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  1. These are the exact same stats as what we use and I can 'echo' that for Alpha Center and Rag, these work absolutely fine with a Yuty to boost. Saddles from 90-124% armour are what we are using and no issues at all. Island however, I would suggest Theris instead.
  2. Bear in mind, as soon as you try and attack back you will aggro everything around you with that big tail swipe
  3. Yes, Rexes are purely bred for Boss fights, but occasionally are useful for things like running the Lava Cave - cant use Wyvs in there. Gigas are general meat gatherers, but on Ext are key to completing the OSDs - again, a Wyv gets ripped up on the higher tier drops. Land Dino's have their uses, as do flying Dino's - also, less chance of me losing a land Dino when mounted and the wonderful ARK gods decide to throw me out of the game, lag me into a lava flow or some such other delight. They are the main reasons I dont use flying dinos as much anymore.
  4. Ive a tribemate with a 100% imprinted Giag, level 215 now (35k hp and 650% melee). He regularly wanders lava island and kills off wild Gigas, I believe the highest he taken is a lvl 90. He is using a 120% armour saddle. Above 90 I wouldnt risk it, Im sure he said he was left with only 3k HP. He has now worked on a new Giga line now so it will be interesting to see how that fares as he will go after a 100+ soon I know he will.
  5. Ive just been doing my thing, breeding, hatching, raising but not really getting any muts that I have been after. nearly finished 3 more Gigas at 100% so I will stop now until I readily see 500MD eggs available. Allo line is nearly complete as they are hatching at 280, just want to concentrate on a certain set of colours, then keep a breeding pair, raise a further 8 and take them over to Half Burnt and savage everything we see... Ill be riding my giga obviously Other than that, tribemates have been building up extinction so will have a gander at that this weekend
  6. ARK is renowned for being resource hungry and an FPS killer. Your rig seems up for it but I think you have some settings not correctly applied as my game looks a lot smoother (granted I play in 4k) but still, I think you should look through your graphics settings and review how you have it setup. Im on an i7, 32gb RAM, 1080ti and depending on the map, my FPS can fluctuate a lot so I have to change settings for each map - annoyingly. Have a search on here or on pcgamer for ideal settings as that is what I have used in the past.
  7. After the freezing update I said I would wait for a few days before returning - what I didnt know was that I was going to be in hospital with a septic bursa in my elbow. Not sure how it happened but it was incredibly painful and unable to move my entire arm. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories have started to work but I think I will only pop on to see if these supposed fixes have been implemented working properly again. I wouldnt mind starting on a new line of Allos this week as I spotted some All Black with Red plates at someones base nearby the other night...
  8. Didnt the DireBear already receive a TLC? I think that there are others out there that need a good work over - Gigas, Pteras etc
  9. Ill be honest, I have taken the last 2 days off as I needed a break. Weekend was ok, still raising 3 Gigas (nearly 80% done now) 5 Wyverns (65% done) and a 257 Allo with Blue and Red scales on Center. I want to get that over on to my 272 Allo, but Im not holding my breath as I am trying for muts on the Pteras still but getting worthless ones like Oxy - pah! We hammered out a couple of Ele veins and a Purple (or Red, whichever is lower) and amassed enough element to start our new building on Extinction. I guess we will play a bit more over there now. Abberation, I finally have a 310 Spino raised now (unlevelled) so I can join someones boss run as I really cant be bothered doing all the gathering on Ab like we do on Center and Rag as there are only 3 of us in our little Tribe. Ill pop on tonight as I need to feed up a lot of the dinos as I was lazy and didnt get round to it last night but other than looking at the kibble rework and looking at how I can re-do my fridges (thin Ive 8 full of kibble) it will be interesting to see which kibble Ill be short of - I like the organising side of things.
  10. SE is a good challenge and there are lulls when sandstorms etc are up. Its a steep learning curve and quite a harsh place to start out but after your are well set its the same as any other ARK map. Rag has a whole variety of biomes; snow, desert, jungle and rolling fields. I would opt for Rag but as others have rightly said, it can be difficult to find a location to build. It would be worth taking a flyer onto a Rag map and looking for a place to start your base and see if you are lucky. Good luck
  11. In agreement with Sphere here, ally up or work around it. ARK isnt PtW, far from it as there are no microtransactions that provide you an advantage over others. DLC is completely different as effectively its a new map with new content, what ruined it was the cross server transferring, I wish they would not have gone down that route as that is why you are having the issues you are having. I hope you find some ally to provide you an equal footing, or possibly trade for one of your own
  12. Lower your gamma, dont turn it up (not calling you a noob, you are the one that suggested that in your post ). Use the ingame command using the console to adjust gamma. In the day I tend to run standard gamma, and at night I tend to turn it up to gamma4. Do you have the light bloom setting turned on as I dont tend to have this issue, and I play on Center. With your gamma settings correct you shouldnt have this issue, and ensure light rays and blooms are off as these can cause brightness issues too.
  13. Yeah, not a lot you can do about the griefers. When Ext servers first came out, this was a huge issue for all players. A few things to help. 1. Plant X 2. Turrets The above two can be a pain to maintain. The best way is to put your tames in a building out of sight. Our stone base right by the beaver pond has survived somehow as we built our metal base right above it. I am surprised the stone base hasnt been attacked but its a good start. All our Snow Owls, Gachas, Pteras, first tames from being on the server are housed in there and have lived. So essentially... 3. Get those dinos out of sight.
  14. There are beginner servers for new players to start on. There are servers where they reset the server to day 1 monthly. There are servers with high rates. There are official servers where you can play with support. There are unofficial servers where you can practically do what you want. There are many options, and you can play how you want to (within reason) as it is a sandbox mode game.
  15. I use my Thyla in that cave and have indeed climbed back out after collecting the artifact. However, it was a pain in the arse and kept falling down when so close to teh top. Eventually I managed it but after that I just took ice picks with me and climbed back out. Thyla for the cave in general is really good though, great swimming, quick in and out Take an otter with you and collect multiple artifacts.
  16. This should help you... https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Tables
  17. Wild Wyverns will return to the Scar once they have been kited and lost interest on the 'kiter'. They arent an issue really anymore. I would have a conversation with this person first to find out why they would like you to move to, if its a genuine reason, would you consider it? Perhaps they can free up some land for you to build a base, hey, even become allies and trade? Just a thought.
  18. I have been on vacation for a week so I havent been on the forums, only lots of ARK. Not sure where I got to on my last update but basically, I slept less, played more and got as much done as I could using the valentines event. Improved my Ptera line with a new HP and a new ST line, Allos came out at 272 with 1 weight stat left to include. Tappys havent moved at all, but my Yuty is complete at 100% with 14k HP and 2.5k ST before levelling so I am super happy with that. Completed my Giga raise which I started before Christmas and then thought I would slowly raise another as a back up - got triplets!! (All at 60% currently, and on for 100% imprint) Wyverns... oh my how easy these are. Started raising 5 for the first time and these were so easy that I have now decided that these will be my regular raise and they sell so easy. I have sold a bunch of 170 and 175 Lightnings 100% imprinted for 2.5k hard poly and people really like them so that has given me something new to do now. Extinction has moved on a bit too, with Red drops being easy now with my Giga being over there and hopefully going to do Alpha Rockwell at some stage as I have a 310 born Spino at 100% imprinted so that would be the last but one boss done. Other than that, a lot of metal and meat runs, given a lot of dinos away to new starters and generally just kept busy.
  19. Welcome to ARK and congratulations to losing your sleep ins and early nights Firstly, what map are you playing on, I guess it is Island? If so there is a herbivore island which you can get to, and it will be perfect as there are no carnivores and you can start a base and then tame your first flyer more easily (Pteras can be bola'd and these are great starter birds). Once this is done, build some taming pens to catch the larger carnivores and once you have one of these you can go round killing most things you see, and you will level up sufficiently quicker than by grinding resources. Once you get comfortable on your local non-dedicated server, I would suggest moving onto an Official PvE server as being part of a community will open you up to great new adventures. Feel free to ask any further questions, I think the posts above have answered nearly everything you originally asked
  20. Not if you trade for the Fridge and Pods you dont.
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