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  1. What a busy weekend but a good one on the whole. I wanted to make use of the 1.5 x Tame so said to my Tribemate, ‘let’s go and get something decent’… he preceded to get a 150 Monkey, yes a bloody Monkey! I am sure he does it just to wind me up; he has about 15 of the bloody things now and he knows I want proper dinos. I went out on my original Ptera (nerfed) and came across a wonderful looking 145 Spino and told my Tribemate to get his arse down to where I was. He brought the Tappy and we flew around and tranq’d her until she collapsed into a rockface. This turned out really well as apparently they tend to run to the water when fleeing and can drown! We had the kibble and narcs so the 90 min countdown started. Nothing approached us in that time, so it was a hassle free tame. She came out at about 216 IIRC but the stats didn’t seem too amazing (but I don’t know what they should be, I’m new at this). Managed to get her back to our pen on the east side of Jungles Mid (right on the coast) and she had a wonderful Purple edging to her spine and tail. I was happy with our first Spino. I then had a conversation with my tribemate as to whether or not we needed to get new pteras and whether these would be better than our originals that we got before the nerf. So off we went and found a pair on our beach – how lucky was that. A 140 and 145. Tamed both without any further damage and kibble fed them and their stats were very comparable. I am not sure if these are decent as the nerf has thrown my understanding off as to what is good on a Ptera now. Post tame stats are: 1515 hp 465 stam 201 weight 291 melee Can’t remember food or oxygen but these are kind of irrelevant. My current original Ptera pre-nerf has 1200 hp and 968 stam 211 weight and 321 melee so Ill level my new birds up and see if they are better or not – it appears they wont be much better though. So fairly decent for a couple of nights work
  2. Sounds like myself haha, I hate the troughs being empty but I do make Narcs. I logged in last night after a few days off, found my tribemates had tamed a few bears and had successfully bred them and he was imprinting. I complained as none of the 5 troughs had any berries or meat in. I took out the Bronto... and put 1000 berries into all 5 troughs. I then took out my Rex (only lvl 239) but slaughtered everything insight (I had to change my original wording here haha). I put 300 meat in all troughs and went to see these Baby bears. My friend had created a imprinting pen away from the base so he could control what they were eating (not sure if this is a good idea or not). His two troughs were full of berries so I complained to him again about the empty ones. The bears were cute though and lvl 204s so hopefully they will turn out well. I then went back to base after collecting a few purple drops but nothing of worth found, only to find 2 of my troughs were empty of meat again. Took the Rex out again and slaughtered another coastline including a lvl 130 spino which upset my other tribemate when he logged in as he wants one (my bad). Filled the two troughs with another 300 meat and happily they hardly lowered over the rest of the night. Other than that, it was a fairly straightforward evening.
  3. I had an OK weekend ARK-wise. We lost a 145 Bear we were trying to tame as we were using a spike taming pen but when we had stuck enough arrows in him and he attempted to run, he died from the wounds caused by the spikes – I reckon we were around 15 seconds from him going unconscious too which was annoying. 3rd attempt at trying to get a good bear. Flew back to our base from the Redwood which is quite painful now as we have to land twice/three times. Returned with 100 Brick Walls, some Window frames and a Dino gate. This is now setup right underneath our platform so we can lure a 145/150 bear into the pen, hopefully triggering all narco traps and then just pin it with more tranq arrows – when it attempts to run, I am hoping it won’t magically break out of the brick walls (it did happen with a 140 bear we were attempting to tame in the spike pen we had). Tonight as you can guess will be another trip over to the Redwood biome and finding a high lvl bear to kite into our pen… wish me luck all Oh, and we completed another cave so we now have many Artifacts of the Immune and also a couple of Artifacts of the Cunning
  4. Whohoo! I tamed my first solo tame on the ARK... a lvl 25 Dodo. Started a new Official server and as I've only played Prim+ before with friends, I needed to get dinos from scratch. Usually we all go and tame stuff together, so I had to it all by myself for once. Tonight, I'm going to get a raptor off the beach as the base it built now, behemoth game and a garage on the side for my dinos. Decided to leave my Prim+ server for a few days as I kind of lost interest for now. Enjoyed starting from scratch even if I was constantly hounded by high lvl Theris and Spinos haha
  5. Ok, as most people have now decided what they are doing post patch, and hopefully most of the 256 feedback posts are slowly fading away - lets get back to what you guys actually did today. Against what I just said above, I started a new char on another server as I didnt want to waste any time on my char on my prim+ official server. Im at a stage where I need my Quetz and Ptera and I just cant use them just now (hoping for a little buff, not much, just a little) so will wait a few weeks before returning. So I went on a normal PvE Official ARK server and started in Jungles South - quite far along the river. It was definitely fun starting again from 0 and I got my little log hut up and running with my playing partner in no time at all. Then the RNG gods struck me down, a lvl 115 Therizino to the left of my base and to the right a lvl 50 Spino. Died trying to kite them into each other. Spawned back and then managed to kite the Spino way down the beach before it lost interest. My next hr was slow work, rarely advancing anywhere other than the local treeline. Then help arrived in the shape of a guy on a T Rex. He killed both, I said thanks and he walked off back to his own world... I then got back to work in collecting my resources. Ive now a stone hut, plenty of metal and res and hit lvl 30 - all in a 4hr playing period... happy days!
  6. Our base on the center now spans round a cliff so we have an ocean side of the base aswell as the river inlet on the otherside. Where to put the water pen hmmmm. Last night I was fairly happy... jumped on my 242 Sabretooth and cleared out the Artifact of the Immune cave in record time.. it was damned easy Tonight I think Ill be starting some Behemoth gates around the otherside of the base so I can get some of the bigger dinos out of their pen
  7. Im making the assumption that neither of you are playing official servers? Oh, I also did a good deed. I saw a 120 Rex annihilating a new player and his base. He was trying to protect his Trike and a few other little dinos and his thatch house over the river from our base. I flew over, asked if he required a bit of help with the persuing Rex. 'Yes' came the reply. I downed, the Rex, left him the carcass for hides etc and then flew back to my base. Picked up a female low level Argy (85) and flew it down to his base. He had wandered off somewhere so I landed the argy behind his spikes and unclaimed the bird for him to take when he returned. Messaged him in main chat and he replied very happily. Always like a good ending. His answer to the killing of the rex was 'Thanks, there was a it of history between us'. Ha Ha, I love a guy with a good sense of humour
  8. Very nice Rod *no innuedo meant* I had a great night last night, I've a cliff base with a beachfront pen below but further round the rock is/was a huge base which limited my ability to extend. He never came back - took his Bronto and Dimetrodon and now I have put some pillars up as boundary markers for my new extension. Im on the centre so I will ahve a coastline and a river section for my base now so I am a happy little chappy. What I wasnt happy with was the lack of decent drops from 6 gold/yellow beacons... I know its down to luck but I thought I would get something from it Would you guys put a water pen in the ocean or river?
  9. Congrats, always get a rewarding feeling when you get your first!! Ive got 2 Rex's but both were claimed from old bases so I havent the need to get one yet. I will do soon though but currently progressing on the cave front so not required a new Rex just yet. Last night for me was a very much a full scale assault on the resources of the island... Thatch = 4000 Wood = 8000 Iron = 2000 Obsidian = 500 Carbon = 350 Crystal = 200 Stone/Limestone = too much so I never counted. I added further hides and fibre and filled my troughs with berries, meat and made circa 1500 dry firewood so that my tribemates could get on with decent stuff whilst I was sleeping in my warm bed. Always useful having playing partners from the other side of the ocean. I think Ill do a cave run tonight on my Saber as I got a message this morning saying my friend had solod it on his last night. Artifacts here I come
  10. Caving definitely is my next addiction, really enjoyed clearing my first one... cant wait to get home later, get my gear together, go claim another artifact and possibly try and tame one of the Megalosaurs that spawn at the entrance on the way back out Would you use direwolves in all caves, or are some of these caves not accessable for land based dinos? Ive not tried taking any dinos into the cave I now run in.
  11. What a weekend, my ARK game really progressed. Tamed a couple of Sabres - one would have been a 150 perfect tame but aggroed an argy who took a swipe at my sleeping kitty, came out at 187 after tame I think so will be decent enough for a while. I managed to get a low level Baryonx which happened to be passing my base on the coast which I hadnt seen before so I decided I needed my first amphibious dino. Then I found my first cave... 3 of us went in, found it fairly easy going and then 'slap' - I failed at the whole lazarus chowder by having it on my quick inv bar and was already underwater by the time I was trying to east it... died. My two companions managed to get down safely and retrieve our first artifact. I was incensed so went on a killing spree with my 264 Rex. Then yesterday, decided to have another go at the cave - nailed it first time even with a lvl 80 Megalosaur waking up in the day and going bersek by the entrance. That was the Jungles Mid cave on the Centre - Artifact of the immune. Is there a list which shows the difficulty of each cave so I can work out which to go for next? Thanks
  12. That is worth writing about Gratz. I love reading peoples daily stories, I never get bored of reading peoples achievements or what ideas they came up with, even if its a new starter saying how they survived their first day and are wrapped up in bed in their first thatch shelter for the night So looking forward to getting home now so I can go egg and beacon hunting... how bad is it, by 'borrowing' eggs from non-logged players in PvE?
  13. Good to see this topic is going so well. I had one of those days yesterday. I couldn't post on the forums (possibly some new account post limit or something - way to go to suppress the forums but hey I understand there are spammers) and then my start to Ark was horribly frustrating. Logged in on my cliff base and took my 270 Ptera (low lvl for you guys but high for me) and flew down to my beach to feed my Carnivore army only for Ark to crash (timeout) and I quickly logged back in to find myself in deep waters. Panicked and swam like mad and made it back to the beach. Jumped on one of our argies that was somehow outside of our walls and then went looking for my Ptera and found it way up high stationary (will they just stay there until they run out of stamina and food and then plummet to a watery death?) Anyhow, got him on follow, took him back to my base and calmed myself down now that I had my high lvl Ptera back. Then something strange happened. I checked the Tribelog and found that one of our Parasaurs had been killed along with a dodo and the food trough had been destroyed. Now on a cliff base I understand the chances of a spawn landing in my base is quite high but the log didn’t show what had killed them. I decided to fly up top to find a tamed Ptera sitting there and a logged out char. What do you think the chances are that this player was the cause of my slight pain? Its PvE but you can still grief a little and I came to the conclusion that Id give this lvl 41 player the benefit of the doubt and not lock him in a cage that I had put in my inventory. I did stand there looking at his unconscious body thinking ‘should I?’. I then jumped on my Rex, harvested copious amounts of meat, and filled my troughs for my Allos, Rex’s and Carnos. My partner in crime then logged on and we flew over to Burnt Island and harvested some Chitin from the Scorpions whilst tormenting Argies and Rex’s – was fun. Cant wait for tonights adventures and Im hoping that the possible griefer hasn’t tried kiting some Therizino into my base whilst I gave him a chance…
  14. Was that an official server? I find that the prim+ server I play on has been quite poor recently but then Im a EU player playing on a presumably US server. It does have its bad days though and its so frustrating when you lag whilst trying to kill a Rex or Carno on a beach and end up hitting the water - 'flying through the air leaving your bird behind'.
  15. I always find this one of the most interesting posts to read. What did you do on *ARK* today? I for one tamed a few scorpions, filled my troughs full of berries and meat and then decided to look into the possibility of taming a high lvl bear ready for a cave run (would be my first run so it may not go well). I also put a Ballista on the back of a one of Dinos so that might be a laugh to go on later. Other than that, Ill be hopping on later with some friends and will put a few hrs into just socialising and doing a few little chores.
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