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  1. Last night I stayed up a little longer than planned and kind of at one point, wished I hadnt. I get these random crashes to desktop (occasionally a fatal error 278 or something pops up) but I persevere. I logged back in after this occurred and found myself dead from the fall from my bird and lying face down in a lakebed. Logged back in, ran out naked claimed my gear - managed to get my bird and then when flying back - server crash, of course, why not, it has only been 15 mins since the last one. I log back in after waiting 5 mins for the server to come back up. I find myself dead on the floor again. Bearing in mind Im possibly 15 seconds from my base, this has become a long winded return. I finally get back to the base slightly angered, not only at the time taken to return to said base, but also in the fact I am still to find an enforcer BP which has the stats I want at a cost not stupid! Just as Im going to log out, tribemate decides to exit building and walk directly into a defender - ARRGH! Everything aggros, and it takes the next 10 mins putting everything back. I log out. Log into Center and decide to decorate and furnish my living quarters - this frustrates me too, as whenever I go get beacon drops they contain fireplaces or random stuff like that. I now want to furnish my room and no bloody fireplaces around - I go to a few beacons, and no, nothing like that. I log out. It will wait fro another day.
  2. Or you just close this thread as its been done to death perhaps?! You could even post on the nVidia forums just in case it is a fix they need to implement.
  3. @RipRavage - you have posted that video numerous times now in different threads. Its great that you can do that in your unofficial but as many people have suggested here, those little changes you have made - make big differences. OP names four other players to help him, they arent going to get imprinted Gigas in a day or so so please bear this in mind they are asking for some help that can be achieved. OSD's are hard, purple and red are pretty insane so unless there are many players heading over and/or you have a good set of dinos you are going to struggle this early into extinction. It might be worth allying up with some tribes so you can all take a load of good dino's over together. Otherwise farm the lower OSDs, get a Gacha and attempt to get some good saddles and gear up your Rexes etc. Good luck
  4. Was a busy few nights. Ext was a blast, got 5 gachas - Black Pearl, Obsidian, Metal, Blue Crystal and Red Crystal... now if only we could find an element one that would be job done. Went adn got an owl for the pellets and then place Gacha roulette, I must have played that for over 4 hrs this weekend - seriously! Boss Rexes are now at 70+ imprint and have 24k hp and 812 melee so theyll be done later tonight, I put my own personal Rex back in the Cryo fridge as he will be getting 100% for sure, along with my 317 Thyla which is about 60% currently, Ill get them out on Friday as Ive the day off. Started cleaning my Ptera line up but added new colours in too so got an Electric Blue and Black Ptera at 296 so I can still improve on that by 20 levels but its a good start and got a 310 completely clean of muts on one side so can push that up again now. Hoping to collect some mega Giga eggs later so will also start to raise that on Friday so I can have an imprinted one ready to take over to Ext... will take it over to the Lava Island (Cenetr we are talking about here) and will hunt everything I see for an hr or two Decided that Gamma was done (cant be arsed with it anymore) so gave our 20 Gamma Pack Rexes away to some new players on the server. Went and Beta and had a great laugh. Took some friends along to get Tekgrams. Our tactics are simple. I sit on Yuty and buff. Tribemate takes rexes in and kills. Only this time, he got caught up in a Rex, the other 8 just piled in and spanked both Brood and Ape together. By the time he freed himself up, the bosses were down - what a slacker haha Ill probably just run Alpha only now but its the time it takes to get all the artifacts etc - its just too long T'was fun though
  5. Last night I decided to stay up a little longer knowing my tribemate (US) would be online. We decided to head down to the sunken forest to have a look and whilst it looks lovely, it just reminded me of abberation, but there was nothing down there. There were a few tamed gachas sitting around, a beaver and an argy but that was it. Headed back up to the city surface and found an explorer note up high - then the dreaded stillness occurred and the server went down. Logged back in to find tribemate protecting my body after losing 80% of my health from the fall. Rollbacks truly suck but to be honest I have been lucky and rarely have I lost anything of importance - but still. Headed back, piked up some tools and we took out our enforcers (TM's is level 179 and kicks ass). My enforcer is a level 39 and is like glass and I hadnt atken one out before but it was fun. Went over to the SE biome and we started to build our adobe base. Bed, mortar and pestle, storage box all up and 9 foundations. We ahve placed ourselves up on a ledge and none of the dinos that I was consistantly aggroing could get up so that was a perfect place - right near a terminal too. We decided to head back and I went ona run on my argy looking for enforcers, killed a few but none with any stats I want. Ive asc ones but the mat cost is just too high, thinking an apprentice with 85-100hp and 90-110 damage is all I need, Im not too bothered about the other stats - I just need a lucky roll when finding these bots. All in all, a fairly fun night, and tonight I think will be the same but will be getting a 5hr shift on the game instead of just the 2.
  6. I logged into extinction and just did the usual midweek work - obsidian, metal, egg, and other resource gathering. Made more fertilizer for the plant x's and just killed anything which either gave prime or could cause an issue with the base. I really need to get back on Center at some stage this week... its getting neglected at the moment
  7. My tribemate loves them and I think has his bred out at over 250 but nobody wants to trade for them which is a shame. they do take up a lot of room in our hangar though - that is the problem with non-rideable tames Last night I was just too tired to log on but Ill get on tonight and make my way over to start building our outpost in the SE biome on Extinction. Ready for some velonasaur taming Already got the foundation and pillars down, just need to build it up now and maybe a taming trap too
  8. I logged in to Ext last night and killed a load of local stegos for cooked prime storage. Mined a few obsidian nodes and went round by the Chinese bases to 'borrow' their eggs I have decided that even though this is PvE and I follow the rules of conduct there is something very fulfilling about 'borrowing' eggs from the Chinese on our server. They already have Gigas etc and have people have complained of them kiting corrupted wyvs into the city so I don't feel any remorse in doing this. Other than that, I logged on to my Center server and ensured that all was well - it was, and very quiet too!
  9. Wow, are we still having this discussion. I think your answer seems fairly valid to me, as most if not all people I have come across state they are using Win 10. To be honest, this is something that WC need to fix by either changing their coding (or whatever) so that ARK runs on Win 10 as consistently as the other OS. If its something to do with DX12 as you also mention, then WC need to address this too and ensure that as part of the package it installs DX11 and runs on that (or however they would fix this). WC have the resources to test this and should make the efforts to resolve the issue - after all, its their game. I appreciate you are trying to help people here but I wouldn't start getting into arguments with people over it, it wont resolve anything and will only be a waste of your time. Hopefully WC has seen this topic (amongst others) and the moderators have fed this back. Lets just wait and see what happens.
  10. Interesting weekend with the amount of server rollbacks on Ext 500. Will keep things short as best I can. We only have a highest tame of a 102 Megatherium on Ext, a meg each, a 79 Anky, 45 Doed and a 53 Megaloceros. So nothing big and nothing strong - Oh and the 30 Argy. Base had walls but no ceiling at this time, a few large storage boxes and 2 smithies and 2 forges. Just out getting wood on the argy and I cant recall now whether I or tribemate spotted the 176 Tek Rex but we decided that we had 5hrs to kill so he picked me up on the argy whilst I tranqed over 100 arrows in the beast as it just chased around taking the odd bite out of me. Tribemate stayed up and to my amazement when I logged in the following day - we had a decent statted Rex - HP currently up at 17k - will stop at 20k but now we can get prime meat so much easier and also gives us protection shoudl some bugger kite as corrupted beast to our base. Tribemate kindly got me a 125 Ptera so I had a flyer too. The Enforcers he has built are pretty useful, really quick and great for scouting the wasteland and takes out corrupted quite nicely too. Finished the ceiling on the base and put some turrets on top and some plant x along the bottom to also help. Then our final tame of the weekend was a 135 Argy I brought back with me to the base... TM popped out and tranqed it whilst I flew round in circles on my ptera. Again, he did the long winded part of taming and getting prime so when we got that in the building, I let him have it and I now have a low level Argy and my Ptera which I am fine with. So all in all, a really nice weekend on Ext. At the same time, my 3 rexes are now at 35 % mat and 35% imprinted too, whilst I got my 317 Thyla up to 15% mat and on course for 100% imprinting too so happy days.
  11. Last night I went on Center and did a few meat runs whilst getting some egg timers down - poor old Center isnt getting the love right now Logged onto Ext and started off on the new Argy flying out getting wood - owch, I was really noticing the lack of resources without the x3. Finished another set of foundations for the base, think we have pretty much the lot now to finish off the courtyard. Found a little obsidian node so gobbled that up and some metal too. Saw a Carno from behind whilst chopping trees down and it gave me a fright (still only got 150 hp as levlled up weight and stam first). The base is really nicely laid out now with everything where we would want it, easily accessible and perfectly aligned for crafting and building. Just need a lot more stone to get it up to scratch and finish the high walls and ceilings. So I finally hit lvl 45 (new char) and with everything in the base fed, and resources ready fro Tribemate to come online later, I logged off and went to bed... Final thing, I did see a few Sabercats so think that will be a nice little tame later - I love my cats
  12. I had this issue too and so many people have said so many things that in my opiion - noone knows how to currently fix this. Im using a i7 7800k CPU Win 10 Pro Previously a R9 295x2 (but was getting D3D device hung/lost error) and am now using a 1080ti 1200i Corsair PSU 32gb DDR4 Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM Had the issue on Center every 2 mins on old card, now with the 1080ti it happens once in playing session but no error message - just crashes. So its happening a lot less. People say its Unreal engine, others say its Win 10. Can we all possibly try to identify a common factor here? Put your specs down maybe? It did seem to help running with DX10 rather than DX11 on my old card if that helps anyone.
  13. Ok... a bit more my usual ARK playing days as I spent most of yesterday on ARK which was great! This weekend we installed a Cryo fridge on our main base on Center. This thing is great, hatched 6 Rex eggs and got some great colour combos with 4 of the 6 with the HP and melee stat I wanted. I got an all white albino Rex with 702 melee and 20k hp, an all yellow Rex, a dark red Rex and a bright red Rex with a white underbelly. I also got a yellow Rex with a magenta back which is an eyesore so that went in the Cryofridge and may trade it out to someone else. Raised 3 Rexes to first imprint (8.5%) and then put them back in Cryo fridge - getting 100% on these would be easy now but I think I will just raise them as and when I get a few hrs, as they dont need 100% imp in my opinion. Extinction Offical PvE - tribemate had started a base just on the western side of the city, with access to wasteland and snow quite closeby. Its a nice location with a beaver pond, a few metal nodes and an obsidian one too. Quite happy with location and already we have made a lovely shaped base with walls 2 high (should end up with a really nice looking base like we have on Center - not just a box that I keep seeing everywhere). I hadnt used a Megatherium before but my low level (35) is actually quite tanky and allowed me to take on a lvl 10 Rex which was wandering close by the wasteland. Needed prime for the 65 argy we had down, so was killing anything big that we thought realistically we could take on. My char went from 0-40 in about 4hrs of pay, lots of narcs, cementing paste, stone walls and foundations. I did the creating and tribemate sorting out the designing placing of the base (he does make some lovely designs bless him). It wasnt too stressful wandering around a new map on my meg, unlike when I was on my iggy, but I sure wish I had a bear on there - the speed, strenth and extra carry weight - anyone seen any on Ext yet? Lastly, the thing I saw a lot of was... drowning bodies, I felt sorry for them, but not as sorry as I want angry... I wanted to drown them
  14. Logged in to Center last night and put 15 rex eggs down to bring the timers down for a weekend raise (looking for a specific colour so will probably be killing many) I then logged in to Extinction500 to try and find tribemates starter base (somewhere near green obby he said). I spawned in a new character and on first level up I pressed melee instead of weight (NUMPTY!!). Anyway, made the usual starter tools and wandered around. lvl 15 Carno came behind me and ripped a hole in my back. Decided to spawn elsewhere not knowing where green obby is and it wasnt visible on first spawn. Now in a snow biome, 65 wolf came and chewed on my leg. So, opening a little of the map now, decided on a different spawn point on map - aha, right by green obby. Wandered over and pillared like an electical power station - stumps everywhere. Couldnt find his base but many in sight so just spiked a few dinos and levelled up waiting for Friday night when Ill game with said tribemate. First thoughts are... starter areas are fairly safe, Anky's in abundance so wont be long in getting a metal base up... a few metal nodes and obsidian around too which is nice. Part of me thinks I should go on SP, spawn in a flyer and go check out the map but that takes away the fun of exploring. Hell, that is what I loved about Rag - and I have hardly spent any time there. So, Im a lvl 5 character on a new map... could make for an interesting weekend. Hope you all have fun too - be sure to let us know of any tips on Ext
  15. I think its only right that I post the 3500th post on this thread. So basically, I finally downloaded extinction - 4hrs to download 18gb and install it - wow! It worked but nearly all servers were 70/70 so I just started up a SP game and started to explore. I was amazed by the lack of threatening dinos, they all except for the ants and flies left me alone. The odd dilo came after me but I outran them. Saw a pool of water and was in need of a drink - jumped straight into a gator - cheers. Funny though as he took no notice of me and carried on after a metal looking drone thing - fine by me, carried on exploring whilst picking up anything I could for experience. Started heading over to Red obby which looks like an Scortched Earth biome - could be fun that. It was quite a way off, saw some Scorpion when looking over a ledge. After 20 mins of looking around and coming to peace with my surroundings, I decided enough was enough, I had given myself a preview of where i want to be on an Official server... I jumped! It was a long way down, and to there my life ended. Logged off and went looking for an Official to start on. Not found a server yet but that is tonights plan. Im liking what I am seeing though and fairly stable FPS too.
  16. When I got home I realised there was still 2hrs left on the 4x rates so decided to stock up on more metal. My 5 yr old daughter likes the colourings of our heavily mutated Anky so she decided she wanted to go 'Smash rocks' (those were her words). She got the hang of moving direction with the mouse so I just left her to smash rocks and gain me some metal. When she complained it wouldnt move anymore I emptied the stone and off she went again. After dropping the metal off each time into the Indy forge - she had amassed about 5k ingots for me - is that what people call slave labour? Other than that, still capped so had an early night.
  17. Finally, this weekend I got the feeling of loving ARK again. Its been a while, I have come back from a 4 month rest but was still struggling to get into the game. This new feeling had nothing to do with the charity event and x 2, x4, x6 and x8 rates - even thought the metal runs had me in stitches as I kept encumbering myself until tribemate came online and could carry me with the 3k weight Argy we have. So much metal that all our Industrial Forges were full and were pretty much consistently smelting. So, we gathered enough metal for some tek replicators, clone chamber facility, to redo the old Spino building into a metal building purely for breeding and cloning. We gathered, crystal, obsidian and stored it all before I thought out loud, shall we go and get some black pearls? Tribemate was like hell yeah, lets take the Basis. They arent amazing bred or imprinted but both are around lvl 280 with 25k health, 450 melee and as a pair can look after themselves. Ill cut a long story shorter... we got roughly 500 pearls in our two runs. now the first run... Came across a 135 Alpha Mosa, panicked and swam to surface as both were on half health from previous encounters. As we surfaced just off red woods, we realised we werent actually that deep so we healed up and headed back down to see what the damage would be like. Tribemate tanked and we took out the A Mosa without too much worry - helped that the A Mosa got stuck in a rockface for a bit of the time. Think we both lost about 15k hp so headed back and unloaded. Run two... Got some more pearls and this time we came across an A Tuso but it was only a lvl 20. Still, thoughts were this would be hard, and a normal Mosa 95 also came and attacked us. The A Tuso went down quick, really suprised by that as was expecting it to be tankier. Still, got our first A Mosa and A Tuso kills in the same day. Cant wait to breed and imprint on a new Basi as we ahve some with some great stats and the imprinted bonus to speed would be lovely. Overall, a good weekend and managed to get 2 of our Boss rexes raised within a day too with 80% imprinting.
  18. I didnt log on yesterday and wont get to forums over the weekend but this evenings plans are Tek Raptor... tame tame tame until I get one I want to keep. I will be on the look out for the elusive Albino Ptera. Metal farming and feeding will also be on the agenda. Other than that... artifact runs and maybe a few underwater expeditions
  19. I once had a panicky moment on my lovely irreplaceable Bear lvl 301 at the time (bred with 402% base melee and was up at about 750% at the time). Anyway, what made my A Raptor kill so impressive was that I was by a river when attacking the A Raptor, a Bary popped up and stunned me off the bear. I died in the fracas and had to spawn and run back to my Bear in the hope it would still be alive. It was taking on both Bary and A Raptor so I jumped on but again was killed by the Bary Spawned again, ran back, managed to jump on and move from waters edge and killed Bary with a vengeance before turning my attention to A Raptor. Very bloody bear by now but managed to take the A Raptor out with only a fraction of hp left( may have been 300-400hp). I was so worried at this point I took it right home, and locked it up for the rest of the week until I had bred a spare. To this day, said Bear is still here but it doesnt get the love anymore if I am honest. I ride either my Giga or Thyla... but what a Bear it was - it is named Fury.
  20. Yeah, I kind of know what you mean. I tend to argue with myself in these circumstances... what if the owner is actually a really nice guy/girl but then again, what if they are a complete ass. Im now in a position where I doubt there is anything I would need from someones base as I have the high lvl bps I need. Possibly element would be nice in this circumstance but Ill never find an unlocked vault with that in
  21. I hatched a Rex egg, lvl 384 (of which i have been lazy and not imprinted on it but to be fair I was away) and farmed metal. It wasnt a great amount of time spent on ARK but we did 5 x Gamma runs on Center for some element but now need to go farm some more artifacts. Other than that, trribemate has been busy with his building extensions and I have been helping by providing the metal and helping with the element runs. Ill get on tonight to do the usual... but am thinking I want a new tame as I havent tamed anything in quite a while... would like an all white Ptera if I can see one that is
  22. Hi all, Really struggling with ARK just now, everything seems so stale... my servers are capped but there is noone really talking - figure that out! Anyway, Im not water expert but I tend to use Basis in the ocean as they cant be stunned or grabbed. Where people say use a squid or a Mosa, I tend to disagree as being grabbed by a squid or shocked by eels and jellies is way too much of a hassle. Basis lose hp as they dive deep but they have such a high health pool it really doesnt matter. They can withstand some nasty predators i.e. a good levelled and bred Basi can slowly get to the surface when a 145 A Mosa is ripping into you. You wont kill it and wont outrun it but you can get back from the lowest depths to the surface where he will turn and swim back down without dying. For ease and safety, just get a Basi for the sea Anyway, still just harvesting metal at the moment just to help the tribemate extend our main base facility. Other than that, I will try and hatch a dino tomorrow night if I can get a little luck with the tame cap. Hope you are all doing ok
  23. Logged in, checked dino's and went metal grinding to find someone had beaten me to my main mining place. Returned, mined some local metal and logged off. Tonight... will hopefully get some metal mined, feed a few things and try and whip up some banter on the server... Im the usual one who starts the conversations server wide.
  24. So this weekend was pretty much a write off. Tribemembers logged on late (5hrs time difference) so I went to bed by the time they got on. Also installed Arma2 Dayz, Origins mod... bad idea. Lost 2 hrs of my gaming night getting fully involved in that again. So, finally logged in, capped, harvested metal, fed up some beasts, scouted around for a max Tek Raptor... didnt see one. Logged off. This week, I will continue the hunt for the elusive max lvl Tek Raptor - hopefully in red/yellow colour scheme and I will probably farm metal and crystal so we can extend out over our cliff as the newly laid cliff foundations have possibly given us another 4-5 tiles extra length which we never thought possible. Its using a lot of metal but have always wanted the cliff base a little bigger so we can hold a few more things up there... but will definitely have to evolve our Spino barn into a full on clone chamber/breeding facility because our current breeding facility can only raise 3 Rexes at once. Oh well, it gives me something to do, and should allow me a little spare time to kill some zeds too
  25. I logged in, realised we were not tame capped for the first time in a week. Set over 100 eggs on the floor and started getting timers down. Harvested some metal and then went and checked on my ReaperKings that tribemate had collected. Took a nice 4k screenshot and checked its stats... 26k hp with 389 MD, not half bad Returned in game, sorted through eggs which were no longer required and kept the newest best stat eggs ready for event (if not tame capped by then). Will probably log in later, tame as many dodos as possible and have 25+ ready for a culling session when I need to be able to hatch an egg over the event
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