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  1. Hi all, Really struggling with ARK just now, everything seems so stale... my servers are capped but there is noone really talking - figure that out! Anyway, Im not water expert but I tend to use Basis in the ocean as they cant be stunned or grabbed. Where people say use a squid or a Mosa, I tend to disagree as being grabbed by a squid or shocked by eels and jellies is way too much of a hassle. Basis lose hp as they dive deep but they have such a high health pool it really doesnt matter. They can withstand some nasty predators i.e. a good levelled and bred Basi can slowly get to the surface when a 145 A Mosa is ripping into you. You wont kill it and wont outrun it but you can get back from the lowest depths to the surface where he will turn and swim back down without dying. For ease and safety, just get a Basi for the sea Anyway, still just harvesting metal at the moment just to help the tribemate extend our main base facility. Other than that, I will try and hatch a dino tomorrow night if I can get a little luck with the tame cap. Hope you are all doing ok
  2. Logged in, checked dino's and went metal grinding to find someone had beaten me to my main mining place. Returned, mined some local metal and logged off. Tonight... will hopefully get some metal mined, feed a few things and try and whip up some banter on the server... Im the usual one who starts the conversations server wide.
  3. So this weekend was pretty much a write off. Tribemembers logged on late (5hrs time difference) so I went to bed by the time they got on. Also installed Arma2 Dayz, Origins mod... bad idea. Lost 2 hrs of my gaming night getting fully involved in that again. So, finally logged in, capped, harvested metal, fed up some beasts, scouted around for a max Tek Raptor... didnt see one. Logged off. This week, I will continue the hunt for the elusive max lvl Tek Raptor - hopefully in red/yellow colour scheme and I will probably farm metal and crystal so we can extend out over our cliff as the newly laid cliff foundations have possibly given us another 4-5 tiles extra length which we never thought possible. Its using a lot of metal but have always wanted the cliff base a little bigger so we can hold a few more things up there... but will definitely have to evolve our Spino barn into a full on clone chamber/breeding facility because our current breeding facility can only raise 3 Rexes at once. Oh well, it gives me something to do, and should allow me a little spare time to kill some zeds too
  4. I logged in, realised we were not tame capped for the first time in a week. Set over 100 eggs on the floor and started getting timers down. Harvested some metal and then went and checked on my ReaperKings that tribemate had collected. Took a nice 4k screenshot and checked its stats... 26k hp with 389 MD, not half bad Returned in game, sorted through eggs which were no longer required and kept the newest best stat eggs ready for event (if not tame capped by then). Will probably log in later, tame as many dodos as possible and have 25+ ready for a culling session when I need to be able to hatch an egg over the event
  5. This weekend went quickly, not spending the same amount of hrs on ARK as I used to but still getting things done. Went out and farmed metal and CP for 800 Metal walls so we could trade for a pair of Reaper Kings (205 and 225 I believe). Ran Gamma Brood and Ape for some element and then went with the tribemate to farm some more artifacts - think it was pack or hunter (green one). Both in the underworld cave on Thylas and used the zipline up to the artifact and back down whilst tribemate picked his way up and down Stored as many artiftacts as could hold on each of our otters. On returning up the hill in the cave - right next to bats, my tribemate just fell off his Thyla and was no longer on discord. I waited 15 mins, no sign of return so I returned my Thyla, gear and Otter to base. Luckily I had put down a bag in the cave so spawned in naked, ran to where my tribemate lay and took his gear, Otter adn Thyla. Returned home, logged off and left him a steam message telling him to enjoy his naked run home - if he can make it away from the Bats. Needless to say, he jumped to his death - slacker!
  6. I feel for you Duff. I think its the same across all servers at the moment - we struggled to get two Rex eggs hatched at the weekend but finally did it by killing off some Pteras. What wever noticed is it eases in the week and then caps at the weekend. I just got a load of Dodos in the week and then can control my own destiny with the eggs Use the week to get egg timers down to 10 seconds. I dont raise anything other than Rexes just now but may look for a new Thyla shortly as they are great for artefact running
  7. Last night, logged in imprinted previously said Rex, checked tek trough - had food so logged off for an earlyish night so that one night this week I can do a later one. This morning, logged on, imprinted said Rex, checked tek trough - had food so logged off and went to work. Tonight, will log in and try and get 1 more imprint but as it was at 86% this morning I dont think Ill get it. It was at 67% which was 23k hp and 785 melee... she will do for now Aush... glad you tried the whole PvE again and sorry you didnt enjoy it. It does make a different on a single server with boosts - hence why I wont try SP just in case it turns me haha Good luck with your boss runs
  8. The weekend consisted of Blackpearl hunting from the sea bottom. Tribemate and I took our Basis to the depths behind blue obby island on Center and found ourselves some of the sea scorpions and ammonites. Came back with about 220 Black pearls and came across some Tusos. Took care of those and then on the way back coming through a cave we came across a 145 Alpha Mosa... scared the living daylights out of us as we thought we were stuck in the cave with it. They are so fast we couldnt escape it but as our Basis start with 25k health we made a slow grind back to the surface. By the time were at the surface, we were at 13k... dived back down to see if we could bloody it - then were down at 9k and decided to retreat for good. The Mosa didnt follow us to the surface so we just healed up and went back home. Possibly my most exciting time in ARK since going for our first Boss runs. Other than that, tribemate made an elevator and we hatched our Gen 4 Rex eggs. Came out at 376 20k hp and 702 melee. Just realised at writing this (from work) that i forgot to imprint this morning... so thats messed that one up. Was at 38% last night so will only make 55% now I would have thought - what a numpty haha
  9. I can understand some of your points. I find that our main server (PvE Center60) is very friendly and helpful. Not overly talkative but friendly enough when needing any trades etc For me, the whole ARK experience is seeing other people bases and dinos so it gives me something to aim at and to try and get to know people. I didnt manage to get on last night - had to work late due to some major incidents but I have booked the night off from the wife tomorro night to get a good ARK session in and hopefully picking up my base 500 melee Anky from a friend.
  10. Aushegun - why do you not play on an online server? Especially if you want to try and keep away from using admin commands then a PvE server can be just as fun as you can socialise with players - thats half the reason I play ARK. I didnt get on last night but have been given the tak of building a tek trough tonight and start raising some of our Gen4 Rexes... wonder if I will mess it up somehow as I have been away for too long and now associate oneself as a n00b
  11. So logged on to find my US tribemate was off work ill. yeah yeah - slacker. We went and got CP and Obsidian to make some Polymer so that we can make a cloning chamber - its going to be expensive but we have a lovely couple of 190 Ice Wyvs that would be great to clone. Then we took to the seas to kill some Basi's for their blubber - boss artifact I think. Looks like I have found that you can have dinos over 450 on official that dont go pop at server reset. Can anyone else confirm this as a friend said they had transferred a 487 Rex the day before and was using it on Rag - and it hadnt gone poof! Other than that, tame capped so just fed the dinos.
  12. Totally allowed as long as they dont break the 'rules' haha No, in a more serious approach, this is what Alphas do. They own the server and can do what they like... it always fun though when another Alpha joins the server though
  13. I can pretty much agree with what most ppl above have commented on. PvP Official is for those players who can spend a lot of time ingame and also know the exact process they follow to build a base quickly and quietly. I would possibly try PvE and build a base up, tame some dino's, get to know some players and learn your trade. Once you have got a good understanding, then you can again try and jump in the cesspool that is ArK PvP Official. Dont delete your PvE base as you may find you want to return to it Good luck and dont lose heart... ARK is worth the time spent playing on it.
  14. So I spent the weekend getting used to base changes my tribemate had made whilst I was away. So many Tek components lying around I wasnt sure what each did. (Center this is. We are down to two bases now - one for mining metal and the other is the main area base where we house everything.) Did another couple of boss runs but this time with 9 of our gen 3 Rexes (only Gamma) and took both brood and ape down quickly again with no issues at the same time. Everything seems smooth enough and now I want to use this Tek stuff to begin our gen 4 Rexes - cant remember what the stats are but i think its over 20k hp, over 1k w, over 700 melee - so they should come out around lvl 350, possibly more. I then went onto Aberration where we again are down to two bases but this has changed a lot too - everything is Tek - wow did I miss out on the upgrading. Our Island and Rag bases are still fairly small but SE is still sizeable with 2 bases - Ill have a look at those three later this week. How does everyone find time to play across all servers?! Center will stay as my main I think.
  15. Finally, Im back for good. Ive fixed the game - DX10 is now how I have to play (until tonight when I put a 1080ti in my machine anyway). This weekend, I finally got ARK running without crashing within the first 30 seconds - its been a long 4 months. We already had a load of artifacts lined up and my tribemate had kept everything alive and moved our boss Rexes into a great position. Well, lets go try he said (hadnt done it with just the two of us before). We did, and Gamma went down soo quickly (Center this is). Ended up doing it 3 times in a row with 13 Rexes and a Yuti - nothing died. On one go we took broodmother first as the ape got stuck at the back for some reason and the last go we took them at the same time. 120 element and can start tekking up further. Beta next up then. Hows everyone else?
  16. But an update from them is probably what they should be doing to ensure that the community knows what is going on. Its their game, and their choice of game engine. Even if the fix isn't for them to fix, they should keep us all updated as to what is happening with the Unreal fix. Im guessing, its still not fixed?
  17. I tried logging in on the Center... all of 20 seconds to try and see the changes my tribemate had made and 'crash'. D3d error Hung etc etc. Logged off, will wait another month.
  18. This isnt an Abberation issue as many here are suggesting. I have Abberation installed but rarely play it. I have had to stop playing ARK for the last 3 months as I constantly crash on the Center. If I log onto the Island or Ab, I also crash. I think for now, if Jats registry fix doesnt work, we are in the hands of the 'EPIC' gods.
  19. Great to see this post still active, just spent 30 mins having a quick read of peoples fun times. For me, I am having the issue of 'D3D HUNG' so my game crashes every 30 seconds so my 466 dinos are getting no love and affection from me - been 2 months now so I havent any stories to tell except one from last night. Logged in, crashed. Logged in again, crashed. Logged in again, managed to fast travel to the rex cave and refresh my rex and then crashed. Logged back in and fast threw myself in the lava and respawned at my Saber base - one practically dying as I view it. Jump on its back - went out onto lava island and saw a rex, didnt fancy that as my char had been reset to lvl 1 and I hadnt put any lvls in him. Crashed! Log back in to see Saber fighting rex - hadnt looked at lvl. Ran back to jump on other Saber and when I returned, my Saber had killed said Rex. Relieved, put it on follow and then logged out as it was too dangerous to even feed any animals Hoping tribemate logged on last night to save them
  20. I havent played as much ARK this week, just logged in to refresh things and then to breed a few eggs ready for this weekend. I have managed to borrow a rex with 2400 stam to add to my current 12.5k hp and 465 melee so this should now give me breedable babies over 300 at birth with a clean side on the maternal mut counter. Other than that, feed them and breed them for the next few days until the weekend.
  21. Sorry Cymas, my post wasnt meant to antagonise you, I was purely happy to see you back on official. I love reading peoples stories, finding out any new stats they have managed to breed out, or looking at the design of a beautifully crafted building they have designed. I will be honest and say I lose a little interest when people tell me they have a Rex with 1000 melee because they have their rates turned up on an unofficial server with practically instant tame times. However, I do appreciate we all want a balance of play and homelife so I dont take anything away from those players, hell, I may even try one one day Anyway, back to our point. I thought I would feed my dinos last night as I couldnt remember if I had done it at the weekend. 420 dinos, over 4 buildings took me over 90 minutes to feed them all with berries, meat and fish. I pray fro 2x this weekend haha Other than that, I bred a few eggs and got the timers down. I dont tend to tame/hatch in the week as I just dont get time - raising is usually a weekend thing for me. I wont be doing much tonight but tomorrow I will attempt to get a pair of Boss Rexes hatched and follow up on my Ptera bloodline cleansing.
  22. I love it when I hear people coming back to Official. We are not all the evil melodramatic types you know Sounds like you are really enjoying the experience that ARK was originally designed for. I am guessing you are on PvE - which map? I only logged in last night to refresh my Rex which lives in the Lava Cave but to my dismay my tribelog said I had lost an Oviraptor - guessing something spawned in a building and it got killed before my neutral dinos could intervene. Ill log in later and have a proper scout and go tame another. Im hoping my tame cap is still free, but I guess I will find out later. Other than that, my first Featherlight survived the journey from egg to adult and it was a very easy raise - possibly the easiest I have had to be honest. ill update you all tomorrow on what happens tonight as I may try a boss run with some friends.
  23. Weekend was ok this time as we werent capped. I still didnt want to spend too much time on center though so raised our first featherlights and they are awesome, mine came out at 242 which was ok. Sold an Asc Argy saddle bp 78 armour for 6k ingots - I dont trade much but it was good to move something on to someone who would use it. Ran the lava cave 7-8 times but nothing decent, a few asc bps I already have better than but more worrying my game crashed whilst in there (never happened before) some new crash error. I logged back in to find myself dead. Managed to spawn to a bed and run to my Rex before getting webbed. Now only going to run half the cave until i see this crash error disappear (happened x3 in there yesterday). Logged back into SE to continue building our new base as we dont like the current location of ours. We have a wonderful sky base but its not for storing any dinos, just a few wyvs and all our nice items. We have pillared off a valley and have started a big base - flooring is 35x25 tiles so should be plentiful to bring our Rexes over so we can do the boss fun here too. Other than that, didnt log onto Abberation this weekend, just messed about on Center and sorted inventory items
  24. Not a lot is the simple answer. Logged in, placed an egg in the hatchery - capped. Spoke to some new players, went for a flight on my Ptera as it was foggy and I thought id test my directional skills and ended up being bitten by a bat by the skull island. Decided to head back, went the wrong way and then finally when the fog cleared, returned home. No sign of illness to me or my Ptera (named it Mines better than yours because Im fairly sure none else is running a 370 Ptera on official, not on my server at least). I jumped into the Lava Cave for a quick run, nothing decent but got a asc bow bp 230% so probably add that to the hoarde we already have. Logged off. Here at work thinking about hatching 2 boss rexes tonight but doubt cap will lift
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