    I ran some purple drops on Ext looking for the replacement Rex BP we lost during a server transfer, we got some lovely saddles inlcuding a 108 arm asc rex saddle - but it wasnt the BP. I'd happily trade for one but it takes so much effort to transfer stuff so I think Ill just grind more purples. 

    It was fun, we took a guy on his first Ext run on his imprinted Giga and at one stage he was trying to tank 4 enraged Rexes and saw his HP go from 35k to 12k in a few short moments - his voice on Discord was truly brilliant. The other 3 of us jumped in and let him pump meat behind. Then one of the guys dc'd and we had to protect his body and Giga so effectively 2 of us were completing the 6th wave when his Giga enraged and ate him. For a short while it was me (luckily I moved my Ext char off and brought my main Center char over with a 97% imp Giga) and I managed to get control until new guy came back into the fray and my trusty tribeleader logged back in. 

    It was a fun adventure and it nearly went all wrong - but isnt that why we love ARK?

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  9. I would love to see a community boss where it would be on the map attacking everything it sees (not player made buildings though), making all players get together to get it down. It could respawn every 6 hrs after it has been killed. 

    Would be great to make a community work together for once. like 50 players on a server all start taking it down.

  10. Last night was quite funny actually. So I went on Center as usual and got my babies out to mature. 

    On our discord channel, some new allies were discussing egg collecting on their Rag server and were struggling a little with their big cumbersome Wyverns. I decided this is the perfect time to use a few of my gazillion Pteras that I have sitting in a few cryofridges. I took over a 310 and 292 born unlevelled Pteras and then took over my rag character from another Rag server.

    I didnt know I could join their tribe which was on that server as well (My rag char is now in two tribes - confusing). 

    Anyway, I put all 46 unspent levels into Stam which took it to 1800 and then started running the scar solo, bringing out 4-5 wyverns at a time to the turrets they had sitting in view. 

    Comment 1: That things rapid

    Comment 2: How are you not dead

    Comment 3: Is it safe in their now

    I love the fact that people have forgotten how good Pteras actually are (when bred right anyway), and how much easier it is to land on a nest in a cleft, grab and egg and get out super quick. One of the new allies, lost their Griffin and the other used his Lightning Wyv to good effect to tank a few hits. I just did my own thing kiting everything out from beneath and above and from anywhere I could see them so new allies could grab some eggs :)

    I felt pretty good last night :)

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  11. 19 hours ago, Aikar said:

    I have work today! So I ended up intentionally popping a Dimetrodon since it aged close to the argy's, and woke up every 1.5 hours last night to feed and imprint the babies. Rex finally hit Juv at 6am~.

    Why did you not just cryopod the babies and imprint at your leisure? Sounds like a painful night, hope you catch up on some sleep :)

  12. Three days to play some interrupted (by my family) ARK. It does make things difficult but still managed to progress my Daeodon line and Ptera line slightly.

    I managed to get my new 602 MD Theris up to 80% and 2 new 907MD Rexes are now ready for mass breeding.

    Its going to be a painful few weeks but I have decided that once my Yuty, Daeodons, Allos, Pteras are raised... Ill be taking a few weeks off Center. My character on Ab is 12 mins from popping a Max level Reaper so I need to get that started really, and I really want to go and get more Rock Drake eggs so I think Ill be spending some weeks on Ab so you may see Ab stories as opposed to Center ones for a while.

    I gathered a lot of metal over the weekend, and other than looking for a Rex BP and a Daeodon one, I couldnt find one on the server, and moving dust to another server is just too much of a hassle - WC really need to make it easier for trading.

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  13. So last night was a simple case of put some dinos out to mature a bit more, run around the base and occasionally do a meat run. Talked in Global chat, started raising my Daedon baby and then panicked when stack after stack was devoured every few seconds. Finally at 0.8% it started to hold some in its inv, but it took me by surprise and was similar to a Giga. Ill raise this for Island bosses but I wont be raising many more.

    A few hrs passed and then logged off. Simple evening really.

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  14. 17 hours ago, Aushegun said:



    One other thing from this weekend.  I tried to make kibble in my cooker on the server, and I could not get it to make kibble.  It would make dyes, and Human consumables (Fria, lazerus, etc.) but not kibble. even when I had everything the dododex says was needed for the new kibbles.

    Is something that servers can turn off?

    I'm not sure on that one Aush, as I took the time the few weeks before the new kibble system was implemented to create 6 fridges of all kibble types. 

    I am now just a little short of the highest tier kibble but will make some with all the rock drake eggs I accumulated over the period.

    Doesnt sound good though if you cant get the kibble you want made :(

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  15. Well my plans somewhat changed this weekend. I did tame 8 low level Pteras for the colours and will breed out this week so that they are of a different level so that was fine.

    My plans for an event Wyvern was ruined as people were using snow owls to freeze me as I was trying to get eggs - forcing me to drop the eggs I was getting. So not happy - dont think admins reside on our server so no way of calling it out. I gave up after an hr as I dont play those sort of games. Ill return for a 190 Ice and Lightning another time.

    So I decided to try for an easter Reaper instead... hadnt tried before and wow, how much fun was that! 

    After we finally trapped a 150 into a pen, we all took turns (5 of us) using pheromones and being grabbed by said angry Reaper. And yes, I got impregnated even after I crashed midway through the process. I stayed down there wiping out every Reaper I could see so I could get the 75 levels needed. Now I just need to wait out 10hrs in game for the baby to hatch - fingers crossed it has nice colours and stats :)

    Other than that, I did quite a few metal runs, hatched some 375 Theri eggs, and grabbed a baby Daedon and hatched another Yuty to get ready for our Island assault.

    Pretty good weekend

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  16. I finally logged on last night to be nicely surprised to see that the Easter event was still running. I didnt manage to do much as I was still quite sore and tired from hobbling around at work all day. I did manage to pop round and feed the base (Center) and get some eggs ready for incubation. I didnt bother with Ext, Ab or Rag as they are all practically in Cryo-shutdown.

    I saw some Easter Pteras which I will hopefully pop on tonight and tame a few for the colours :)

    Before the end of the week, I need to get myself a 190 Ice Wyvern and a 190 Lightning - doesnt have to be Easter colours, even though one would be nice. In my collection I have 2 x 190 Fires 100% imp to me, and 2 x 190 Posions 100% imp to me. My 190 Ice and 190 Lightnings were gifts so Id really like to get myself a pair of 100% imp to finish my little Wyvern Squad off nicely :)


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  17. My Easter event was spoiled due to a mountain biking accident with a tree - it literally came out of nowhere :(

    Damaged my Medial Collateral ligament in my knee so have been resting up all week since Sunday... no nice tames for me :( 

    I should get on this week at somepoint and will continue with hatching and breeding looking for those muts :) 



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  18. Windows 10 update, thats what happened. That pretty summed up my evening last night. 2hrs to fix and 10 mins on ARK. I did manage an imprint and check that everything was alive. 

    Now if only I could put a Windows Developer and an ARK Developer in my ARK world... boy would I give them some grief ;) 

  19. I did the usual (that everyone does), raise babies.

    This weekend was different however. I left the Center for the first time in ages and left the Wyverns, Rexes, Yuty, Pteras and Dimorph just eating away whilst I spent and evening on SE.

    Picked out a lovely Thyla and 190 Ice Wyvern and my tribemate and I went off to do cave runs. Now I havent been back here since having to do the caves on foot - behold the cryopod!

    This made life so much easier, mantis', bats etc pew pew!

    It was fun to stalk around taking out everything with relative ease as I remember the times before always seemed like I had taken 2hrs to complete it. It was a refreshing change to do the 2 caves again and it gave me an idea for the Sunday game plan too.

    So I fed all on the Center whilst it was x2 and then waited for tribemate to get on. He liked the idea of some new Glowtails rather than raising our 310 Spinos. I wanted a few Shinehorns so off we went on our Rock Drakes with Ravagers in some pods. 

    I hadnt done any Ab caves yet so we were both a little hesitant as there seemed to be Raptors everywhere... slowly slowly we made it through to where we could see Glowtails and he snapped up a 140 so he was super happy. A few others we got and made our way across various obstacles. The artifact! Another off the list.

    A few close calls with an electric eel and big croc, a karki too, but we survived and then went on our way for some Shinehornds. To cut this story short... I saw 3, and they were all of low level, looks like all our luck was on the Glowtails.

    Overall, ARK reminded me that its worth branching back out to the old servers once in a while ;)

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  20. Wife and daughter were out at the Cinema, that meant some Ark time:

    Hatched 12 Allo eggs, and wow - popped out a 285 Allo. It got the last remaining stat I needed before a friend dropped off another Allo with a Melee stat I now need. Started to raise said Allo and will finalise it before the start of the weekend before trying to get the new Melee stat introduced, will be interesting to see if it breaks the 290 mark.

    2 Wyverns finished off at 100% impr and my own personal 323 Ptera (the colours I wanted, but not all the best stats) is now also 100% imp and tamed.

    Did a metal run, a few meat runs, saved a friends Argy from dying to a Rex when they got kicked from server multiple times in a row and checked out a few new tames a friends place.

    A tribemate dropped some new presents for me - a 600 MD base Theri which is nice so we can start to prepare for our Island assault. 

    Im in the middle of raising my two 185 Fire Wyverns and my 277 Yuty, so this weekend will be pretty busy as I will also be hopping over to Ab to raise a 310 Spino for the boss fight over there. With some Easter taming, metal runs and raising babies its going to make me have late nights and early starts :)


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  21. A weekend of ARK... well nearly a full weekend and boy did I make the most of it.

    Tribe limit was 488/500 and I was getting pains at having to log in to feed everything twice weekly (Gigas, Rexes and the little ones dont have high food stats) so I decided to have a clear out. Created a few more cryo fridges and pods and got to work. 30 Allos, 30 Otters, a few Gigas and Rexes, 20 Terrorbirds, Pteras, Argies... I was running out of pods. So I now have 5 Cryo fridges full of dinos and hatched 49 eggs so created a baby folder so I could raise at a later date. 

    I started to raise 15 new Pteras - no major stat breakthroughs but just a few newer females with a newer stat... saves me trying at a later date.

    The Yuty I have is a born 258 and I have one born 226... bred them and somehow came out at 277. Upon inspection nothing seemed to jump out statswise as to why it was higher - possibly torp - can you get a  mutation in torp? I kept it, will be happy raising that - shame it didnt get a new colour.

    My 5th 100% imp Giga is now complete - and no more raising for a long long time, but took the fresher out on a meat run to start levelling it up - didnt take long to get to 300.

    metal, oh how I do love metal. Anky, 7000 weight Quetz and awaaaay we we go. Forgot that we still hadnt implemented a second forge on this server so when I returned it roughly took 3hrs to cook down all the metal into ingots but I have 150 stacks of ingots to show fro it which is nice :)

    No new tames this weekend, it was metal running and raising so I cant complain.

    My final efforts were to raise my Wyverns a little more, the 190 poison completed and so did my carrier argy so that was useful. Next on the list are the two 185 Fires but they are only at 20% whilst my 165 Fires are both at 85% so will try and finish those up this week.

    All in all, a lot of time spent on the ARK but not fun stories really, just a progress update.

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  22. On 3/29/2019 at 11:47 PM, Gingersan said:

    o today i farmed and expanded my base, thankx for the x2. But wasnt able to make kibble nor was i able to farm coal. Should i quit prim+ ?

    I started my playing days on Prim+ and enjoyed it for 12 months before moving over to Official PvE. It was good but doesnt get updated enough. 

    I would suggest if you arent too far into base building, go explore the Official servers and if you are lucky enough to find some land, then try that out. Its worth spending a few days to see if you like Official as for most its fine but some players prefer other experiences.

    As for me, I love my official as the players are all awesome and we share everything.

    This weekend due to birthdays, mothers days etc I struggled to get on.

    Completed a metal run on Ext - will possibly log onto a new Tek Armour set tonight which will be nice, and then I also hatched all my eggs I saved up through the week.

    Other than that, I went and got some Spino sails, and am ready to go collect my Ele from Alpha Brood and Megapithicus as they are holding it for me ;)

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  23. I logged on to find that an ally I like to play with has lost her account - not sure on the details yet but its upsetting. I again got some eggs ready for this weekend and did a bit of resource running.

    Ive a busy weekend so wont get on much but I think I will start the podding of all the dinos that I dont really need out. I will probably leave some breeders and mutated colours out for obvious reasons but Im hoping to reduce our count from 461 to at least 250 - just so many sitting around and taking up eating time ;)

    I think I will have a failry indepth discussion with my tribemate to see what we are working towards now as I think we have kind of just been floating the last few months... it would be nice to set ourselves some new goals but Im not sure either of us have any appetite currently expect for our own side projects.

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  24. I logged in for about 40 minutes last night, got another 6 ptera eggs out and started to incubate them. Will probably get another set of eggs tonight and hatch the lot to see if I can further my 3 mute lines of HP, Stam and Melee. Will probably stop melee now as its 500 base and work on weight as that always seems one I have to put points in.

    Other than that, I did a few metal runs, socialised (but have noticed fewer players on recently) and then logged off for the night.



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  25. I logged on last night (first midweek action for a while) and hatched out some Pteras, nothing amazing and just imprinted on my Argy and Giga. Decided to see if I could find anything to tame but nothing took my fancy. 

    Trying to source myself a black and red Allo as I saw one in my friends base... then hoping for a good roll on the stats and see if i can breed it out at the 280 level I have back at base.

    Thinking of reminding my builder tribemate to sort out a cryo room so I can start storing all the dinos away... far too many to feed and I would like to start an interior redesign :)

    Other than that, I will log on tomorrow night and start looking for new tames to add to the stats I have across the Tappys, Pteras and possibly Sabers again.

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