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  1. Back on ARK. Been around but not enough to post as I was only raising Abb Otters and a few Rexes. Genesis is now out, so I am working on 2 bases; one in the Ocean biome and the other currently in the Swamp biome - man that place is terrifyng. Tamed up about 5 Mechaleons or whatever those Giant Turtles are called, all 145s or 150s. Just tamed a pair of Carnos and a Bary over in the swamp but they arent X variants so nothing amazing. Looking to get a pair of bloodsuckers this weekend as we already have some X basis and a Feroxx or whatever it is. Slightly off topic though -
  2. Tested, my maxxed out Giga = 0xp from killing corrupted. I changed and used an unlevelled Giga and instantly started getting XP from killing corrupted dinos on the red drop I was doing. Within 3 waves I moved from 115 to level 116 so its working again
  3. My Giga was indeed Maxxed at 366 so maybe I will try and take another one over to the server and level that to see if that works. Thanks for the idea.
  4. Still bugged? This is a bug report section, any mods online?
  5. Tribemate and I made a base on Valguero, a Tek tree-house in the redwoods. Went to the Ice Wyvern trench and pulled a 180 egg on my first go and he got a 175. Hopefully that is the start of what will be a successful little haul
  6. I was just coming on here to point out the exact same issue. Currently lvl 114 but have ascended so max level is 120 I think. Did a Red, Purple and 2 50k Ele Veins yesterday and then realised I was gaining no XP from corrupted... went over and killed a standard Stego and saw my XP counter finally move... Please resolve this as I want to take this char back to my main Center base once its maxxed out and then bring back my Ext character.
  7. I play on 5 servers, each server has its own character... very rarely do I send them across servers just in case the inevitable happens... lost character. Sorry to hear your pain OP, but for those others out there constantly transferring between servers, just make another char, jump on a Giga/Reaper and go farm some XP, within an hr or two over the weekend, youll have enough levels to get the engrams you mainly need. What I tend to do is go and do the three easy bosses on Alpha with each player as soon as they are eligible (Center and Rag) all in one go and when the servers seem quie
  8. So I progressed my Tappy line over the weekend, up to 4 stats on the one bird now, so 2 more to go. Dont get me wrong, nothing amazing stat wise, but wanted to get all MY best stats from my tames onto one bird - totally clean and currently at 260. Went over to extinction just to get a few levels and did a Red drop, over by sunken forest... ddint go great. 3 of us, all on High level Gigas and usually farm these for fun but since the patch and delayed server restart (8hrs I think it was down) something strange was happening. Weve done this drop in the past and yes it spawns wild Giga
  9. I struggled to comprehend exactly what you were saying but I dont think the Spino would aggro to your Giga - unless you were in the middle of fighting the Spino when you were disconnected. Even then, surely your Giga was on Neutral and if it lost to a Spino... it wasnt a Giga worth keeping.
  10. I love the Center already, and my Basi loves the Ocean too, Ive spent much time down there with the Plesis and Mosas I do think though that it will be cool with the Turtle, building a base down there which I have already seen people do already on my server. Most players on my server have Center as their main base, and they bring all their tames there... Reapers, Ravagers, Abb dinos etc... I would be suprised if it was the most hated map - where did you come by this stat or what it just your opinion?
  11. That was a good weekend for completing some of my goals actually. Dont get me wrong, these arent high level compared to people out there but these are mostly clean lines just taken from my wild tames (the odd one has been bred from friends which were definitely mutated) but overall I just wanted to get them finished. My Daeodons are now complete - born 285 My Yuty is complete - born 301 Allos - born 295 Thylas - born 350 Anky - born 350 Doed - born 325 Basically, I had a lot of different stats across many tames so I wanted to get them all on one dino and as
  12. Yeah the Wyvern was meant for me by a local friendly tribe but I didnt want to they gave it to her instead. I guess we are all too kind in ARK
  13. Yeah I lay on official, and I guess in the past I felt that a high level Ptera would allow for a player to scout out and find a location which wasnt pillared... I could imagine trying to find a non-pillared section on Official would be a nightmare on foot. I think I may just allow the newbies on the server to fend for themselves a bit - and if they come back in time looking for a trade then I can just give them a tame for 100 CP
  14. So... newbies. To help or not to help. There is a new girl on the server, always asking questions - always polite. I have always helped new players, given them tames to give them a little lift and last night was no exception, a born 275 Ptera and a 150 Event Purple and Green Clone Wyv. I left them to it whilst put out my Gigas I had no intention of raising (2x485s and 1 x535) as my delivery of 615MD hasnt arrived from a friend yet - thought I may as well raise them as back ups so I can say at least I did something with the 2x rates etc. Tribemate popped on, saw the messag
  15. 34 Ptera eggs hatched... no keepers, no muts. Raised Barys to 10% and left the Saber over night, hope he had enough food. Forgot he was there haha Other than that, gathered metal, CP and just made sure the base was ready for the bats - Velonasaurs everywhere
  16. I logged in, bred more Pteras and started raising my Bary line. It came out at 268 but I think there is another stat in there somewhere, just so many cryopods to go through and try and find my stats. Other than that, it was a quiet couple of days on ARK, nothing new to report... roll on Halloween for some new Ptera colours.
  17. As it has been a while since I played actively, I decided to hunt around and see what I had been working on - breeding wise. Sabers, Daedons and as usual my Pteras - so hatched and popped a few out. Im not looking for anything totally out there as I know I can get some from friends on the server at silly levels, other than Pteras as mine are one of the higher ones out there but my Saber came out at 259 with a high HP stat missing so that should be bred at 285 by the end of it, just trying to get a set of colours on it now too... could take me a few weeks. The Daedon came out at
  18. So one of our long time ARK friends got insided a few months back, lost over 100 imprinted high level dinos on Extinction and then cut his network cable refurbishing his house. Hes finally back after a month out and welcomed the opportunity to join my tribemate and I on Center60. This is great news as across the four main maps (Center, Ext, Abb and Valg) we now have more people to help keep things fed and fuelled. This has given me a bit more energy to play so I hatched 43 Ptera eggs and no muts... however, we did create another 10 cryofridges so new tribemate could bring all his dinos a
  19. I logged in, bred some Pteras, renamed a lot of them by their colours and getting ready to start podding literally hundreds of dinos. Im annoyed that they lose their folders when podded as I wont know which have stats I want but I guess Ill think of a way round it at a later date. After trying to feed close to the limit of dinos weekly, I have spoken to my tribemate and we will take 2 hrs out of busy gaming lives to have a mass clear down so rather than spending hrs meat, berry and fish collecting, it will be a quick run and all done method. ARK is a grind to play even at the best o
  20. This weekend... I found out there is a limit to the tek storage crates after all... I was so looking forward to putting over 1 million hide in one... at 497k my tribemate found out there isnt much storage left
  21. Im glad I got back on here just in time to say goodbye @d1nk I cant believe you are stopping but I understand why. Its been great sharing stories and views but I hope your next venture can be as fun as we have had together. Don't be a stranger, and pop back once in a while to tell us how you are doing Finally resolved my ARK crashing issue... faulty RAM module, another 32gb on order Ill be back, not as regular as before as the break has shown me that there are other things I wanted to play but nothing despawned and I am yet to get my Pteras to where I want so Ill plod on with that.
  22. I logged in this week, fed my dinos, logged off. We lost our Rag server the other week as other tribemate hadnt logged on to refresh everything... still not got the feeling to come back yet. A few more weeks possibly.
  23. Ill be honest, I have been slacking... just lost interest this last couple of weeks. I have logged on to Center, bred for eggs, left some out incubating and forgot to pick them up. Ive nipped on to trade for some people to help them along and then run a few meat runs. Other than that... nothing. I need a fresh plan
  24. So not sure where I last left off, possibly with the Rex BP finds... (3 of them at once), well, 2 more popped last night, a 133 armour one and a 97 MC which is like a 3rd of the mats of our asc ones - it will be a good seller. I fed up Center when I logged on and finished off the 28k 960MD Rex and bred with all our females. Lay down a further 6 eggs to incubate and went off to Ext to help on a purple drop. Now that I have taken my main char (Center char which recently alpha ascended) over to Ext with a 97% Giga, these things are easy and the three of us in our tribe claimed an easy 7 wave
  25. I logged on, traded an old 241 Quetz with 6k weight for 5k ingot and then popped to get a 960MD Rex egg with 27k HP. I flew around a bit, socialised, mocked my allies and then went on my way. Oh, and got some more eggs for hatching this weekend It was a short visit to the ARK last night but it was worth it for the few things
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